Does Swiss Miss have dairy in it?

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The short answer is that most Swiss Miss products do contain dairy ingredients like milk and whey. However, Swiss Miss does offer some dairy-free hot cocoa mixes that are made without milk ingredients. So whether Swiss Miss contains dairy depends on the specific product. Their traditional hot cocoa mixes are not dairy-free, but they do have options for people who cannot consume milk ingredients.

Ingredients in Swiss Miss Products

When examining the ingredients lists of various Swiss Miss products, we find that many of their hot cocoa and pudding mixes contain milk ingredients like nonfat dry milk, milk, or whey. These are dairy-derived ingredients.

For example, the classic Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Sensation hot cocoa mix contains these ingredients:

Sugar Corn Syrup Solids
Whey Cocoa
Nonfat Dry Milk Salt
Dipotassium Phosphate Natural and Artificial Flavor
Mono and Diglycerides Cellulose Gum

As you can see, it contains both whey and nonfat dry milk, which are dairy ingredients. Most of Swiss Miss’s traditional cocoa mixes contain these milk-based ingredients.

Their pudding and chocolate or cocoa mixes also typically contain dairy ingredients like nonfat dry milk powder or whey protein concentrate. For example, the Milk Chocolate Cocoa classically contains these components:

Sugar Nonfat Dry Milk
Corn Syrup Cocoa Processed with Alkali
Hydrogenated Coconut Oil Less than 2% of Dipotassium Phosphate, Salt, Mono and Diglycerides, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

Again, the nonfat dry milk confirms this contains dairy.

Dairy-Free Options from Swiss Miss

While many Swiss Miss products do contain milk ingredients, they also offer some dairy-free options that are made without milk, whey, or other dairy components.

For example, their Sensible Sweets line offers hot cocoa mixes made without dairy. The Sensible Sweets Milk Chocolate Flavor is dairy-free and contains:

Sugar Cocoa Processed with Alkali
Corn Syrup Solids Natural Flavor
Palm Kernel Oil Salt
Cellulose Gel and Gum Sucralose
Acesulfame Potassium Soy Lecithin

As you can see, it does not contain any milk, whey, or other dairy components.

Swiss Miss Sensible Sweets are advertised as containing 25 calories per serving and being 99% fat free. So they offer a reduced calorie cocoa with no dairy for dieters, people with lactose intolerance, or those avoiding dairy ingredients.

The Sensible Sweets line also includes sugar-free and chocolate or cocoa flavors made without milk.

Reasons Swiss Miss Uses Dairy

There are several reasons why traditional Swiss Miss products contain dairy ingredients:

Creaminess and Texture

Milk ingredients help give Swiss Miss cocoa a creamy, rich texture. The milk solids can improve mouthfeel and make the cocoa feel luxuriously thick and smooth rather than watery.


Milk solids also contribute a sweet, chocolatey flavor to Swiss Miss hot chocolate. The dairy notes enhance the chocolate taste.


Adding milk ingredients boosts the protein and nutrient content in Swiss Miss cocoa. This makes it more of a nutritious, satisfying drink rather than just sweetened water.


Powdered milk solids store well and are easily added to Swiss Miss powdered mixes. This allows them to provide dairy nutrients without needing to include actual liquid milk that would spoil.

Benefits of Dairy-Free Swiss Miss

While Swiss Miss’s traditional dairy-containing mixes offer benefits like creaminess, nutrition, and classic flavor, their dairy-free options also have advantages:

Allergy Friendly

Dairy-free Swiss Miss products are ideal for those with milk allergies or lactose intolerance who need to avoid milk.


Vegans who do not consume any animal products can enjoy dairy-free Swiss Miss as plant-based and animal-free.

Reduced Calories

The Sensible Sweets line is lower in calories than full-sugar Swiss Miss with milk, so it offers a lighter option.

