Does 888 mean money?

The numbers 888 are considered by some to be a sign of approaching wealth and good fortune when it comes to money. But where does this belief come from and is there any truth to the idea that 888 is a lucky number sequence, especially when it comes to finances?

The Meaning of Number 8

In numerology, the number 8 is often associated with abundance, success, and money. This is because the shape of 8 is similar to the infinity symbol, suggesting the infinite possibilities or constant flow of money and wealth. Some key points about the meaning of 8:

  • The number 8 represents building, solidity, hard work and practical values.
  • It is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture, associated with prosperity.
  • August is the 8th month and seen as a month for reaping rewards from previous efforts.
  • The 8th day of the Chinese New Year is called the “Day of Getting Rich.”

So the number 8 on its own is already connected to money and success. When it appears in triplicate, 888, that amplifies and strengthens the vibrations and energies associated with wealth and abundance.

The Significance of 888

Here are some of the key reasons why 888 is considered fortunate, especially for finances:

  • Triple numbers are considered sacred across different cultures and faiths.
  • In Christianity, the number 8 represents rebirth and resurrection. The repetition of this holy number makes it more sacred.
  • In Chinese tradition, triples of lucky numbers like 888 are very auspicious and symbolic of increased luck.
  • It has 24 total digits which in numerology represents abundance streaming in from all directions.
  • The number 8 represents wealth, and when tripled, it signifies the expansion of riches.
  • 888 is symbolic of flowing cash and finances that constantly cycle in cycles of growth and gain.

So in summary, 888 is widely considered to be an indicator of wealth, prosperity and financial success due to its connection with the powerful number 8 and the amplification of its vibrations when tripled.

888 in Numerology

Numerology is a mystical system that assigns meaning to different numbers and number sequences. In numerology, the number 8 is ruled by the planet Saturn and associated with the spiritual journey towards enlightenment, hard work, ambition, business, organization and authority.

When it comes to money and finances, the vibrations of the number 8 attract wealth and abundance. It represents wealth that comes through individual efforts and talents. Here are some key points on 888 in numerology:

  • It indicates money coming from established businesses or careers.
  • The number sequence 888 suggests finances and success resulting from diligence, organization and using authority wisely.
  • It signifies wealth attained through learning experiences and cultivating personal abilities.
  • The number 8 relates to large institutions, big business, international commerce and global interests.
  • If 888 appears frequently it may be a nudge from the universe to pursue or develop a prosperous business or financial venture.

So in numerology, 888 is a sign of potential prosperity and monetary gain coming through applying personal talents. It is a lucky sequence, especially for money.

Examples of 888 Bringing Money and Luck

Here are some real-life examples of 888 bringing wealth, winning, and financial luck:

  • In 2003, a Greek truck driver won €888,888 in a lottery after seeing the number sequence 888 repeatedly.
  • A Texas man won a $888,888 bingo jackpot in Las Vegas in 2020 after praying for prosperity.
  • A Chinese man believed 888 would bring luck and purchased 888,888 shares winning $7.2 million in a 2008 IPO.
  • The number 888 occurring in business addresses is thought to attract money. Elite corporate addresses include 888 7th Ave and 888 Brickell in Miami.
  • On 08/08/08, hundreds of thousands of Chinese couples married, believing 888 would bless their unions with fortune.
  • A woman found $888 in cash in a balloon at a surprise party on 8/08/08 after making wishes for money.

These real-life stories show how 888 can signify approaching wealth, winnings and new prosperity in people’s lives. Seeing repeating 888s may be a sign from the universe of financial blessings and abundance coming your way soon.

888 Angel Number Meaning

Angel numbers are number sequences with divine guidance and meaning for people who encounter them. 888 is an angel number that relates strongly to money and financial abundance.

Here are some key points on the 888 angel number:

  • It signifies money and prosperity will soon flow.
  • It encourages you to maintain a positive attitude and gratitude to align with new blessings.
  • The number sequence 888 is encouragement from angels that financial reward is coming.
  • It suggests unexpected income, a windfall, jackpot, or financial gain is on the horizon.
  • Seeing 888 repeatedly means you are on the right path towards abundance and to keep pursuing your dreams.
  • The number 888 is confirmation from the divine to stay confident as fortunes unfold.

So if you keep seeing the angel number 888 in your life, it most likely means a wealth of money, prosperity and financial stability is heading your way as long as you think positively.

888 Meaning in Tarot and Astrology

Beyond numerology and angel numbers, other mystical traditions also associate 888 with good fortune, blessings and wealth:

Tarot – In the Major Arcana of the tarot, the 8th card is Strength which represents perseverance, courage and focus to master the challenges of life. When the Strength card is multiplied in the sequence 888 it signals well-deserved rewards and prosperity are coming your way.

Astrology – The planet Jupiter is associated with luck, expansion and generosity. The number 888 reflects Jupiter’s positive influence tripled. In astrology charts, the planet Jupiter in the 8th house is considered an extremely lucky placement bringing unexpected windfalls.

Chinese Zodiac – The dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac and represents power and prosperity. Those born in dragon years (for example, 1928, 1940, 1952) are thought to be especially fortunate when it comes to money.

Chinese Astrology – The number 8 is the most auspicious number in Chinese astrology and symbolizes good fortune. 888 is an especially lucky sequence promising continuous fortune and abundance.

