Does Dutch Bros have green apple flavor?

Dutch Bros is a popular coffee chain known for its wide variety of flavors and unique drinks. One flavor that customers often ask about is green apple. So does Dutch Bros actually offer this tart and tangy flavor?

The Short Answer

Yes, Dutch Bros does offer green apple flavoring as an option for several of their signature drinks. However, it is not available year-round or at all locations. Dutch Bros rotates seasonal flavors in and out, and green apple is typically offered in the spring and summer months.

An Overview of Dutch Bros Flavors

Dutch Bros has an extensive menu with many customizable drinks. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Cold brews
  • Freeze drinks
  • Rebel energy drinks
  • Smoothies
  • Lemonades
  • Cold foam drinks
  • Teas
  • Sodas

Customers can select a drink base such as a cold brew, lemonade, or smoothie, and then customize it with flavors. Dutch Bros offers dozens of flavor shots and sauces such as coconut, strawberry, caramel, and many more.

Throughout the year, Dutch Bros rotates in special limited-edition seasonal flavors. These are only available for a few months at a time before they are swapped out. Some examples of seasonal flavors include:

  • White chocolate raspberry
  • Caramel apple
  • Pineapple upside down cake
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Chai
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Eggnog
  • Peppermint
  • Watermelon
  • Green apple

So while Dutch Bros has dozens of flavors available year-round, even more limited edition options rotate throughout the seasons.

Availability of Green Apple Flavor

Green apple is one of the seasonal flavors that Dutch Bros offers in the spring and summer months, typically April through August.

However, the exact timing and availability can vary by location. Not all Dutch Bros offer green apple flavor, as participation in offering seasonal flavors is up to the discretion of each individual franchise location. Some locations may opt out of offering more complicated limited edition flavors based on their equipment, staffing, or other factors. No two Dutch Bros have the exact same flavor lineup.

The availability can also vary year to year. Dutch Bros does not have a set seasonal schedule that is consistent annually. One year a location may have offered green apple in May through July, while the next year it may not be available until June through August.

So availability of green apple flavor is not a guarantee. Customers should call their local Dutch Bros ahead of time to ask if it is currently being offered. Locations with green apple flavor will advertise it prominently on menu boards or signs.

Drinks That Can Be Made with Green Apple

When green apple flavor is available, it can be added to a variety of Dutch Bros drink bases. Some of the most popular choices include:

Green Apple Rebel

The Rebel energy drink is one of Dutch Bros’ signature items. Choosing green apple as a flavor creates a tart and crisp beverage. The green apple Rebel often has additional flavors added like lime or mango to complement the green apple.

Green Apple Freeze

The creamy Freeze drink with blended soft serve ice cream makes another great green apple carrier. It creates a sweet and indulgent treat. Sometimes additional mix-ins like graham crackers or caramel are added to the green apple Freeze.

Green Apple Lemonade

Tart lemonade is given a sweet green apple twist. This combo satisfies customers craving something cooling and refreshing. Dutch Bros lemonade can be made with or without strawberry for an added layer of flavor.

Green Apple Cold Brew

Smooth cold brew coffee also pairs well with the tangy green apple. The rich coffee base offsets the bright citrus notes. Adding a splash of coconut milk creates a lighter, fruitier cold coffee drink.

Green Apple Smoothie

Blending up green apple with yogurt, protein powder, and juice makes for a nutritious morning or afternoon treat. Other fruits like kiwi, mango, or pineapple enhance the green apple smoothie.

Green Apple Soda

For those looking for a non-caffeinated, non-dairy option, green apple soda is made by mixing flavored syrup with soda water. Sometimes additional customizations like raspberry or lime add more depth.

The green apple flavor pairs well with many bases thanks to its versatility. It provides the right blend of sweet yet tart that many customers love.

Nutritional Information on Green Apple Drinks

The nutritional content of green apple drinks at Dutch Bros can vary considerably based on the base, size, and customizations. However, below are some general estimates for calorie and sugar content.

Drink Estimated Calories Estimated Sugar (g)
Green Apple Rebel 100-250 25-65
Green Apple Freeze 300-800 50-130
Green Apple Lemonade 100-320 25-80
Green Apple Cold Brew 100-350 25-90
Green Apple Smoothie 300-600 50-120
Green Apple Soda 100-150 25-40

As shown, the Freeze and Smoothie options tend to be highest in calories and sugar due to ingredients like ice cream. Meanwhile, the sodas and rebels are lower in calories. When customizing drinks, choosing sugar-free syrups and smaller sizes can reduce the calorie and sugar content.

Price of Green Apple Drinks at Dutch Bros

Pricing on green apple drinks can range anywhere from $3 to $8+ depending on size, ingredients, and location. Here are some ballpark figures on pricing:

  • 12 oz green apple soda: $3 – $4
  • 16 oz green apple lemonade: $3.50 – $5
  • 20 oz green apple Rebel: $4 – $6
  • 24 oz green apple Freeze: $5 – $7
  • 32 oz green apple smoothie: $7 – $8

Expect to pay a little extra for larger cup sizes, add-ons like extra pumps of flavor or cold foam, and for bases like smoothies and Freezes. Prices also depend on if you visit a stand-alone kiosk versus a convenience store location.

Copying the Green Apple Flavor at Home

While the seasonal green apple flavor may not be available year-round, you can mimic it at home. This lets you enjoy the sweet tartness anytime.

Start by purchasing green apple syrup or concentrate. Torani and Monin both make bottled green apple syrups that can be added to drinks. One bottle costs $8 to $10 and lasts a while.

To copy a green apple Rebel energy drink, combine a splash of green apple syrup with your favorite energy drink like Red Bull in a glass filled with ice. For a green apple soda, stir syrup into soda water and garnish with a lime wedge.

For smoothies, Freezes, or lemonade, blend the syrup with fresh green apples, apple juice, frozen yogurt, and other fruit. Adjust sweetness as needed. Top off your homemade green apple masterpiece with fun straws, whipped cream, or caramel sauce.

Finding Locations With Green Apple Flavor

To hunt down the elusive green apple flavor from Dutch Bros, start by following the brand’s social media pages. They often announce which locations will be offering seasonal flavors and when they will launch. If green apple flavor returns for summer 2023, they will likely post updates in spring announcing where it can be found.

You can also call local Dutch Bros shops directly and ask if they have green apple. Let them know you are hoping to try this limited edition flavor. The staff will be able to say if they currently offer it or have plans to bring it in.

Check the Dutch Bros website or app and look under flavors at nearby locations. If green apple is available, it will be listed there along with the shop’s address and hours.

Calling or swinging by Dutch Bros throughout the spring and summer months gives you the best chance of scoring green apple flavor. Have them add it to your favorite cold brew, Rebel, smoothie or other drinks and enjoy!


Green apple is a sought-after seasonal flavor from Dutch Bros that makes periodic appearances on menus in the warmer months. While not available year-round, you can often find it at select locations between April and August. Call shops ahead of time to check availability, as participation varies. The tart green apple pairs perfectly with their cold and frozen blended drinks for a refreshing pick-me-up. With some homemade syrups, you can even recreate the green apple flavor profile at home. Keep an eye out this spring and summer for your chance to enjoy Dutch Bros’ limited-edition green apple flavor once again.

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