Does Kroger carry gluten free items?

Yes, Kroger does carry a variety of gluten free items. As one of the largest grocery store chains in the United States, Kroger offers a wide selection of gluten free products to accommodate customers with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.


In the bakery section, Kroger has gluten free bread options including sandwich bread, bagels, rolls, and more. Popular brands carried include Udi’s, Canyon Bakehouse, Schar, and Kroger’s Simple Truth organic gluten free bread. There are multiple varieties and styles to choose from such as white, whole grain, cinnamon raisin, everything bagels, burger buns, and more. The availability may vary by location.


Kroger’s pasta aisle includes gluten free pasta choices like spaghetti, penne, elbows, lasagna noodles, fettuccine, and more. Leading brands include Barilla, Ronzoni, and Kroger’s Simple Truth organic gluten free pasta. The pasta is made from ingredients like rice, quinoa, corn, and lentils in place of wheat.


For breakfast, Kroger has gluten free cereals including Chex, Rice Krispies, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, and more. They offer single serve cups and larger boxes. Kroger’s Simple Truth organic brand has gluten free granola and muesli options as well. The availability varies by location.


Gluten free crackers, pretzels, tortilla chips, popcorn, granola bars, and other snacks line the aisles at Kroger. Look for brands like Glutino, Snyder’s of Hanover, Popchips, Kind, and Enjoy Life for gluten free certified items. The Kroger Simple Truth organic line also has many gluten free snack choices.

Frozen Foods

Kroger’s frozen food department includes gluten free waffles, pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, pancakes, and more for quick and easy meals. Leading brands like Udi’s, Ian’s, and Against the Grain offer gluten free frozen meal options. Kroger’s Simple Truth organic brand has gluten free frozen items as well.


Kroger shops carry an array of gluten free condiment choices including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressings, marinades, barbecue sauce, and more. Look for brands clearly labeled “gluten free” like Heinz, Best Foods, Ken’s Steakhouse dressings, Stubbs BBQ sauce, Tamari soy sauce, and Kroger’s organic dressings.


Kroger’s baking section provides gluten free flours, bread mixes, cookies, brownie and cake mixes, oats, chocolates, and baking ingredients. Bob’s Red Mill, Pillsbury, King Arthur, Enjoy Life, and Kroger’s Simple Truth offer gluten free baking and dessert items to make sweet treats.

International Foods

The international food aisle at Kroger features many naturally gluten free items like rice, quinoa, corn tortillas, Asian sauces, Indian spice blends, and other products helpful for gluten free diets. Check labels for gluten free assurance.

Meat and Dairy

Fresh meat and dairy items like milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, chicken, beef, fish are naturally gluten free. Kroger offers an abundant selection of fresh groceries in these departments. Be aware of processed and seasoned items that may contain gluten.


Fruits, vegetables and other produce at Kroger are gluten free by nature. Fill up your cart with fresh, wholesome gluten free produce options.


Kroger’s deli offers sliced lunchmeat, cheeses, olives, and salad bar items that can cater to gluten free diets. Be sure to ask about gluten free menu options and watch for cross-contamination with croutons, crackers, and other ingredients containing gluten.

Dry Goods

Rice, quinoa, cornmeal, nuts, dried beans, and other dry bulk items are naturally gluten free. Kroger sells many varieties in the dry goods section. Look for certified gluten free labels on packaged dry items like trail mixes, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Prepared Foods and Meals

Kroger’s prepared foods section includes salads, sides, and meals to go. Some locations have expanded to include sushi, soup bars, sandwich counters, and stations with hot entrees and side dishes. Check labels and ask about gluten free choices at the prepared foods counters.

Special Diet Foods

Many Kroger stores have a dedicated section for special diet products like gluten free, organic, low carb, plant-based, and more. This section will consolidate many gluten free items in one area for ease of shopping.


At the pharmacy counter inside Kroger, you can find gluten free medicines, supplements, vitamins, and health aids. The pharmacists can also answer questions about gluten free medications.

Simple Truth Organic

Kroger’s Simple Truth organic brand offers a wide range of gluten free products across all categories of the store – bakery, snacks, frozen meals, pasta, cereal, condiments, dressings, and more. Look for the Simple Truth logo for quality organic and gluten free options.

Seasonal Items

Throughout the year, Kroger will offer gluten free versions of seasonal treats and items like candy, cookies, stuffing, gravy, and baking mixes for holidays. Occasionally, they provide free gluten free recipe booklets as well.

Private Brand Items

In addition to the Simple Truth line, Kroger has other private label brands that indicate gluten free status right on the packaging when applicable. This includes Comforts, Home Chef, and Private Selection products.

Online Grocery

Kroger offers online grocery ordering and delivery services through their website and mobile app. You can search, browse, and identify gluten free products using the online platform. Have all your gluten free grocery essentials delivered right to your door.

In-Store Search Tool

Using the Kroger website or mobile app, you can access an in-store search tool that allows you to search products available at your local Kroger by dietary need, like gluten free. This makes it easy to determine if your store has specific products before you shop.

