Does Tropical Smoothie give free food to employees?

Tropical Smoothie is a popular fast casual restaurant chain that serves smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, flatbreads, and other healthy menu options. Many customers wonder if Tropical Smoothie provides free or discounted food and drinks to its employees as an employment perk. This article will examine Tropical Smoothie’s employee benefits and policies to determine if free food is included.

Do Tropical Smoothie Employees Get Free Drinks?

Yes, Tropical Smoothie employees do get free drinks while they are working. Employees are allowed to make themselves any drink on the menu free of charge during their shift. This perk allows employees to stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day with smoothies, juices, tea, coffee, and other beverages.

Getting free drinks is a standard perk at most food service jobs. Since employees are surrounded by drinks all day, businesses allow them to have complimentary beverages to promote hydration, boost morale, and balance out the fast-paced working conditions.

Do Employees Get Free Food at Tropical Smoothie?

Tropical Smoothie employees get a 50% discount on all food items during their shifts. While they don’t get free food, the 50% discount allows employees to enjoy smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, and other menu items at half price while working.

The discount makes Tropical Smoothie’s menu much more affordable for employees. It’s a valuable perk, especially considering many quick service chains don’t offer any food discounts to employees. Getting half priced food is a major perk for Tropical Smoothie workers.

What Discounts Do Employees Get When Not Working?

Tropical Smoothie employees get a 30% discount on all menu items even when they aren’t working. The 30% discount can be used for dine-in, takeout, drive-thru, or delivery orders. Employees simply have to show their employee ID or badge to redeem the discount.

The 30% discount lets employees enjoy Tropical Smoothie’s food at reduced prices for personal meals on days off or after shifts. It’s a valuable benefit that helps employees save money on quick meals and snacks.

Can Employees Take Home Leftover Food?

Yes, Tropical Smoothie Café allows employees to take home leftover food at the end of the day. Items that aren’t sold during the day are usually tossed out when the restaurant closes. Employees are welcome to take home any excess baked goods, sandwiches, wraps, oatmeal bowls, and other foods instead of having them thrown away.

Being able to bring home leftovers is a great bonus for employees. Since fresh food is made daily in the restaurants, employees can get free meals to take home by collecting unsold items at closing time.

Are There Other Discounts for Tropical Smoothie Employees?

Yes, in addition to the food and beverage discounts, Tropical Smoothie offers some other employee discounts:

  • 50% off catering orders
  • 50% off Tropical Smoothie brand merchandise like shirts, hats, and tumblers
  • 30% off gift cards
  • 50% off Blenders oven-baked eyewear

These extra discounts allow employees to save money on catering for events, gifts for friends and family, Tropical Smoothie swag, and more. The brand takes good care of its workers by extending discounts well beyond just in-store food and drinks.

Does Tropical Smoothie Offer Any Other Perks?

Yes, in addition to the great discounts, Tropical Smoothie offers some other nice perks to its employees:

  • Free shift meals – Employees who work over 4 hours get a free sandwich, flatbread, or wrap during their shift.
  • Free smoothies – Employees get one free 20 oz smoothie per shift when working over 4 hours.
  • Flexible scheduling – Tropical Smoothie aims to provide consistent schedules and be flexible around employee needs when possible.
  • Advancement opportunities – Employees can potentially progress to management positions or other opportunities within the company.
  • Competitive pay – Tropical Smoothie aims to pay crew members competitively based on local markets rather than minimum wage.

The combination of great discounts, free food perks, advancement potential, flexible scheduling, and better pay makes Tropical Smoothie an attractive fast food employer compared to many chains.

Does Tropical Smoothie Cater to Employees’ Dietary Needs?

Yes, Tropical Smoothie makes an effort to accommodate any dietary restrictions employees may have. For example, employees who are vegan or vegetarian have access to Tropical Smoothie’s menu of plant-based smoothies as their free shift drinks. Employees with food allergies can also work with managers to find safe menu options for their free shift meals.

Providing alternatives for specific diets ensures all employees can take advantage of the company’s food perks. It demonstrates that Tropical Smoothie values the needs of all its workers.


In summary, Tropical Smoothie employees enjoy excellent discounts and perks when it comes to free food and drinks:

  • Free unlimited drinks during shifts
  • 50% off all food items during shifts
  • 30% discount when not working
  • Free leftovers to take home
  • Free sandwiches, wraps, or flatbreads for long shifts
  • Free smoothies for long shifts

The company policy provides affordable or complimentary meals and beverages to fuel employees throughout their workdays. While not everything is completely free, the discounts and perks add up to big savings for workers. Tropical Smoothie offers some of the best restaurant employee benefits compared to competitors.

Beyond the food perks, Tropical Smoothie also cares about paying competitively based on local markets, creating advancement opportunities, accommodating dietary needs, and working with employees on scheduling. Overall, their employment package results in happy, well-fed employees that want to perform their best for the company and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the employee discount at Tropical Smoothie?

Employees get 50% off all food items while working their shifts. The discount is 30% when not working.

What drinks do employees get for free?

Employees can make themselves any drink on the Tropical Smoothie menu for free during shifts, including all smoothies, juices, coffee, tea, and more.

Do employees get free smoothies?

Yes, employees who work over 4 hours get one free 20 oz smoothie per shift.

Can employees take home leftover baked goods?

Yes, any unsold baked goods like cookies or muffins can be taken home by employees at closing time.

What is the best perk for Tropical Smoothie employees?

The free unlimited drinks during shifts is probably the best perk. Having access to free smoothies and juices all shift long is a great benefit.

