Does Dutch Bros have any sugar free options?

Dutch Bros Coffee is a popular coffee chain based in the western United States. They are known for their fun, high-energy atmosphere and specialty coffee and energy drink menu. One common question from health-conscious customers is whether Dutch Bros offers any sugar-free drink options.

Quick Answers

Yes, Dutch Bros does offer some sugar-free options, including:

– Sugar-free flavors and sweeteners that can be added to any drink
– Drinks that are naturally sugar-free like brewed coffee and cold brew
– A handful of designated “Skinny” drinks made with sugar substitutes

So customers looking to limit their sugar intake do have some alternatives at Dutch Bros. However, much of their menu contains high amounts of sugar, so modifications and custom orders are often needed to get a reduced sugar or sugar-free beverage.

Do Dutch Bros coffees and teas contain sugar?

Dutch Bros offers a wide assortment of hot and iced coffees and teas. Many of their specialty drinks are made with added syrups and sauces which contain large amounts of sugar. For example, their fan-favorite Blue Rebel energy drink contains 76g of sugar in a 24 oz serving.

However, Dutch Bros can make any coffee or tea sugar-free by simply omitting the flavored syrups and using sugar-free sweeteners instead. Customers can order a basic drip coffee or freshly brewed iced tea unsweetened to get a zero sugar beverage.

Some examples of sugar-free Dutch Bros coffee and tea orders include:

– Hot coffee – any roast, black with no sweetener
– Iced coffee – any roast, unsweetened or with sugar-free syrup
– Cold brew – straight up or with sugar-free flavoring
– Rebel energy drink – made with sugar-free syrup and Splenda instead of blueberry and honey
– Tea – unsweetened black, green, white, etc.

So while flavored coffees and teas have added sugars, sticking to basic roasts and brewing methods allows for sugar-free options. Be sure to specify “unsweetened” or “no syrup” when ordering.

Naturally Sugar-Free Drinks

In addition to basic coffee and tea, there are some other drinks at Dutch Bros that are naturally sugar-free:

– Brewed coffee – Any hot coffee made without any sweeteners or creamers added will be sugar and calorie-free.

– Cold brew – Dutch Bros’ smooth, rich cold brew coffee contains no sugars when served straight.

– Americanos – Adding hot water to espresso shots makes a sugar-free americano.

– Cold press juice – The fruit and vegetable juices from Dutch Bros’ juice bar contain natural sugars but no added sweeteners.

– Lemonade – Traditionally lemonade is made with just lemon juice, water, and sweetener. Asking forunsweetened lemonade results in a sugar-free drink.

– Iced tea – Freshly brewed iced tea can be ordered without any sweeteners added.

Sticking to these basic, unsweetened beverage options allows customers to enjoy Dutch Bros’ quality drinks while reducing sugar content.

Dutch Bros “Skinny” Drinks

In addition to custom orders, Dutch Bros has a designated lineup of reduced sugar drinks called the “Skinny” menu. These are specialty coffee, tea, and energy drinks made with artificial sweeteners instead of regular syrups and sugars.

Some examples of Dutch Bros Skinny drinks include:

– Skinny Rebel – Energy drink with sugar-free flavors and Splenda sweetener

– Skinny B-12 Smoothie – Made with nonfat milk, light yogurt, and Splenda

– Skinny White Mocha – Espresso and nonfat milk with sugar-free white chocolate sauce

– Skinny Caramel Latte – Sugar-free caramel syrup and nonfat milk

– Skinny Vanilla Chai Tea – Sugar-free vanilla and chai concentrate

The skinny flavors used are lower calorie, but keep in mind that artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose may still contain trace carbs or cause blood sugar spikes for some people. Anyone on a ketogenic or very strict low-carb diet would still want to minimize intake.

Also note that the non-fat dairy used in skinny drinks still contributes some natural milk sugars in the form of lactose. But the Skinny menu items have around 1/4th the sugar content of their full-sugar counterparts.

Sugar-Free Syrups

One of the best ways to reduce sugar in any Dutch Bros drink is to use their line of sugar-free syrup flavors. These allow you to customize your favorite coffee or tea with flavor while avoiding added sugars:

– Sugar-free caramel
– Sugar-free white chocolate
– Sugar-free vanilla
– Sugar-free hazelnut
– Sugar-free cinnamon dolce
– Sugar-free peppermint
– And more…

The flavors varieties will vary by location. Simply request any coffee, tea, or energy drink made with sugar-free syrup rather than the standard sugary versions. This tip works for both hot and iced beverages.

