Does Pepsi make syrup for SodaStream?

SodaStream is a popular brand of home carbonation systems that allows users to turn plain water into sparkling water and flavored soda. Instead of buying pre-packaged canned or bottled sodas, SodaStream enables people to make their own fizzy beverages at home. The company sells a range of SodaStream machines along with CO2 cylinders and reusable carbonating bottles. Users can then add different flavored syrups to the carbonated water to create sodas and sparkling juices.

One common question people have about SodaStream is whether major soda brands like Pepsi or Coca-Cola make syrups that are compatible with SodaStream machines. Read on to find out the answer.

About SodaStream

SodaStream is an Israeli-based company that was founded in 1903, originally selling carbonation systems for home use. The current incarnation of SodaStream was relaunched in 2007 and has grown into a popular global brand, offering a range of at-home carbonating machines along with a variety of flavor syrups and carbonation cylinders.

Their slogan “Set the bubbles free!” refers to their products providing an alternative to packaged, single-use plastic bottles and aluminum cans. SodaStream emphasizes that their reusable bottles can save thousands of single-use containers over their lifetime. This allows consumers to make their own sodas and sparkling water while lowering their environmental impact.

The SodaStream system works by adding tap water to a reusable carbonating bottle, then attaching the bottle to a SodaStream machine to infuse the water with CO2 from a cylinder. This carbonates the water, turning it into sparkling water. Flavor syrups can then be added to make sparkling sodas and juices.

The company sells a wide range of compact tabletop carbonation machines for home use, along with compatible SodaStream bottles and cylinders. The main SodaStream gas cylinders contain 60L of CO2, which can carbonate up to 60 liters of water.

SodaStream Flavor Syrups

SodaStream offers a wide variety of flavor syrups and concentrates that are specially designed for use with their machines. These syrups allow users to create all kinds of flavored sodas, sparkling juices, and fizzy drinks.

Some of their most popular syrups include:

– Classic cola
– Lemon-lime
– Ginger ale
– Root beer
– Orange
– Berry
– Peach
– Grape
– Lime
– Strawberry
– Pineapple
– Mango
– Apple
– Cranberry
– Sparkling cocktail flavors like Mojito and Margarita

They also offer diet versions of some syrups as well as caffeinated cola options. The syrups come in small bottles that can flavor around 12 liters of water each. The company frequently releases new limited edition and seasonal flavors as well.

In addition to SodaStream’s own branded syrups, they have also partnered with other major beverage brands to offer licensed SodaStream flavors. For example, SodaStream has partnerships with Brisk, Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, Gatorade, Welch’s, Ocean Spray and V8 to produce syrups based on their popular drinks.

This allows SodaStream users to recreate many of their favorite branded beverages with the at-home carbonation system. However, one major brand notably missing from their roster of partners is Pepsi.

Does Pepsi Make SodaStream Syrups?

No, Pepsi does not currently make any official branded syrups for use in SodaStream machines, nor does SodaStream offer any Pepsi-branded flavors. The same is true of other major soda brands like Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, and Mountain Dew.

PepsiCo and SodaStream do not have a partnership agreement in place at this time. So you cannot recreate Pepsi’s signature cola or any of their other popular soda flavors like Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, or Mug root beer using SodaStream machines and syrups.

SodaStream does offer their own take on classic cola that some users say comes close to the real Pepsi taste. However, there is no official Pepsi syrup made by PepsiCo for use with SodaStream. Any Pepsi-branded sodas would need to be created by third party syrup manufacturers.

There are a few possible reasons why Pepsi and other big soda companies do not currently make syrups for the SodaStream system:

– **Competing priorities:** The major soda companies like Pepsi and Coke are focused on selling their pre-packaged drinks versus supporting at-home carbonation. So they likely see SodaStream as competition.

– **Business model differences:** SodaStream is designed for reusable bottles and home carbonation while soda giants still make most revenue from single-use plastic bottles and cans. Their business priorities likely do not align well.

– **Licensing issues:** There may be licensing or production issues preventing major soda brands from producing syrups for use in SodaStream machines. The technology may not be readily compatible.

So in summary – no, Pepsi does not offer any branded syrup flavors for SodaStream. Consumers cannot currently make Pepsi sodas at home using SodaStream machines. The company focuses on its own flavors and partnerships with other beverage brands instead. This may change in the future, but for now you can only recreate the Pepsi taste using imitation sodas from third parties designed for SodaStream.

Third Party Pepsi Syrup Options

While Pepsi doesn’t make official SodaStream syrups, there are some third party syrup manufacturers that offer Pepsi-type flavor options:

– **Soda Mod** – This company produces a “Pepsiod” flavor syrup designed to taste like Pepsi’s signature cola. Many SodaStream users say this comes very close to the real Pepsi flavor and recommend it as a good alternative.

– **Soda Sensations** – They offer a syrup called “Cola Blast” that is made to emulate the Pepsi taste according to reviews.

– **Mr Flavor** – Their take on Pepsi cola flavor is called “Cola Fusion” and is popular with SodaStream users.

