Does Waffle House offer sugar free syrup?

Waffle House is a popular Southern diner chain known for its waffles, hashbrowns, and other breakfast fare. Many customers enjoy pouring syrup over their waffles and pancakes at Waffle House. For people with diabetes or who are watching their sugar intake, having sugar-free syrup options can be an important consideration when dining out. This article will explore whether Waffle House provides any sugar-free syrup varieties for their health-conscious patrons.

About Waffle House

Waffle House was founded in 1955 in Avondale Estates, Georgia and has expanded to over 1,900 locations across 25 states. The 24-hour diner chain is known for its signature yellow roofs and jukeboxes at every table playing hits from the 50s and 60s. Waffle House is famous for its round-the-clock breakfast menu, with offerings like waffles, pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, and biscuits. The signature hashbrowns can be ordered in a variety of ways, like smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped, and country. Waffle House uses a simple pricing system with every meal under $10. This affordable, hearty comfort food in a casual, retro atmosphere has made Waffle House a popular Southern institution over the past 60+ years.

Waffle House Menu Overview

Waffle House’s extensive menu provides customers with all different options for how they can customize their breakfast. The waffles and pancakes can be ordered with different add-ins like pecans, chocolate chips, or strawberries. Eggs can be prepared several ways, such as scrambled, fried, poached, cooked well, cooked light, boiled, or egg whites only. Meats like bacon, sausage, ham, and pork chops are available. Sides of hashbrowns, grits, or biscuits can be added to any meal.

One of the most popular ways to customize an order at Waffle House is with syrup. Syrup is the perfect sweet topping for fluffy waffles and pancakes. Waffle House offers a few standard syrups on their menu, including regular maple syrup, sugar-free maple syrup, and chocolate syrup. Having both regular maple syrup and sugar-free maple syrup allows diners to choose which variety best suits their preferences and dietary needs.

Sugar-Free Syrup Options at Waffle House

The good news for people with diabetes or those limiting sugar intake is that Waffle House does offer sugar-free maple syrup. This gives customers a way to enjoy flavorsome syrup without the extra sugar.

Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

The sugar-free maple syrup at Waffle House is designed to taste similar to their regular maple syrup. It provides the familiar maple flavor, aroma, and viscosity of typical maple syrup, without the high sugar content. The sugar-free maple syrup is sweetened with low-calorie sweeteners instead of sugar. This allows people with diabetes, prediabetes, or other medical conditions to indulge in syrup and not spike their blood sugar levels. It also benefits people watching their sugar and calorie intake for weight management or other health reasons.

The nutrition information for the sugar-free maple syrup at Waffle House is:

Serving Size Calories Total Fat Sodium Total Carbs Sugar
2 tablespoons (36g) 15 0g 35mg 4g 0g

As shown, the sugar-free maple syrup has zero grams of sugar per 2 tablespoon serving. This is significantly lower than regular maple syrup, which can have 13 grams of sugar per serving. The sugar-free version also provides a small amount of carbohydrates and calories, allowing customers to keep their portions and numbers in check.

No Other Sugar-Free Syrups on the Menu

The sugar-free maple syrup appears to be the only sugar-free syrup variety offered at Waffle House at this time. Their menu does not seem to list any other sugar-free syrup flavors, such as sugar-free chocolate or sugar-free strawberry syrup. The sugar-free maple syrup gives at least one low-sugar option, but customers seeking additional sugar-free flavors may have to add their own. Bringing your own sugar-substitute based syrups from home can allow you to create more customized sugar-free flavors.

Ordering Sugar-Free Syrup at Waffle House

When you visit a Waffle House, here are some tips for ordering sugar-free maple syrup:

Ask Your Server Specifically for Sugar-Free Syrup

Let your server know upfront you would like the sugar-free maple syrup with your order. Say that you need “sugar-free syrup please, I have diabetes” or something similar so they don’t automatically bring the regular maple syrup. Some locations may keep the sugar free syrup behind the counter, so be sure to request it.

