How can you check a balance of a Kwik Trip gift card?

Kwik Trip gift cards are a convenient way to pay for gas, snacks, and other items at Kwik Trip convenience stores. If you have received a Kwik Trip gift card, you may be wondering how you can check the remaining balance on the card. There are a few easy ways to check your Kwik Trip gift card balance.

Check the Balance In-Store

The easiest way to check your Kwik Trip gift card balance is to bring it to any Kwik Trip location and ask the cashier to check the balance for you. When you are ready to make a purchase, simply hand the cashier your gift card and let them know you would like to check the balance. They can swipe the card at the register to see how much value remains.

This is the quickest method for checking your balance if you are already planning to visit Kwik Trip. The cashiers are accustomed to checking gift card balances for customers, so they will be happy to assist.

Call the Gift Card Balance Number

Kwik Trip provides a toll-free number that you can call to check your gift card balance over the phone. The number is 1-866-590-2979. When you call, you will need to enter the 16-digit card number on the back of the Kwik Trip gift card. You will then be prompted to enter the 4-digit PIN printed beneath the card number. After entering the card information, an automated system will tell you the remaining balance on the card.

This is a great option if you want to check your balance from home before going to the store. The interactive voice response system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just make sure to have the gift card in front of you when you call so you can easily access the card number and PIN.

Check Online

Kwik Trip also provides an online gift card balance checker you can use from any internet-connected device. To check your balance online, visit and click on “Check Balance” in the top menu.

You will be prompted to enter the full gift card number and PIN. Once you enter this information and click “Submit,” the website will display the current balance remaining on the card. This online checker provides an instant way to look up your balance when you have internet access.

Sign Up for Balance Emails or Texts

For ongoing updates about your gift card balance, you can sign up to receive regular emails or text messages from Kwik Trip. This is a helpful way to monitor your balance over time without needing to look it up manually.

To set up gift card balance notifications by email, visit the gift card site and select “Card Management.” Click on “Balance Email Signup” and enter your gift card number and PIN. You can choose to get balance update emails weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

To receive balance texts instead, text BALANCE to 27576. Reply with your gift card number and PIN when prompted. After signing up, you will receive text messages on your chosen frequency each time your balance changes.

Check Your Purchase History

If you registered your gift card online when you first received it, you can log into your Kwik Trip account to view your full purchase history. This will show all transactions made using that gift card, which can help give you an idea of your remaining balance.

To see your history, go to and click “Sign In” in the top right. Enter your credentials to access your account dashboard. Click on “Transaction History” to see a list of all your gift card purchases.

Know the Fees

When checking your Kwik Trip gift card balance, be aware of any potential fees that may impact your balance:

  • There is no fee for purchasing a Kwik Trip gift card or checking your balance at the store or online.
  • If you choose to receive balance emails or texts, standard text messaging fees from your wireless carrier may apply.
  • After 12 months of inactivity, a $2 per month service fee may be deducted from your balance.
  • Lost or stolen card replacement comes with a $5 fee.

Knowing about these fees can help you accurately determine your balance based on your gift card usage and account status.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my balance without the gift card number?

Unfortunately, you need the full gift card number to look up the balance. If you no longer have the physical card, you will not be able to check the balance online, by phone, or in stores.

Can I get a receipt showing my gift card balance?

Yes, you can ask for a receipt next time you visit Kwik Trip and the cashier checks your balance at the register. The receipt will show your current balance after the inquiry.

Why does my balance change unexpectedly?

If your balance goes down when you have not used the card recently, it may be due to inactivity fees. Kwik Trip deducts $2 per month from gift cards that have had no transactions for 12 consecutive months. Review your full transaction history online or contact customer service if you see an error.

How can I add money to my Kwik Trip gift card?

Unfortunately, Kwik Trip gift cards cannot be reloaded. You will need to purchase a new gift card when the funds on your current card run out.

Ways to Use Your Kwik Trip Gift Card

Once you’ve checked your balance, here are some great ways to use your Kwik Trip gift card:


Kwik Trip gas stations have fuel prices that are often lower than the competition. Fill up your tank using your gift card balance for gas purchases.

In-Store Purchases

Redeem your gift card on any items at Kwik Trip stores, like drinks, snacks, hot food, candy, grocery essentials, and more.

Car Washes

Many Kwik Trip locations offer car wash services. You can use your gift card to wash your vehicle at a discounted rate.

Kwik Rewards

When you use your gift card, you earn Kwik Rewards points that can be redeemed for future discounts on fuel and merchandise.

Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Here are some key terms and conditions to understand about Kwik Trip gift cards:

  • Gift cards have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash back.
  • Gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards or prepaid cards.
  • Gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be returned for a cash refund.
  • Damaged, altered, or copied gift cards are invalid.
  • Lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced without the card number.
  • Kwik Trip is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or expired cards.
  • Balance inquires are available 24/7 by phone or online.
  • Card balances do not expire, but inactivity fees may apply.

Make sure to review the complete terms and conditions on the Kwik Trip website.


Kwik Trip makes it simple to check your gift card balance. With options to check in-store, online, by phone, or by text, you can easily keep track of your balance and get the most out of your Kwik Trip gift card. Just be aware of any applicable fees based on usage. Knowing your balance makes it easier to maximize your gift card funds on gas, snacks, car washes and more at Kwik Trip convenience stores.

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