Does Negan become good in season 11?

No, Negan does not become “good” in season 11 of The Walking Dead. In the early part of the season, he continues to be a wild card and an unpredictable force while he works with the other survivors at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

He is volatile and intimidating, often making poor decisions and getting into arguments with the other survivors. However, it appears his journey in season 11 brings him closer to a kind of redemption by the end of the season.

By the finale, Negan is reunited with his wife Lucille, who he had been separated from since before the start of the series. The reunion inspires him to change his outlook in life and he finds a renewed strength to become a better version of himself.

He earns the trust of the other survivors by honoring the memory of Carl, who had believed in Negan’s redemption before his death. Negan does not become a pure altruist, but he does demonstrate acts of compassion that show he is committed to becoming a better person.

Does Maggie forgive Negan?

Yes, Maggie eventually forgives Negan. After a tumultuous relationship, Maggie and Negan eventually find common ground. Despite multiple attempts to reconcile, it takes a while for Maggie to come to terms with forgiving Negan.

She was extremely resentful and hostile towards him, due to the death of her husband, and Negan’s history of terrible acts. However, after the war is over, Negan’s actions show that he has changed for the better and won’t repeat past mistakes, which slowly wins Maggie’s trust.

She eventually comes to understand that he is another complex character, who is capable of doing both good and bad, and ultimately, she chooses to forgive him for the sake of allowing her to move on with her life, and to create a better future for her son.

What episode does Negan become good?

Negan’s redemption arc occurs over the course of The Walking Dead’s tenth season, beginning in the season premiere and culminating in the season finale. The events leading up to Negan’s redemption begin when the survivors discover an innocent child named Princess, who has been living in an abandoned school.

Negan, who had been living in the same school, takes Princess in and begins to teach her how to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

The survivors, particularly Michonne and Judith, slowly begin to trust Negan and eventually welcome him into the Alexandria Safe-Zone. As they grow closer, Negan begins to have a change of heart, and at first begins to help the survivors in small ways, such as contributing to their scavenging efforts.

He eventually begins to take larger steps to help, such as protecting the group from incoming threats, and eventually steps up as a leader.

Negan’s true redemption moment occurs in the season finale, when he sacrifices himself to protect Judith, Ezekiel and other survivors from an incoming hoard of walkers. This act of selflessness reveals the true extent of his change, and cements his place among the survivors.

With his ultimate act of redemption, Negan finally cemented himself as a beloved and respected member of the group.

Does Negan turn good guy?

No, Negan does not turn into a good guy. In the comics and TV series The Walking Dead, the character of Negan is the leader of the Saviors and one of the main antagonists. His only real goal is to take what he wants by any means necessary and to protect those in his own group.

He is noted for his ruthless, overbearing behavior and stark moral code. While there are moments where he appears to show a softer side or at least appear sympathetic, Negan ultimately follows his own agenda and beliefs that not only often puts him at odds with Rick and the other protagonists, but usually sees him as the villain of the story.

Where is Negan in season 11?

At the beginning of season 11 of The Walking Dead, Negan’s whereabouts are unknown. He was last seen at the end of season 10, when his former comrades, the Whisperers, released him in exchange for some of their own people.

The show has strongly hinted that Negan is still alive and at large. In the season 11 premiere, Eugene receives a mysterious radio transmission with a voice that sounds like Negan. In Alpha’s absence from Alexandria, Eugene also mentions to other survivors that he believes Negan is still alive, which Aaron agrees is possible but asks Eugene not to share this with their allies.

Throughout the rest of season 11, Negan’s location remains a mystery. There is a possibility he may cross paths with the survivors again in a future episode, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

How long is Negan a villain?

Negan has been a major antagonist in the comic series The Walking Dead since its issue #100, released in July of 2012. In the comics, he is the leader of a group of survivors called the Saviors who control a number of outposts in the world of the story.

He then goes on to become the main antagonist for several years, and his influence is felt even after his death in issue #193. In the television series adaptation of the comics, Negan is introduced in Season 6 of the show and remains a major villain for the remainder of the series.

He is eventually redeemed by the series’ protagonists and is able to find peace in the finale of the show’s eleventh season. So, taking into account all his appearances in both the comics and the television series, Negan has been a villain for approximately 8-9 years.

Does Negan care about Carl?

Yes, Negan definitely cares about Carl. Since the two were first introduced, Negan has shown a deep respect and admiration for Carl, despite their opposing views and the fact that they often find themselves at odds with one another.

Even when their interactions are tense and aggressive, Negan always speaks to Carl in a paternal tone, showing a level of understanding and compassion that certainly doesn’t exist with most of the other characters in the series.

Additionally, Negan has taken action to protect Carl on multiple occasions, intervening when Rick threatened Carl’s life in the early days of their relationship and later when he helped Carl escape from one of his own henchmen.

Negan has also willingly offered to let Carl stay with him when external forces have made staying with his family too dangerous or challenging. All of these things show that Negan does have feelings for Carl, even if he would never admit it out loud.

Who does Negan end up with?

