Does bad Omen stay if you die?

In Minecraft, the Bad Omen effect is an effect that causes a raid to occur when entering a village. This effect is obtained when killing an illager captain, such as a pillager captain. Many players have questions about what happens if you have the Bad Omen effect and die. Specifically, does the Bad Omen effect stay on you if you die before triggering a raid?

Quick Answers

– Yes, the Bad Omen effect stays on you even if you die before triggering a raid by entering a village.
– Dying does not remove the Bad Omen effect. You keep it until you trigger a raid or drink milk to clear it.
– The only ways to get rid of Bad Omen are triggering a raid, drinking milk, or waiting for it to expire after one hour.

What Causes Bad Omen

The Bad Omen effect is caused by killing an illager captain. Specifically, killing a:

  • Pillager captain
  • Vindicator captain
  • Evoker captain

These special illager mobs spawn occasionally when an illager patrol spawns. The captain will have a banner on its head to identify it. If you kill the captain, you will see the Bad Omen effect appear on the screen and the status effect will be applied.

Bad Omen will stack for each captain you kill without triggering a raid. For example, if you kill 2 captains, you will have Bad Omen II. The level of the effect determines the size and difficulty of the raid.

Other Ways to Get Bad Omen

In addition to killing illager captains, there are a couple other ways to obtain Bad Omen:

  • Drinking a Potion of Bad Omen
  • Being killed by an evoker while wearing the Totem of Undying

However, these are not common ways that players acquire the effect in regular survival gameplay. Killing the illager captains is the most common trigger.

What Happens When You Have Bad Omen

Once you have the Bad Omen effect, the next time you enter a village, a raid will be triggered. Raids are waves of illager mobs that spawn and attack the village.

Here’s a quick overview of what happens when a raid is triggered by Bad Omen:

  • A boss bar appears at the top of the screen to represent the raid.
  • Illagers begin spawning in waves near the village.
  • You have to kill the raid captain in each wave to advance to the next wave.
  • Pillagers, vindicators, evokers, ravagers, and witches can spawn in during the raid.
  • Villagers may be killed during the raid.
  • Once all waves are completed, you will get the Hero of the Village effect.

The Bad Omen effect essentially forces you to defend the village you enter. The raid will keep spawning illagers until you defeat it.

Raid Size

The level of your Bad Omen effect determines the size and difficulty of the raid.

Bad Omen I will trigger a small raid of around 3 waves. Bad Omen V will trigger a massive raid with over 6 waves and very difficult illagers.

Higher level Bad Omen is great for experienced players looking for a challenge! But it can quickly overwhelm new players.

Does Bad Omen Stay After Death?

Now that we’ve covered what Bad Omen does and how you get it, let’s get into the main question – does Bad Omen stay if you die?

The short answer is yes, the Bad Omen effect stays on you even if you die before triggering a raid by entering a village.

Here are some key points on how death interacts with Bad Omen:

  • Dying does not remove the Bad Omen effect. It persists through death.
  • You respawn with the same level Bad Omen you had when you died.
  • The timer on the effect does not reset. The hour countdown continues.
  • You keep the effect until you trigger a raid, drink milk, or the timer expires.

So in summary, death does not get rid of Bad Omen in any way. The effect sticks with you exactly as it was when you died.

Example Situation

Here is an example situation to illustrate this:

  • You kill 2 pillager captains and gain Bad Omen II.
  • On your way to a village, you fall in lava and die.
  • You respawn back at your bed. You still have Bad Omen II.
  • You walk to a village and trigger a raid, using up the Bad Omen II.

As you can see, dying had no impact on the Bad Omen effect. It persisted through death until used on a raid.

Clearing Bad Omen

While dying does not clear Bad Omen, there are a few ways you can intentionally remove the effect:

Trigger a Raid

By traveling into a village with Bad Omen, you trigger a raid which uses up the effect. This removes your Bad Omen.

However, it also makes you fight a difficult raid! So make sure you are prepared before going this route.

Drink Milk

Drinking a bucket of milk clears all status effects, including Bad Omen.

This is the easiest way to get rid of Bad Omen without having to fight a raid. Simply drink some milk and the effect will disappear immediately.

Wait for It to Expire

If you do not trigger a raid or drink milk, the Bad Omen effect will expire and disappear after 1 hour in real world time.

So you can simply avoid villages, wait an hour, and the effect will go away on its own.

This is useful if you want to keep the effect but not trigger a raid right away.

Why Does Death Not Remove It?

You might be wondering, from a design perspective, why does death not get rid of Bad Omen? Why did the developers make it persist through death?

There are a few potential reasons:

  • It prevents exploiting the system by dying intentionally.
  • Dying is not a proper “price” to pay to remove Bad Omen.
  • It makes the choice of getting Bad Omen more deliberate.
  • It keeps the world states consistent and predictable.

If death removed Bad Omen, players could intentionally die to get rid of it without triggering a raid. That would undermine the purpose of the game mechanic.

Forcing players to intentionally clear it either by raid, milk, or waiting encourages more thoughtful gameplay. You have to really want the effect and deal with the consequences.

Overall, having persistence through death seems to be a smart design choice for this particular status effect and the raid mechanic it triggers. It makes Bad Omen work as intended.

Uses for Keeping Bad Omen After Death

Now that we know death does not clear Bad Omen, you may be wondering – what are some reasons you would actually want to keep the effect, even after dying?

Here are some potential uses for persisting Bad Omen through death:

Stockpiling for Difficult Raids

You can intentionally kill multiple illager captains to stockpile a high level of Bad Omen. This allows you to trigger very difficult raids in the future.

Even if you die before triggering the raid, you won’t lose the stockpiled Bad Omen – allowing you to still have a deadly raid prepared.

Delaying a Raid

If you get Bad Omen but don’t want to trigger the raid yet, dying will essentially “pause” the effect until you want to use it.

Whenever you decide to trigger the raid, the same level of Bad Omen will still be there even if you died earlier.

Long Journey to Village

If you get Bad Omen far away from your village, you can die during the long trip home without worrying about losing it.

Even if you die multiple times on the way to your village, you can still bring the Omen with you.

Accidental Deaths

Dying accidentally, like falling in lava, won’t rob you of your hard-earned Bad Omen before you can use it.

The effect persists through unintentional deaths so you don’t lose it to a careless mistake.


In summary, the Bad Omen effect does persist even if you die before triggering a raid using it.

Dying does not remove or reduce your level of Bad Omen. The effect remains on you exactly as it was when you died.

To get rid of Bad Omen, you need to intentionally clear it either by activating a raid in a village, drinking milk, or waiting for it to expire.

Knowing that death does not affect Bad Omen allows you to stockpile the effect, delay raids, keep it through long journeys, and avoid losing it to accidental deaths.

Overall, the persistence through death seems like an intentional design choice to make acquiring Bad Omen more deliberate and meaningful. Use this knowledge to your advantage on your next Minecraft server!

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