Does truly seltzer expire?

As a popular alcoholic seltzer drink, Truly has become a staple at parties and gatherings. But if you’ve stocked up on a bunch of Truly variety packs, you may be wondering – does Truly seltzer expire? Here’s a comprehensive look at the shelf life of Truly hard seltzer.

Does Truly Seltzer Go Bad?

Yes, Truly seltzer does eventually expire and go bad. Like any food or beverage product, Truly contains ingredients that can degrade in quality over time. The main things that can go bad in Truly are:

  • The flavors – Truly contains natural flavors from fruits and other sources that can degrade.
  • The carbonation – The bubbly carbonation in Truly can flatten over time.
  • The alcohol – Truly contains alcohol that can oxidize and degrade.

So while an unopened Truly may stay fresh for quite a while, once opened, the quality will slowly decline as the flavors, carbonation, and alcohol degrade. An expired Truly may taste flat, have off flavors, or just not taste right.

How Long Does Truly Last Unopened?

An unopened can or bottle of Truly will typically stay good for:

  • 12-18 months from the production date if stored properly.
  • Possibly longer than 18 months if stored in ideal cool, dark conditions.

Truly doesn’t publish an official shelf life for unopened products. But consumer experiences and general beverage shelf life info suggests Truly stays fresh for around 12-18 months after being produced if stored correctly.

Pay attention to the “best by” date code printed on the bottom of the can or bottle. This is typically 12-18 months from when it was made. If stored properly, Truly should retain peak quality up to this date and potentially for longer.

Proper Storage

To maximize an unopened Truly’s shelf life, be sure to store it:

  • In a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
  • At moderate room temperature – avoid hot garages or freezing temps
  • Away from pantry items that could taint the flavor like spices
  • Turn over the cans/bottles occasionally so the alcohol doesn’t settle.

How Long Does Truly Last After Opening?

Once opened, the shelf life of Truly decreases significantly. This is because exposure to oxygen can degrade the flavors and carbonation. General guidelines for opened Truly:

  • Drink within 24 hours for best quality.
  • Drink within 3-5 days if resealed and refrigerated.
  • Avoid drinking if more than 5-7 days after opening.

The sooner you can drink an opened Truly, the better it will taste. The flavors and carbonation degrade rapidly after opening. If you can’t finish it within 24 hours, make sure to reseal it tightly and refrigerate.

Staying Carbonated

One of the biggest challenges with opened Truly is maintaining the carbonation. To help it stay bubbly:

  • Drink from a chilled glass – this helps trap carbonation.
  • Pour carefully and don’t agitate – avoid splashing around.
  • Keep refrigerated until ready to drink.
  • Reseal the can/bottle tightly between pours.

How to Tell if Truly is Bad

Watch for these signs that indicate your Truly has expired and may not be safe to drink:

  • Flat taste – Lack of carbonation is a tell-tale sign Truly has gone bad
  • Off flavors – Truly should taste like its labeled fruit flavors. An off taste means it’s expired.
  • Changes in color – Truly is normally translucent. Any unusual colors could indicate spoilage.
  • Particles – Bits floating in your Truly are a warning sign to not drink it.

Your nose and tastebuds are the best tools for determining if your Truly has gone bad. Trust your senses!

Can Expired Truly Make You Sick?

Drinking an expired Truly likely won’t make you severely ill. But it can certainly lead to minor stomach upset including:

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Cramping

These side effects are more likely if mold is present or the Truly has been expired for a very long time. If your Truly tastes funky or you see any mold – don’t take the risk!

Does Truly Need to be Refrigerated?

Refrigeration extends the shelf life of Truly, but is not absolutely necessary. An unopened Truly can be stored at room temp up to the “best by” date on the can/bottle. However, refrigeration is recommended for optimal flavor and fizz.

Once opened, Truly should be refrigerated and consumed within 3-5 days. The lower temp of the fridge helps slow down degradation of the flavors and carbonation.

