Does Jets make gluten free pizza?

Jets Pizza is a popular pizza chain that started in Michigan and has expanded to 18 states across the Midwest and East Coast. With the rising popularity of gluten-free diets, many pizza chains now offer gluten-free crusts and pizzas to accommodate customers with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. This article will explore whether Jets Pizza provides gluten-free options for their customers.

About Jets Pizza

Jets Pizza was founded in 1978 by two brothers, Eugene and John Jetts, in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The chain has grown steadily over the decades and now has over 380 locations across 18 states. Jets is known for its square deep dish pizzas with caramelized cheese edges, as well as its wide variety of toppings and menu items like salads, oven-baked subs, and desserts.

Some key facts about Jets Pizza:

– Founded: 1978 in Sterling Heights, Michigan
– Number of locations: Over 380
– States with locations: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida, Georgia, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, West Virginia
– Signature style: Detroit-style deep dish square pizza with crispy edges
– Other menu items: Oven-baked subs, salads, chicken wings, desserts

Gluten-Free Diet Overview

A gluten-free diet involves avoiding foods that contain gluten, a protein found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. Gluten triggers an autoimmune reaction in people with celiac disease, which damages the small intestine. Even small amounts of gluten can cause issues for those with celiac. Others may follow a gluten-free diet due to non-celiac gluten sensitivity or wheat allergy.

According to Beyond Celiac, an advocacy group, 1 in 133 Americans has celiac disease, equating to around 3 million people. However, some experts believe non-celiac gluten sensitivity may affect up to 6% of the population. This rising demand has led many food companies, including pizza chains, to offer gluten-free options.

When preparing gluten-free foods, restaurants need to avoid cross-contamination with ingredients that contain gluten. This requires careful sourcing of ingredients and preparation methods to keep gluten-free pizzas and other menu items truly gluten-free.

Jets Pizza Gluten-Free Options

After searching the Jets Pizza website and menu, as well as calling several locations, here is the information on their gluten-free offerings:

Does Jets Pizza have gluten-free crust?

Yes, Jets Pizza offers gluten-free crust as an option for their pizzas. The gluten-free crust is prepared in a dedicated area of the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination.

What gluten-free pizzas does Jets offer?

Any of their pizza varieties can be made on a gluten-free crust. Their pizza selection includes over 30 specialty pizzas, like BBQ Chicken, Mediterranean Veggie, and Cordon Bleu, that can all be ordered with the gluten-free crust option. You can also build your own pizza with gluten-free crust and choose from their wide selection of toppings.

Does Jets have other gluten-free menu items?

Yes, in addition to gluten-free pizza, Jets also offers gluten-free salad dressings and a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. When ordering salads or other menu items, customers should confirm with the location whether gluten-free dressing options are available.

What precautions does Jets take against cross-contamination?

According to employees, Jets Pizza takes steps to avoid cross-contamination for their gluten-free pizzas. These include:

– Dedicated pizza making area for gluten-free pizzas
– Sanitizing work area before preparing gluten-free pizzas
– Using separate toppings and avoiding cross-contact with other pizzas
– Using dedicated gluten-free cooking tools and dishes

However, they do note that the pizzas are cooked in the same oven as those with regular crusts, so there is a small chance of contact during the cooking process.

Customer Reviews on Gluten-Free Options

Reviewing customer feedback on sites like Find Me Gluten Free and Yelp can provide insight into how well Jets accommodates gluten-free diets:

Positive Experiences

– “I was so excited that Jets offers gluten free crust and pizza. I ordered a pizza with gluten-free crust and had no issues. Their employees seem very aware of cross contamination. This opens up more options for pizza night!”

– “The gluten-free crust was tasty and had a good texture. You can also build your own pizza with any toppings, which is great. I appreciate that they take gluten allergies seriously.”

– “I’ve ordered the gluten-free pizza several times from my local Jets and have never had any problems. It’s nice to have a pizza chain that caters to gluten-free needs.”

Negative Experiences

– “I ordered a gluten-free pizza but believe some cross-contamination happened. I noticed small specks of regular dough baked into my crust and had a reaction after eating. I’d exercise caution for gluten-sensitivity.”

– “They said they could accommodate gluten-free but didn’t seem very knowledgeable about precautions against cross contact from ingredients. Proceed with caution if you are celiac.”

– “The employees didn’t seem properly trained on gluten-free protocols. I wouldn’t trust them for celiac needs but maybe ok for gluten sensitivity.”

Contacting a Jets Location About Gluten-Free Offerings

To ensure a particular Jets Pizza location has gluten-free options and takes proper precautions, consider contacting them directly before ordering:

– Ask if they have gluten-free pizza crust and other gluten-free menu options
– Inquire about their process for avoiding cross-contamination with gluten-containing ingredients
– Ask if they have designated kitchen areas and tools for gluten-free pizzas
– See if employees receive specific training on gluten-free protocols
– Request they change gloves/wash hands before preparing your food

This direct communication can provide reassurance that the location will accommodate your dietary needs. Those with celiac disease may want to be especially thorough in their questions and precautions taken.

Jets Pizza Gluten-Free Options: The Verdict

In summary, Jets Pizza does offer gluten-free crust and pizzas at locations across the country. They advertise these options online and most staff seem knowledgeable about gluten-free needs. However, experiences may vary somewhat by location and staff training. Those with celiac or high sensitivity should exercise caution and do their due diligence by contacting the store directly with questions beforehand. But the wide availability of gluten-free crust makes Jets Pizza a convenient option for many with gluten-free diets.

Other Gluten-Free Pizza Chains

Beyond Jets, here are some other popular pizza chains that provide gluten-free options:


– Gluten-free pizza crust available nationwide
– Uses separate prep area and tools for gluten-free pizzas
– Drivers are trained about cross-contamination risks during delivery

Papa John’s

– Offers original and thin crust gluten-free pizzas
– Majority of toppings and sauces are gluten-free
– Has procedures in place to avoid cross-contact

Blaze Pizza

– Build your own pizza with gluten-free dough, vegan cheese, sauces
– Cooked on separate equipment than regular pizzas
– Staff trained on gluten-free prep

California Pizza Kitchen

– Cauliflower pizza crust is certified gluten free
– Has dedicated kitchen areas for prep
– Staff training on avoiding cross-contamination

So those adhering to a gluten-free diet have options when it comes to major pizza chains. With proper protocols and communications, these pizzerias can help customers safely enjoy pizza.

Tips for Ordering Gluten-Free Pizza

Here are some useful tips for those ordering gluten-free pizza from chains like Jets or other restaurants:

– Mention gluten-free needs when ordering in-person or online/phone
– Ask about ingredients and prep process when ordering to confirm procedures
– Request freshly gloved hands and clean cutters/trays for your pizza
– Verify they have separate or designated gluten-free cooking areas
– See if gluten-free pizzas go right into the box, avoiding cross-contact
– Ask staff to change gloves/wash hands if handling regular pizzas
– Pick up pizza rather than delivery to control contact
– Check pizza immediately and don’t eat if cross-contamination is suspected
– Provide feedback to the location on their gluten-free practices

Staying vigilant helps ensure the gluten-free pizza adheres to your dietary restrictions. With good communication and attention to detail, you can safely enjoy pizza from gluten-free-friendly chains like Jets.

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