Kosher Dairy

Those following kosher dietary laws that keep dairy and meat separate can enjoy dairy-free Swiss Miss with non-dairy meals.

Unique Flavors

The sugar-free and additional flavors of Sensible Sweets offer variety beyond traditional chocolate Swiss Miss.

Do Swiss Miss K-Cups Contain Dairy?

Swiss Miss also offers single-serve Keurig K-Cups for hot cocoa and other warm beverages. Do these contain milk ingredients?

The answer again depends on the flavor. Many Swiss Miss K-Cup flavors do contain dairy. For example:

  • Milk Chocolate – Contains nonfat dry milk
  • Dark Chocolate – Contains nonfat dry milk
  • Peppermint – Contains nonfat dry milk
  • Caramel – Contains nonfat dry milk

However, some Swiss Miss K-Cup options are dairy-free, such as:

  • Cafe Mocha – dairy-free
  • Chocolate Sensation – dairy-free
  • Spiced Cocoa – dairy-free

So again, it depends on carefully checking the individual K-Cup flavor to see if it contains milk ingredients. Both dairy and dairy-free choices are available.

Does Swiss Miss Have Lactose?

Since many Swiss Miss products contain milk ingredients like nonfat dry milk powder, some people wonder if Swiss Miss contains lactose.

Lactose is the naturally occurring sugar found in milk. It is broken down by the enzyme lactase. People with lactose intolerance lack sufficient lactase and cannot properly digest lactose.

Swiss Miss mixes that contain nonfat dry milk or whey do contain some lactose, because these dairy ingredients naturally have lactose.

However, a single serving of Swiss Miss cocoa only contains about 1g of lactose. This very low amount is typically well tolerated even by those with lactose intolerance.

The dairy-free Swiss Miss options contain no lactose at all, since they do not contain milk ingredients.

So while Swiss Miss does contain traces of lactose in their traditional dairy containing mixes, the small amounts plus their dairy-free options make it suitable for most people with lactose intolerance. Those with severe lactose intolerance can enjoy the lactose-free Sensible Sweets line.

Common Questions about Dairy in Swiss Miss

Here are answers to some other frequently asked questions about whether Swiss Miss contains dairy:

Is Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa gluten-free?

Yes, all Swiss Miss hot cocoa mixes are labeled gluten-free. They do not contain any wheat, barley, rye or contaminated oats. Both the dairy and dairy-free options from Swiss Miss are gluten-free.

Is there whey in Swiss Miss?

Many Swiss Miss products do contain whey powder, such as their Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate cocoas. However, their Sensible Sweets dairy-free line does not contain any whey.

Can you make Swiss Miss with water instead of milk?

Definitely! All the Swiss Miss cocoa mixes are designed to be prepared with hot water. You do not need to add any milk to them (in fact, the mixes already contain powdered milk ingredients). Water is all you need to dissolve the cocoa powder and enjoy a steaming mug of Swiss Miss.

Does Swiss Miss contain nuts?

No, Swiss Miss products do not contain any nut-based ingredients. They are safe for people with nut allergies.

Is Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa halal?

The dairy-containing Swiss Miss products are not halal or permissible under Islamic law, which prohibits whey and nonfat dry milk ingredients. However, the dairy-free Sensible Sweets Swiss Miss products could be considered halal.


In summary, traditional Swiss Miss hot cocoa mixes and puddings do contain milk-derived ingredients like nonfat dry milk and whey. This makes them a dairy-based product unsuitable for people with milk allergies or vegans.

However, Swiss Miss offers high quality dairy-free options, such as their Sensible Sweets line of low calorie, chocolatey cocoa mixes made without milk. They also offer a few K-Cup flavors that are dairy-free.

So by reading the ingredients carefully and choosing the right dairy-free varieties, people who wish to avoid milk can still enjoy delicious Swiss Miss hot chocolate. With both dairy and dairy-free choices available, Swiss Miss can be enjoyed by almost everyone regardless of dietary needs.

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