So while technically not mandatory, refrigeration helps maximize the shelf life both before and after opening. It’s best to store Truly in the coolest conditions possible.

Can You Freeze Truly?

Freezing Truly is not recommended by the manufacturer. The liquid could expand and rupture the can or bottle. The alcohol content also makes it prone to freezing solid and changing texture.

However, some consumers report success freezing Truly for short periods of up to 2-3 months. If freezing, take these precautions:

  • Leave headspace in the container for expansion
  • Seal very tightly in freezer bags
  • Lay flat in freezer to prevent rupture
  • Thaw completely in fridge before opening

Freezing Truly is risky and there’s no guarantee the flavor or carbonation will remain intact. It’s safest to either drink opened Truly within 3-5 days or give away unopened cans before the “best by” date.

Does Truly Go Bad After the Expiration Date?

Truly can potentially be consumed past the “best by” or expiration date printed on the can/bottle. But quality degrades rapidly so it likely won’t taste very good. Flavors fade, carbonation is lost, and off-notes develop.

How long past the date Truly is still consumable depends on storage conditions. If stored perfectly in a cold dark place, an unopened Truly may last a few months past the date. But if stored in warm conditions, it may go bad within weeks of the date.

With opened Truly, it’s unlikely to retain quality more than 5-7 days past the printed date. The general guidlines are drink opened Truly within 24 hours and toss any packages more than a week past the date.

Does Truly Have an Alcohol Shelf Life?

Alcohol itself has an indefinite shelf life as ethanol molecules don’t expire or “go bad”. However, the quality and taste profile of alcoholic beverages like Truly can degrade over time. Exposure to oxygen and light degrades the flavors and aromas imparted by the alcohol.

Hard seltzers have a relatively short alcohol shelf life compared to spirits. The natural flavors have shorter lifespans vs. distilled liquor. Storage conditions are also more important with seltzers vs. 80 proof liquor.

Properly stored unopened Truly retains acceptable alcohol quality for 12-18 months. Opened Truly should be consumed within 24 hours to 1 week. So the alcohol doesn’t ever spoil, but the taste profile diminishes quickly once exposed to air.

6 Tips to Maximize Truly’s Shelf Life

Here are 6 handy tips to extend the shelf life of Truly and keep it tasting fresh:

  1. Check “best by” dates and buy the freshest cans/bottles possible.
  2. Store unopened Truly at cool room temps away from light.
  3. Refrigerate after opening and reseal tightly between pours.
  4. Pour opened Truly into a chilled glass to preserve fizz.
  5. Avoid freezing Truly whenever possible.
  6. Trust your senses – toss Truly if the taste or aroma seems off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Truly last in the fridge?

In the fridge, an unopened Truly will stay fresh for at least the “best by” date, possibly longer. Opened Truly lasts 3-5 days refrigerated.

Can old Truly make you sick?

Consuming Truly a few months past its date likely won’t cause illness. But very old or moldy Truly could result in minor stomach issues.

Can Truly expire?

Yes, Truly can definitely expire once the flavors, aroma, carbonation, and alcohol degrade significantly in quality.

How long do hard seltzers last after opening?

An opened hard seltzer like Truly is best consumed within 24 hours. Drink within 3-5 days max if refrigerated and resealed.

Do unopened cans of Truly go bad?

Unopened Truly lasts around 12-18 months from the production date before quality starts declining. Storage conditions affect exact shelf life.


Checking “best by” dates and optimal storage are key to maximizing the shelf life of Truly. Unopened cans/bottles last around 12-18 months stored properly at room temp. Once opened, Truly starts declining in quality rapidly so try to drink within 24 hours.

Refrigeration helps prolong Truly’s lifespan both before and after opening. But eventually the flavors, carbonation, and alcohol will degrade leading to flat, off-tasting seltzer. Trust your senses to determine if your Truly has expired.

With proper storage and adherence to “best by” dates, you can enjoy Truly’s flavors and fizz before it goes bad. But act fast once you crack open a can or bottle to ensure you get optimal quality and taste.

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