You can further reduce natural milk sugars by requesting non-dairy milk alternatives like almond or coconut milk.

Sugar-Free Sweeteners

In addition to skinny syrups, Dutch Bros provides several no-calorie natural and artificial sweetener options:

– Splenda (sucralose)
– Stevia extract
– Splenda Naturals stevia blend
– Monk fruit extract
– Aspartame (Equal)
– Sugar-free vanilla powder
– Sugar-free cinnamon powder

Request any of the above in place of white sugar to lightly sweeten your drink without the added carbohydrates and calories. Keep in mind that artificial sweeteners may still cause blood sugar reactions in sensitive individuals.

Tips for Ordering Sugar-Free at Dutch Bros

Making special orders and substitutions is easy at Dutch Bros. Their employees are used to accommodating customized requests. Here are some tips for ordering sugar-free:

– Request drinks made with sugar-free syrups rather than full sugar versions
– Ask for additional pumps or shots of sugar free flavors to increase taste
– Get drinks unsweetened or ask for sugar-free sweetener on the side
– Substitute non-dairy milk for reduced lactose sugars
– For teas, ask for no liquid cane sugar added
– Try the Skinny drink menu, with stevia sweetened options
– Avoid creamers, toppings, and whipped creams that may contain hidden sugars
– Double check labels and nutrition info online if you have diet restrictions
– Dutch Bros app shows carb counts for reference, but some discrepancies exist

With some simple custom orders, you can enjoy delicious Dutch Bros drinks that align with a no sugar or low sugar diet. Their baristas are happy to provide recommendations and make modifications to standard menu items.

Mobile Ordering

Dutch Bros offers mobile ordering on their website and app which provides an easy way to order customized sugar-free drinks for pickup. You can select your location, choose your favorite drink, and add sugar-free instructions in the order comments section.

Some examples of sugar-free mobile orders:

– Cold brew with 2 pumps sugar-free vanilla
– Rebel energy drink with sugar-free white chocolate
– Iced coffee with almond milk and stevia
– Skinny caramel latte
– Passion tea lemonade, unsweetened

You can take as much time as you need to fully customize your drink. Then swing by to pick it up without having to explain special instructions at the drive-thru window.

Mobile ordering also allows you to save your previous sugar-free orders for quick reordering. And if you have any issues, you can easily contact support to get help or request a remake.

Sugar-Free Food Options

While best known for drinks, Dutch Bros does offer some lighter food choices suitable for low-carb diets:

– Yogurt parfaits – made with unsweetened vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit

– Oatmeal – can be prepared with water instead of milk and minimal toppings

– Breakfast sandwiches – order without biscuit or English muffin for lower carb option

– Sausage or bacon breakfast burritos – in a low-carb wrap without sugary sauces

– Avocado toast – contains natural sugars from sourdough bread which can be minimized

– Veggie bites – oven roasted veggies make a fast food side with 4g net carbs

– Grilled chicken breasts – 4oz contains 0g carbs

The Dutch Bros food menu changes regularly based on availability and season. In general, savory whole food options like eggs, sausage, and grilled chicken tend to be lower in carbs than sweeter bakery items.

Keto and Low Carb Options

For those on a ketogenic or very low carb diet, options will be more limited at Dutch Bros. Some of the lowest carb choices include:

– Black coffee or Americano – Sugar free with minimum heavy cream
– Cold brew or nitro cold brew – No sweeteners or milk added
– Rebel energy drink – Made with sugar-free flavors and almond milk
– Green or black iced tea – Unsweetened
– Cold press juice – Contains natural sugars but watch carb counts
– Power Chicken Plate – Grilled chicken breast and side salad

Avoid all syrups, non-dairy milks besides almond milk, and bakery items on a keto diet. Also be aware that trace carbs can be present in some sugar-free flavors, so limit quantity.

Does Dutch Bros have sugar-free cookies or treats?

Unfortunately, Dutch Bros does not offer any completely sugar-free baked goods or desserts at this time. All of their cookies, brownies, muffins, and other sweets are made with sugar.

