Does IHOP have maple syrup Pepsi?

IHOP, also known as the International House of Pancakes, is a popular family restaurant chain known for its wide selection of pancake offerings. In recent years, IHOP has experimented with unique and sometimes outrageous menu items to generate publicity and attract customers. One such item was a limited-edition maple syrup-flavored Pepsi beverage that was offered exclusively at participating IHOP locations for a short time in 2016.

The Origin of Maple Syrup Pepsi at IHOP

In 2016, IHOP teamed up with Pepsi to create a new maple syrup-flavored cola to complement its pancakes and waffles. This specialty soda was made by adding maple syrup flavoring to regular Pepsi. It provided customers with an opportunity to enjoy the taste of maple syrup in their beverages to enhance the classic pancake dining experience at IHOP.

The maple syrup Pepsi was the result of a co-branding effort between IHOP and Pepsi, taking advantage of IHOP’s reputation for pancakes and maple syrup and Pepsi’s expertise in beverage development and distribution. By merging two well-known brands together, they generated significant publicity and social media buzz around this unique product offering.

The Introduction and Availability of Maple Syrup Pepsi

IHOP first announced the new maple syrup Pepsi in February 2016. The specialty soda was rolled out and made available at participating IHOP locations across the United States that same month. It was promoted as a fun, limited-time offering to complement IHOP’s pancake menu items.

The maple syrup Pepsi was only available for a few months in the spring of 2016. It was not a permanent addition to the IHOP drink menu. During its short stint, it wassold exclusively at select IHOP restaurants, while supplies lasted. Customers could order it like a regular soft drink to accompany their pancake or waffle orders.

Some key facts about the availability of maple syrup Pepsi at IHOP:

  • First launched February 2016
  • Only available for a limited time
  • Sold exclusively at participating IHOP locations
  • Limited to in-store purchases only
  • Not available for retail sale
  • Offered while supplies lasted

The Taste and Reviews of Maple Syrup Pepsi

By all accounts, the specialty maple syrup Pepsi beverage tasted like standard Pepsi infused with sweet maple flavor. It delivered the classic Pepsi cola taste first, followed by a pronounced maple syrup aftertaste. The maple flavor was designed to be strong enough to stand out against the cola backdrop.

Reviews of the drink from bloggers and taste testers were generally positive. Most agreed that it tasted like pancake syrup blended into a regular Pepsi, creating a sweet maple cola flavor. The maple syrup was distinct, but not overpowering. However, some felt the two flavors did not mix perfectly, making it taste slightly artificial or chemically.

Overall though, maple syrup Pepsi garnered buzz for being a fun, seasonal treat to enjoy with IHOP’s pancakes and for the novelty of blending two familiar flavors in an inventive way. It achieved IHOP and Pepsi’s goal of creating an engaging, share-worthy menu item.

Why Maple Syrup Pepsi Was Only Offered for a Limited Time

IHOP’s maple syrup Pepsi was clearly marketed as a seasonal, limited-edition drink tie-in. There are several factors that contributed to it only being offered for a short promotional window in early 2016:

  • Novelty factor – The novelty and shock value of the unique flavor combo generated social media buzz. As a limited item, it created a sense of urgency to try it.
  • Lack of year-round appeal – The rich maple flavor was best suited to a springtime promotion rather than as an everyday menu item.
  • Difficult to produce at scale – Producing large amounts of the custom syrup Pepsi likely required special production runs.
  • Brand awareness play – It was primarily a brand awareness stunt rather than a new permanent menu offering.
  • Supply issues – Getting sufficient quantities of maple syrup flavoring could have been challenging long-term.

So in summary, the exclusivity and short lifespan of maple syrup Pepsi at IHOP was mainly a strategic marketing tactic, not related to lack of popularity. The drink was successful at generating buzz and giving customers an extra reason to visit IHOP during its limited-time availability.

The Return of Maple Syrup Pepsi at IHOP

Despite rumors and requests from fans, maple syrup Pepsi has not returned to IHOP since its initial promotional run in 2016. IHOP has not announced any plans to bring back the specialty soda.

However, IHOP does continue to innovate with limited-edition menu items that often have ties to trending food or drink flavors. This helps the brand generate interest and increase sales. Some examples include:

  • Sour Patch Kids pancakes – Pancakes with Sour Patch Kids candy topping, based on the popular sour candy brand.
  • Froot Loops mini pancakes – Tiny bite-sized pancakes with Froot Loops cereal mixed in, capitalizing on the nostalgia for the colorful cereal.
  • Blood orange mimosas – Brunch cocktails featuring trendy blood orange juice.