Mobile App

The Kroger app for iOS and Android devices includes a section for gluten free foods with helpful shopping lists, recipes, lifestyle tips, and the ability to filter products. You can also access a store directory to pinpoint stores carrying gluten free items near you.

Savings and Digital Coupons

Kroger offers digital coupons and personalized savings through their app and website. You can add digital coupons specifically for gluten free products you want to buy to maximize savings on specialty diet groceries.

Meal Plans

Kroger’s website provides various gluten free meal plans like a 1-week breakfast, lunch, and dinner plan or a 30-day gluten free challenge. The plans include a curated shopping list you can use to shop their gluten free grocery selections.


Search for gluten free recipes on Kroger’s website and app to accommodate a gluten free diet. Recipe categories include snacks, desserts, kids’ meals, holiday treats, main dishes, sides, breakfasts, appetizers, and more.

Labels and Certifications

Look for the certification logos from organizations like GFCO, Certified Gluten Free, and Gluten Free Certification Organization on qualified gluten free products at Kroger. Labels stating “gluten free” should also be clearly printed on packaging.


Kroger employs registered dietitians at many locations who can help educate customers on gluten free diets, recommend products, and offer meal planning guidance unique to individual health needs and conditions.


Consult the Kroger pharmacists about any medications or supplements you take to ensure they are gluten free. Pharmacists are trained to assist customers in safely finding gluten free alternatives if needed.

Customer Service

Kroger’s helpful customer service representatives can check inventory and provide additional details on the availability of specific gluten free items at your local store. Reach out to them by phone or chat.

Gluten Free Lists

Printable gluten free grocery lists categorized by product type are available on Kroger’s website. Use these to help shop their many gluten free offerings.

New Items

Kroger frequently expands its gluten free selections and products available. Check new item shelves and callouts throughout the store for recent additions to accommodate gluten free diets.

Dollar Section

Kroger has a dollar section with rotating bargain deals. At certain times, you may find smaller sized trial offerings of new gluten free products here before they hit the regular aisles.

Employee Training

Kroger provides training to employees on special diets like gluten free and how to assist customers. Inquire at customer service or specialty departments about staff members knowledgeable on gluten free options.

Store Navigation

Use section markers, shelf tags, and signs noting gluten free items to help find relevant products throughout the Kroger store. Many stores now consolidate gluten free options in one area as well.

Popularity and Demand

The increasing popularity of gluten free diets and demand from customers has led Kroger to expand offerings. This makes it easier for those seeking gluten free foods to shop at their local Kroger.

National Brands

Kroger carries national brands manufacturing gluten free versions of popular food products like snacks, baking items, pasta, cereal, and frozen meals.

Private Brand

Simple Truth is Kroger’s main private label that designates many products as gluten free. This brand ensures quality affordable options customers can trust.


Between national brands and their own private labels, Kroger provides extensive variety in their gluten free offerings across all grocery categories.


Focusing on fresh, minimally processed foods with ingredients naturally gluten free helps those avoiding gluten find quality groceries at Kroger.

Dietary Needs

Kroger aims to accommodate a range of dietary needs including gluten free, diary free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, organic, low carb, and more.


In addition to being gluten free, many Kroger products are also top allergen-friendly (peanut, dairy, etc.) catering to food allergy needs.


Kroger’s Simple Truth organic line has an assortment of certified organic gluten free products for customers seeking both qualities.


While specialty gluten free items are sold, Kroger also offers affordable options for basics like produce, meat, dairy, and nuts to appeal to budget-conscious shoppers.


As one of the largest and most prevalent grocery chains in the U.S., Kroger makes gluten free shopping more accessible for those with limited local options.


Kroger takes steps to avoid cross-contamination of gluten free items during processing and preparation. However, always check labels to confirm items are gluten free.


Clear “gluten free” labels, as well as certification logos on qualified products, helps consumers easily identify gluten free Kroger options.


Reputable national brands and thorough employee training makes Kroger a safe place to shop for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities.


Kroger offers healthy gluten free choices with nutritional benefits like fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and more to support well-rounded diets.


Kroger’s commitment to supporting the health of customers and communities is shown through their variety of gluten free groceries.


The abundance of gluten free foods at Kroger makes following a gluten free lifestyle more possible and sustainable long-term.

Peace of Mind

Shopping for gluten free items at a large mainstream grocer like Kroger provides peace of mind to those avoiding gluten.


In summary, Kroger is an excellent grocery store for finding gluten free foods. They carry national and store brand gluten free products that span dietary staples, snacks, baking mixes, and specialty items. Kroger provides ample gluten free options in their bakery, deli, frozen foods, bulk goods, produce, dairy, and pharmacy departments. Consumers benefit from quality, affordability, accessibility, labeling, trained staff, gluten free lists/meal plans, mobile apps, and other services that simplify gluten free shopping. With its wide selection and accommodation of special diets, Kroger enables people seeking gluten free foods to conveniently shop at their local grocer.

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