However, there are a few ways you can minimize sugar content from their baked treats:

– Order treats warmed rather than with ice cream – avoids added sugar from ice cream toppings

– Ask for treats to be served in smaller portions – allows you to control carb quantity

– Opt for treats made with relatively lower sugar ingredients when possible – for example, almond poppyseed muffins over cinnamon rolls

– Pair treats with a sugar-free drink like black coffee to balance carb impact

– Enjoy treats occasionally in small amounts, but don’t make them an everyday habit

While Dutch Bros doesn’t have any dessert offerings suitable for keto or low glycemic diets, their baked goods can be strategically incorporated into a moderate low sugar eating plan. Just control portions and enjoy as an occasional indulgence.

Sugar-Free Keto Menu Suggestions for Dutch Bros

Here are some examples of low-carb, sugar-free Dutch Bros orders suitable for a ketogenic diet:


– Cold brew coffee with heavy cream
– Rebels energy drink with sugar-free white chocolate and almond milk
– Iced tea, unsweetened
– Cold press celery juice (no fruit added)


– Bacon breakfast burrito in a low-carb wrap
– Power chicken plate with grilled breast and side salad
– Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich (hold biscuit)


– 10 almonds
– Single serve pack of olives
– Celery sticks with nut butter

Dessert Option

– Small portion almond brownie warmed up (8g net carbs)

The key is sticking to non-sweetened beverages, lighter savory foods, high-fat snacks, and minimizing carbs from add-ons like dairy and baked treats. This allows you to stay low-sugar while enjoying the convenience of Dutch Bros’ locations.

Accommodating Diabetic and Low Sugar Diets

Dutch Bros is a good option for those with diabetic concerns or who are closely monitoring sugar intake for health reasons. Some tips include:

– Ask baristas to remake your drink if it seems excessively sweet
– Customize orders with sugar-free syrups and unsweetened preparation
– Substitute alternative milks like almond milk to reduce carb counts
– Verify carb content of menu items online or ask baristas for estimates
– Time insulin dosage appropriately based on estimated carbs and sugars consumed
– Bring your own car-friendly sugar-free snacks to pair with your drink
– When in doubt, opt for simpler plain coffee or tea drinks made without any sweeteners

Consuming Dutch Bros beverages paired with snacks can help maintain steady blood sugar levels. Their staff is welcoming of special requests for health needs, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Popular Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Orders

Here are some examples of commonly ordered Dutch Bros drinks customized to be sugar-free:

– Rebel energy drink with sugar-free white chocolate and almond milk
– Cold brew with 2 pumps sugar-free hazelnut
– Nitro cold brew with no sweetener
– Iced vanilla latte with sugar-free vanilla and almond milk
– Passion tea lemonade, unsweetened
– Americano with stevia and heavy cream
– Skinny caramel latte
– Hot coffee with sugar-free caramel and coconut milk
– Green tea lemonade, unsweetened
– Iced coffee with sugar-free cinnamon
– Skinny vanilla chai tea

Don’t forget to hold the whipped cream on blended and iced drinks to avoid extra sugars. Pair your favorite treat or bakery item with a sugar-free drink balance things out.

Is Dutch Bros or Starbucks Better for Low Sugar?

Both Dutch Bros and Starbucks offer sugar-free drink customization options. However, Dutch Bros has some perks when it comes to low sugar menu accommodations:

– More sugar-free syrup flavors available – Starbucks has reduced their SF syrup line
– Can request adding extra pumps of SF flavors for more taste
– Skinny drinks menu provides low-sugar specialty options
– Mobile ordering allows you to save custom SF drink orders
– Employees used to modifying orders to customer taste preferences
– Smaller shop format allows staff to focus on drink customization
– completes this article.

So while Starbucks certainly provides sugar-free options, Dutch Bros gives greater flexibility in tweaking standard menu items into low sugar versions. Their baristas excel at personalizing drinks to customer requests.


While a good portion of Dutch Bros’ indulgent drink menu is packed with added sugars, there are still many ways to enjoy their quality coffee and tea while reducing or eliminating sugar content. Simple modifications like using sugar-free flavorings and unsweetened preparations provide lower sugar options for health-conscious customers. Their specialty Skinny drink line offers additional choices sweetened with artificial sweeteners instead.

By learning how to customize standard Dutch Bros items into low sugar or completely sugar-free versions, any customer can satisfy their craving for these popular specialty drinks while staying diet-friendly. Their fast service model and mobile ordering abilities make it easy to repeat customized orders tailored to your dietary needs.

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