At the end of The Walking Dead, Negan ends up with the survivor group he initially battled when he first appeared in the series. He goes to work with them, and while he has his moments of uneasiness, he genuinely wants to help those he once fought against.

He’s able to build strong connections with many of the characters in the group, specifically Maggie and Eugene, who become his close friends. Negan also develops a strong bond with Carl, with whom he forms a father-son-like relationship.

Negan also takes on a leadership role within the group and is an integral part of the mission to bring safety and security to post-apocalyptic world inhabited by Walkers. Although Negan is never stated to be romantically involved with anyone during the series, he ends things with a smile on his face and a sense of hope for the future.

Will Maggie and Negan get together?

At this point, it is unclear if Maggie and Negan will get together. They have interacted several times and it is clear that they have some mutual understanding and an appreciation of one another, but they have not had any romantic moments.

In the show, Negan has shown admiration for Maggie, and he even went back on his word and allowed her to reunite with her son because she asked him to. Maggie has been harsh and tell him to stay away from her, but she still has some respect for him and helped him when he was injured.

Negan has also stated that his admiration for Maggie has grown and he even took a special interest in Hershel Greene, whom Maggie loves as her own son. Although it is unclear as to if Maggie and Negan will get together in the future, there is potential for this relationship to develop as the viewers have seen that the two have been able to largely put aside their differences when the situation calls for it, which could potentially lead to something more down the line.

Does Negan survive The Walking Dead?

At this point in time, it is uncertain whether or not Negan will survive The Walking Dead. The character has been a part of the show since season 6, but his fate remains unknown. The most recent season of the show has seen Negan start to change, becoming more sympathetic and developing a bond with Judith Grimes, even displaying his own rebellious streak in an attempt to kill Alpha from the Whisperers.

He also escaped a deadly situation at the Sanctuary and survived a helicopter crash during a mission with Daryl and Maggie to save Connie. Negan’s future looks increasingly uncertain, and whether or not he survives will largely depend on the decisions he makes in the series finale.

Does Negan betray Alpha?

No, Negan does not betray Alpha. In fact, Negan is one of Alpha’s closest allies and right-hand man. Negan is fiercely loyal to Alpha, and considers her to be almost like a mother figure. He is even willing to go to extreme lengths to protect her, even using violence when needed.

Negan is deeply devoted to Alpha and their partnership, and there is no indication he plans to betray her in any way.

Does Negan change his ways?

Negan’s character arc over the course of The Walking Dead is an interesting one and it’s difficult to answer the question of whether he truly changes his ways. On the one hand, he initially starts off as an antagonistic character who commits violent and oppressive acts against other survivors.

He shows no remorse and doesn’t care who he hurts in order to get what he wants. Later on, however, Negan starts to realize the implications of his actions and shows signs of regret and guilt. He starts becoming more empathetic towards other survivors, helping them out and even showing mercy to those he previously oppressed.

He also starts to develop a moral code of sorts, understanding the consequences of his actions and measuring them against a sense of justice. Whether this change in behaviour represents a true change of heart or simply a shift in tactics remains to be seen.

Ultimately, the truth lies in the eye of the beholder – some may say Negan is never truly able to redeem himself, while others may argue he has found redemption through his evolving sense of morality.

Who defeated Negan?

Negan was defeated by a combined effort of Carl, Michonne, Maggie, Rick, Ezekiel, and many others. Carl and Michonne help to set the plan in motion while Rick served as the key leader in the fight against Negan.

Maggie used her leadership skills to keep everyone in the fight and Ezekiel provided desperately needed back-up. The combined forces used an arsenal of weapons to hurt Negan and forced him to surrender.

After his unconditional surrender, Rick and the others spare Negan’s life as a symbol of hope for a better future. With his defeat, Negan loses his power and is sent away to serve a life in prison for his crimes.

Does Negan ever get accepted?

The fate of Negan is one that has been heavily debated since his introduction in The Walking Dead comics and television series. While some may argue that he is beyond redemption, other fans feel that there is still some good in him and believe he should eventually be accepted.

Ultimately, Negan’s journey to being accepted is ongoing, but his actions in the later part of the TV series and comics have definitely swayed opinions of him in a more positive direction. In the comics, he is shown to have softened over time and accept his place within the group, taking on a more leadership-focused role that has earned him their trust.

In the series, while he still keeps his edgy way of speaking and behavior, his loyalty to the group and his developing partnerships, such as Daryl, hints at a brighter future for him.

He still has some way to go before being fully accepted by everyone in the group, but, with the right circumstances, it is possible. His growth has been complex and nuanced and it remains to be seen if and when that tipping point will happen.

Was Negan an A or B?

Negan’s exact alignment is not known, but he is generally seen as an antagonist, particularly due to his antagonistic actions in The Walking Dead. He is an incredibly complex character whose morality and motivation are constantly in question.

While some of his actions would indicate that he is a type of ‘villain’, he also has moments of compassion and argues that his way of handling things is necessary for the safety and well-being of his people.

Ultimately, it is impossible to determine if Negan is an A or a B based on his actions and motivations.

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