So across tarot, astrology and other esoteric fields, 888 is seen as an omen of financial rewards and luck coming your way.

Should You Play 888 For Luck?

If you keep seeing the number sequence 888, you may be wondering if you should actively use it for luck in games of chance and gambling:

– Buying lottery tickets ending in 888 or containing the number sequence 888 may work for some people, but there is no guarantee of winning with any particular numbers.

– There is no science or rational logic behind 888 bringing gambling wins. Any wins associated with 888 come down to random luck and chance.

– You should only gamble responsibly for fun, not out of expectation to win money based on certain numbers. Pursuing large wins can lead to trouble with addiction.

– Rather than relying on 888 exclusively for gambling luck, see it more as a general sign your financial situation is about to improve.

So 888 can be seen as a propitious sign of prosperity but should not be taken as a definite sign you will win money playing the lottery or at the casino. Take 888 as encouragement but don’t pursue gambling solely based on number sequences.

888 Meaning in Business and Careers

Beyond gambling and games of chance, the number 888 can also be lucky in business, career and other money pursuits:

– Setting business or financial goals connected to the number 888 (like $888 in sales) can be motivating and self-fulfilling. The number sequence energizes you towards success.

– Addresses or phone numbers containing 888 are lucky for businesses, allowing them to tap into the number’s energies to attract wealth.

– 888 can boost confidence during negotiations, business deals and high-pressure money matters. It’s a reminder of your skills to achieve success.

– Making important requests for promotions, raises or funding on the 8th day of the month may give that extra luck and advantage.

– Seeing 888 can be a nudge to take smart risks and push forward boldly in your career or business to reap rewards.

In business and career, 888 is lucky by boosting your motivation, courage and self-belief. It’s a reminder that success and money are well within your grasp.

Should You Manifest 888?

Manifesting is the practice of focusing your thoughts and emotions to attract something specific into your life. Due to the mystical qualities of 888, some people believe you can manifest money and financial luck by concentrating on this number sequence. Here are some points around manifesting 888:

– Visualizing 888 and saying positive affirmations drawing this number sequence into your life helps align your energy field with prosperity and abundance.

– Meditating on 888 and imagining wealth flooding in can help program the subconscious mind to support your financial goals.

– Writing down 888 on a note, vision board or in a journal reinforces the number’s vibrations of money and success into your everyday reality.

– Speak into existence rewards connected to 888, like “$888 in commissions” or “888 new clients” to manifest business prosperity.

– Express gratitude whenever 888 appears, thanking the universe for wealth coming your way.

If you strongly believe in 888 as a sign of fortune, intentionally manifesting it can help attract more financial luck into your life. Expect to also put in consistent hard work to achieve your goals.

Is 888 Really Lucky For Money?

No numbers or number sequences have any inherent power in and of themselves. The luck and good fortune associated with 888 come down to the following:

  • Your personal belief in 888 as a sign of blessings.
  • Confirmation bias – noticing evidence supporting 888 as lucky.
  • Random coincidence when fortunes arise relating to 888.
  • The motivation and confidence 888 provides to achieve success.
  • Programming your mind with positive affirmations drawing wealth.
  • Gratitude for abundance rather than scarcity attracts prosperity.

So it is your attitudes and energy surrounding 888 that give it potency to attract money and financial luck. With belief, intentional focus and positive thinking, the number sequence can help open you up to receive wealth and abundance.

Skepticism Around 888 and Money Luck

While many believe strongly in 888 attracting money, others approach this idea with skepticism:

  • They consider any financial luck tied to 888 as purely coincidental and not caused by the number sequence.
  • Some think believing in lucky numbers is irrational, a form of magical thinking or confirmation bias.
  • From a mathematical perspective, 888 has no better chance of winning than any other number sequence.
  • Skeptics view the cultural myths around 888 bringing wealth as unfounded superstition.
  • They warn against gambling solely based on 888, seeing it more likely to cause losses than constant wins.
  • Some argue beliefs in lucky numbers are distracting and lead people away from taking real constructive actions.

For skeptics, while 888 may be inspiring, it does not literally cause increased wealth and should not replace rational, pragmatic financial decision-making.

888 For Attracting Money Into Your Life

If you want to work with 888 to attract prosperity, here are some practical tips:

  • Write down 888 and your monetary goals in a notebook to crystallize intentions.
  • Visualize 888 and the money you desire flowing into your life.
  • Say positive affirmations for abundance using 888 to reprogram your subconscious.
  • Use 888 as part of specific financial goals like saving $888 per month.
  • Look for opportunities during cycles of 8 – like launching on the 8th day.
  • Give thanks and have gratitude when you notice 888 and signs of prosperity.
  • Believe in your own skills, talents and worth – 888 can boost that confidence.

Taking these actions builds positive energy around 888 to attract wealth while also motivating real-world financial improvements.


In summary, there are many layered mystical and spiritual meanings behind why 888 is considered a lucky number, especially for finances and money. But most importantly, if you believe in the phenomenon of 888 bringing you wealth and give it significance in your life, then it is more likely to have a real positive impact. Allow the recurring number sequence 888 to empower your financial goals and ambitions. When you see 888, take it as encouragement from the universe that prosperity will flow in due time.

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