– **Drinkpods** – Their “Classic Cola” syrup aims to be a Pepsi replica flavor for SodaStream machines.

The verdict from buyers of these third party syrups is generally positive. While nothing can exactly match the original Pepsi formula, many customers say these come very close in taste when carbonated with SodaStream. So they offer a good at-home alternative to recreate your favorite Pepsi soda flavors using a SodaStream machine.

Just keep in mind third party syrups are not officially endorsed by SodaStream or Pepsi. Quality and accuracy of the flavors can vary between third party manufacturers. Be sure to read reviews and comments from other SodaStream users to find the best Pepsi replica syrup for your needs.

SodaStream Syrup Options Compared to Pepsi Products

Here is a comparison of the closest SodaStream syrup flavors up against Pepsi’s actual soda products:

Pepsi Product Closest SodaStream Syrup Alternative
Pepsi Cola SodaSensations Cola Blast or Soda Mod Pepsiod
Diet Pepsi SodaStream Diet Cola
Mountain Dew Soda Mod Mountain Breeze
Sierra Mist SodaStream Lemon-Lime
Mug Root Beer SodaStream Root Beer

While no off-brand syrups can exactly match the proprietary flavor formulas of the major soda brands, many SodaStream users vouch that these alternatives come very close. So you can recreate a good Pepsi-like experience at home with the right third party syrups.

Just keep in mind that results will depend on individual taste preferences and the specific machine being used. It may require some experimentation to find your perfect homemade Pepsi replica flavor using a SodaStream system. But the convenience and customization abilities make it an appealing option for fans of Pepsi sodas.

Making Pepsi Drinks with SodaStream

Although there is no official Pepsi syrup made for SodaStream machines, you can come quite close by using compatible third party syrups and following these tips:

– Choose a well-reviewed syrup designed to mimic Pepsi such as Soda Mod’s Pepsiod flavoring. Look for good feedback on how close it tastes to the real thing.

– Carefully read the syrup label and follow the flavoring directions. You’ll usually need 1-2 capfuls per 8oz serving. Shake the bottle first.

– Always add the syrup after carbonating the water. Flavoring first can interfere with the carbonation process.

– Start with less syrup and add more to taste if needed. You can always add more flavoring but you can’t take it away.

– Consider mixing syrup brands or formulas to get the ideal Pepsi taste. Some users report adding a bit of cola and citrus flavors improves the similarity.

– Chill your finished soda for at least a few hours to allow the flavors to fully develop. This helps the taste more closely resemble a cold Pepsi.

– Consider buying a name brand Pepsi, trying it side-by-side with your homemade version to compare and adjust the flavors as needed.

While it will take some experimentation to nail down your preferred recipe, you should be able to make a very close approximation of Pepsi soda at home with SodaStream once you find the right syrup and ratios. Just bear in mind you won’t be able to perfectly match the secret original Pepsi formula. But you can come surprisingly close with quality third party syrups.

Is Making Homemade Pepsi Worth It?

Recreating Pepsi sodas at home using a SodaStream machine offers some nice perks, but there are also some drawbacks to consider:

**Benefits of homemade Pepsi drinks:**

– Much cheaper than buying cases of canned Pepsi from the store

– Zero waste from cans and plastic bottles since you reuse SodaStream bottles

– Customize the flavors and sweetness to your taste preferences

– Fun to mix and match flavors to create unique combinations

– Convenient to make fresh fizzy Pepsi anytime without going to the store

**Downsides of DIY Pepsi sodas:**

– Takes more time and effort than grabbing a can of Pepsi from the fridge

– Flavors likely won’t perfectly match the real thing at first try

– You have to wash SodaStream bottles instead of just recycling cans/bottles

– Need to swap CO2 canisters and buy flavor syrups

– Occasional maintenance and cleaning of SodaStream machine required

Overall, recreating your own versions of Pepsi products at home with a SodaStream can save money and reduce plastic waste compared to buying cases of canned soda from the grocery store. The convenience of fresh, fizzy Pepsi anytime is appealing for fans of their signature flavors.

However, it does require an initial investment in the SodaStream equipment and some trial and error dialing in flavors. The process also takes more hands-on effort than cracking open a factory sealed can or bottle. So the DIY approach may not suit every Pepsi lover’s preferences and needs.


In summary, Pepsi does not currently make any branded flavor syrups designed for SodaStream machines. So there is no official way to replicate sodas like Pepsi Cola, Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist at home using SodaStream.

However, some good third party syrup options exist to mimic the Pepsi taste. Brands like Soda Mod, Soda Sensations and Mr Flavor offer well-reviewed syrups made to emulate Pepsi’s signature cola and other flavors. With some experimentation, SodaStream owners report being able to create very close approximations of Pepsi sodas with these alternative syrups.

Recreating your own Pepsi-like beverages at home does take more hands-on effort compared to grabbing a can or bottle from the store. But it can save money, reduce plastic waste, and provide the convenience of fresh soda anytime. For die-hard Pepsi fans, it may be worth trying out third party syrups to enjoy your favorites with SodaStream’s home carbonation system.

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