Nutritional Information on Tropical Smoothie Menu Items

Since Tropical Smoothie employees get discounts and free food during shifts, many like to know the nutrition facts of the menu items they’ll be enjoying. Here is a nutritional table showing calories, fat, protein, and other info for some popular Tropical Smoothie menu choices:

Menu Item Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Protein (g)
Island Green Smoothie (20 oz) 270 1 57 5
Jetty Punch Smoothie (20 oz) 260 1 61 3
Chicken Guacamole Flatbread 670 11 83 29
Jerk Chicken Wrap 670 11 56 37
Ham & Swiss Sandwich 510 15 41 33

As shown in the table, smoothies range from 260-270 calories with 1g of fat and 3-5g of protein. Sandwiches and wraps contain 500-670 calories with higher amounts of protein and fat to help fill you up. Knowing the nutrition info helps employees make informed choices.

Tropical Smoothie Café’s Company Background

Before exploring more employee benefits details, let’s look at some key facts about Tropical Smoothie Café’s company background:

  • Founded in 1997 in Florida
  • Over 900 locations across the U.S. as of 2022
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, GA
  • Mission is “inspiring a healthier lifestyle by serving smoothies and food with a tropical twist”
  • Known for smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, flatbreads, and bowls
  • Menu offers high protein, low fat, and gluten free options
  • Most locations open daily from 7am to 9pm

Tropical Smoothie is one of the largest smoothie chains in the country. Their menu and operating hours make them a popular spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Understanding their brand mission helps provide context around their employee benefits and desire to fuel workers with healthy food.

Do Employee Discounts Vary By Location?

Tropical Smoothie employee discounts and benefits are fairly consistent across locations. However, there can be some small regional differences. For example:

  • Some franchised locations may offer slightly lower discounts, such as 20% off instead of 30% off for non-working employees.
  • Average pay and pay raise opportunities may differ between urban and rural areas.
  • Manager bonuses may not be offered at all franchise locations.
  • Extra perks like employee outings or rewards programs could vary by an individual store’s budget and policies.

But the core discounts like 50% off during shifts and free drinks are standard across corporate-owned and franchised locations. Tropical Smoothie aims to provide equal benefits and compensation to all employees nationwide.

How Does Tropical Smoothie Café Compare to Other Chains?

Tropical Smoothie’s employee discounts and benefits generally compare favorably to competitors in the smoothie and sandwich category such as:

  • Jamba Juice – Employees get free drinks and either free or discounted food during shifts. Jamba Juice offers slightly lower discounts of 25% off for non-working employees.
  • Smoothie King – Employees get free drinks but pay 50% off most food items during shifts. Their off-duty discount matches Tropical Smoothie at 30% off.
  • Schlotzsky’s – Employees get free fountain drinks but pay full price for food items. Their off-duty discount is just 20% off.
  • Panera Bread – Employees get free drinks and discounts of 30-50% on food during shifts. But their off-duty discount is only 25% off.

From this comparison, Tropical Smoothie’s on-duty 50% discount and off-duty 30% discount are quite competitive. Their free drinks perk matches most competitors too. When it comes to free food, Tropical Smoothie lags slightly behind Jamba Juice and Panera Bread. But overall, their employee discounts stack up well against other leading brands in the category.

The Evolution of Tropical Smoothie’s Employee Benefits

Tropical Smoothie has expanded and improved employee discounts over the years. Here is a look at how their current benefits compare to past policies:

Time Period Food Discounts While Working Discounts While Off Duty Free Drinks
1990s-Early 2000s 20% off 20% off Yes
2000s-2010s 50% off 20% off Yes
2010s-Present 50% off 30% off Yes

In the early days, discounts were only 20% off for employees whether working or not. The on-duty discount increased to 50% off around the mid-2000s. Then within the last decade, the off-duty discount rose to 30% to provide additional savings for employees.

Free drinks have been a consistent perk at Tropical Smoothie since the beginning. It demonstrates how certain benefits like beverages on the house are long-standing traditions, while discounts can evolve over time as a company grows.

How Employee Discounts Help Tropical Smoothie

Providing excellent employee discounts and perks benefits Tropical Smoothie in several key ways:

  • Boosts recruitment – The discounts and free food make working at Tropical Smoothie more appealing to job seekers compared to other fast food chains.
  • Improves retention – Existing employees are motivated to stay with the company longer to keep enjoying the strong benefits package.
  • Enhances morale – Discounted and free food improves overall employee happiness, health, and workplace satisfaction.
  • Saves money – Allowing employees to take home leftovers reduces waste and food costs.
  • Supports training – Trying menu items helps employees learn ingredients, recipes, and answer customer questions.
  • Encourages upselling – Employees who love the food and smoothies will be more likely to upsell them to customers.

The food discounts indirectly boost Tropical Smoothie’s bottom line by building an engaged, loyal workforce that helps attract and retain customers. Investing in employee perks provides ROI in multiple areas.

Key Takeaways on Tropical Smoothie Employee Discounts

Here are some top takeaways on Tropical Smoothie’s employee discount policies:

  • Employees get unlimited free drinks during shifts
  • Food is 50% off during shifts and 30% off while off duty
  • Leftovers can be taken home at closing time
  • Longer shifts over 4 hours provide a free meal
  • Regional franchise locations may have minor policy differences
  • Discounts are competitive compared to other smoothie chains
  • Benefits have expanded over time as the company has grown

Overall, Tropical Smoothie offers some of the best discounts in the restaurant industry. Employees have the opportunity to save substantial amounts on meals and drinks. The generous perks encourage higher performance and loyalty from workers.

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