Double Check Your Syrup Upon Delivery

When your food arrives, take a quick peek to confirm you received the sugar-free maple syrup instead of the regular maple syrup. If you got the regular syrup by accident, politely let your server know and request the sugar-free version.

Be Aware it May be Served in Generic Packets

The sugar-free maple syrup may come in plain plastic packets rather than the typical glass bottles or plastic jugs. Don’t assume these generic packets contain regular syrup – they are likely the sugar-free that you requested. Opening one to check the nutrition label can help confirm.

Notify Server of Allergies

If you have an allergy like diabetes that requires sugar-free syrup, politely inform your server about the allergy. Say “I have diabetes so I can only have sugar-free syrup.” They will pass along the allergy information to the cooks and others handling your order.

Offer Alternatives If Unavailable

There’s a small chance a location may be out of the sugar-free syrup or unable to locate some for you. Offer a couple alternate options, like asking if they have sugar-free jelly or sugar-free maple flavoring you could add to plain syrup. If those aren’t available, you may have to go without syrup or just opt for unbuttered, no-syrup waffles or pancakes.

Nutrition Information for Waffle House Meals with Sugar-Free Syrup

To get an idea of the nutrition facts of Waffle House meals when paired with sugar-free syrup instead of regular, here is a comparison of some common breakfast combos:

Waffle with Sugar-Free Syrup

Menu Item Calories Total Fat Carbs Sugar
Waffle (1) 260 12g 28g 4g
Sugar-Free Syrup (2 tbsp) 15 0g 4g 0g
Total 275 12g 32g 4g

2 Waffles with Sugar-Free Syrup

Menu Item Calories Total Fat Carbs Sugar
Waffles (2) 520 24g 56g 8g
Sugar-Free Syrup (4 tbsp) 30 0g 8g 0g
Total 550 24g 64g 8g

Short Stack Pancakes with Sugar-Free Syrup

Menu Item Calories Total Fat Carbs Sugar
Pancakes (2) 260 4g 36g 4g
Sugar-Free Syrup (2 tbsp) 15 0g 4g 0g
Total 275 4g 40g 4g

As shown in the comparisons above, the sugar-free syrup can make a notable difference in the total sugar content of typical Waffle House breakfast items. While the calorie and carbohydrate differences are minor, the sugar grams are reduced to almost nothing by opting for the sugar-free syrup. This makes the sugar-free syrup an ideal choice for diabetics and others monitoring their sugar intake when dining at Waffle House.

Tips for Diabetics Dining at Waffle House

Here are some helpful tips for people with diabetes eating at Waffle House:

Stick with Low-Carb Menu Options

Choose lower-carb foods like eggs, meat, and plain hashbrowns rather than carb-heavy pancakes, waffles, biscuits, and grits.

Avoid Sugary Add-Ons

Skip added sugars like chocolate chips, sugary fruit toppings, and flavored syrups (other than the sugar-free maple syrup).

Watch Portion Sizes

Waffle House portions tend to be large, so consider splitting meals or taking half home.

Limit High-Fat Ingredients

While delicious, going overboard on high-fat add-ins like gravy, cheese, bacon, and butter can affect blood sugar and weight.

Check Your Blood Sugar

Monitor your blood sugar before, during, and after the meal to see how different menu options affect you.

Take Medication as Needed

Remember to take any diabetes medication with your meal as prescribed.

Bring Your Own Syrup/Sweeteners

You can pack your own preferred sugar-free syrups or sweetener packets to customize orders further.

With some mindfulness when ordering, people with diabetes can certainly enjoy a reasonably healthy Waffle House meal customized to their diet. Be sure to discuss menu options with your doctor or dietitian to create a dining plan that works for you.


In summary, Waffle House does offer sugar-free maple syrup as a low-sugar option for its health-conscious diners. While they do not appear to have additional sugar-free flavors, the sugar-free maple syrup gives a way to cut down on sugar intake, especially for people with diabetes or similar conditions. When dining at Waffle House, customers seeking to limit sugar can request the sugar-free maple syrup and watch overall portions and high carb/fat add-ons. With smart ordering, Waffle House can be a tasty option for those with dietary restrictions wanting to enjoy this Southern favorite.

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