So while maple syrup Pepsi hasn’t made a reappearance, IHOP does rotate in new inventive menu items regularly. Fans of the maple syrup soda will have to wait and hope it may come back someday during another spring promotion.

Why Fans Still Talk About Maple Syrup Pepsi

Despite its limited availability years ago, IHOP’s specialty maple syrup Pepsi still stands out enough that many fans vividly remember it and talk about wanting it back. Some reasons why it remains so nostalgic and memorable for IHOP customers include:

  • Unique flavor combination – Blending two classic flavors created an intriguing taste profile.
  • Associations with pancakes – The maple flavor built strong associations between the soda and pancakes.
  • Novelty – It was rare and different from regular Pepsi products.
  • Limited time – The inability to get it anymore increases demand.
  • Brand experience impact – It shaped a fun, positive brand experience that stuck in customers’ minds.
  • Buzzworthy marketing – The creative concept garnered widespread public and media interest.

Overall, the maple syrup Pepsi delivered on its goals of being an unconventional limited offering that delighted customers and got people talking about IHOP. For many, it became a standout part of the IHOP brand experience.

Fan Requests to Bring It Back

There are many passionate requests across social media from IHOP fans imploring the brand to bring back maple syrup Pepsi. Posts on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and IHOP’s Facebook page contain fond recollections of enjoying the specialty soda and asking for its return.

Many describe just how much they loved the maple syrup Pepsi and how disappointed they are that it was only temporary. Fans say it perfectly complemented the pancakes and want the chance to taste it again. Some have even posted petitions and online campaigns to try and get IHOP’s attention to bring back this unique beverage.

These requests speak to just how excited and engaged some IHOP customers are about this one-of-a-kind menu item. It shows the impressive nostalgic impact that maple syrup Pepsi left despite its small window of availability.

The Future Possibility of Maple Syrup Pepsi

Looking ahead, whether IHOP will ever bring back their popular limited-edition maple syrup Pepsi is uncertain. However, here are some factors that could potentially contribute to its return:

  • Continued customer demand – Sustained requests from passionate fans may provide incentive.
  • Nostalgia trend – Capitalizing on nostalgia is increasingly popular in marketing.
  • Brand revitalization – Reviving it could freshen up the IHOP brand.
  • New leadership – New marketing leadership teams could revisit the idea.
  • Seasonal rotation – It could return as a special spring menu item.
  • Updated formulation – They could tweak the flavor profile and re-release it.

On the other hand, some obstacles that may prevent maple syrup Pepsi from returning include:

  • One-time publicity play – The initial shock value may be diminished.
  • Ongoing production – Manufacturing custom syrup in large quantities long-term could be costly.
  • Menu evolution – IHOP may prefer to focus on new specialty drinks instead.
  • Health trends – Its indulgent sugariness clashes with healthier drink trends.

The Potential Future Success of a Re-Release

If IHOP did decide to bring maple syrup Pepsi back for another limited promotional run, they would need to generate buzz and excitement like the original 2016 launch. While the element of surprise is gone, they could still employ creative marketing tactics to play up the nostalgia and hype around customers finally getting another chance to try it.

Given the ongoing public requests, a re-release would likely be well-received by longtime IHOP fans who have fond memories of the maple syrup soda. It would also attract media coverage since people remain so interested in it years later. Overall, while it may not capture lightning in a bottle twice, maple syrup Pepsi’s popularity and reputation seem to indicate another stint at IHOP would be successful.


In summary, maple syrup Pepsi was a unique, limited-edition menu item sold at IHOP restaurants in 2016 to generate publicity and align with their pancake brand. It was a typical Pepsi infused with sweet maple syrup flavor to complement the pancakes. While well-liked, it was only available for a short time as a seasonal marketing promotion.

In the years since, IHOP has not brought back the specialty soda, despite many nostalgic requests from fans. The future likelihood of its return is not clear, given both positive factors like customer demand and obstacles like production challenges. However, the ongoing attention paid to maple syrup Pepsi proves it left a lasting impact and fond memories for IHOP diners. If it did make a temporary comeback, it would probably captivate audiences once again, proving this unusual soda partnership was initially more than just a promotional gimmick.

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