Do I need Feliway in every room?

Feliway is a synthetic pheromone product designed to help relieve stress in cats. It mimics the feline facial pheromone cats use to mark places and objects as safe and secure. Feliway comes in a few different forms – plug-in diffusers, sprays, and wipes – and can be useful in many situations. But do you need Feliway in every room of your home?

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers to common questions about using Feliway in multiple rooms:

  • Feliway diffusers are designed to cover an area up to 700 square feet. So for a larger home, you’ll likely need more than one.
  • It’s recommended to use Feliway in rooms where your cat spends the most time, like bedrooms, family rooms, etc.
  • Use Feliway in high-stress areas for your cat, like near litter boxes or windows they look out of.
  • You don’t necessarily need Feliway in seldom-used rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.
  • Use the Feliway spray or wipes to cover extra rooms as needed when introducing cats or for travelling.
  • Consider using Feliway in multiple rooms if your cat has moderate to severe anxiety issues.
  • For multi-cat households, use Feliway in rooms where cats interact and compete for resources.

How Feliway Works

To understand where and how much Feliway you need, it helps to know how the product works. Feliway contains a synthetic version of the feline facial pheromone. When cats feel relaxed and secure in their environment, they rub their face on objects to deposit this comforting pheromone. The synthetic pheromone in Feliway is designed to replicate this effect.

Feliway diffusers and sprays continually release the synthetic pheromone into the air. As your cat detects the pheromone, it provides a sense of familiarity and security. This helps naturally relax cats and curb reactions like anxiety, stress, unwanted behaviors, aggression, and more.

Each Feliway diffuser covers an area up to 700 square feet. The pheromones disperse through the room to have an effect on cats in that open area. Feliway sprays can be used for targeted application on objects. The pheromones dissipate over time and the products must be reapplied regularly.

Should You Use Feliway in Every Room?

Because the Feliway diffusers are only designed to cover 700 square feet, you generally do not need them in every single room of a large home. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which rooms to use Feliway in:

  • Size of home – For a small apartment, one diffuser may be sufficient. In a larger multi-room house, you’ll likely need more than one.
  • High traffic rooms – Use Feliway in commonly used spaces where your cat spends a lot of time, like bedrooms, living rooms, etc.
  • High stress rooms – Spray or wipe down specific objects in high stress areas like litter boxes, kennels, or windows cats look out of.
  • Seldom used rooms – Feliway is not as necessary in bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms and other spaces the cat rarely occupies.

Ideally, you should use Feliway in any room that your cat frequents and seems stressed in. Observe your cat’s behaviors and reactions throughout your home to determine the best locations for the Feliway products.

Tips for Multi-Cat Households

For homes with multiple cats, strategically using Feliway in select rooms can be helpful. Here are some tips:

  • Use Feliway near resources cats have to compete for like food bowls, litter boxes, beds, etc. to help prevent tension.
  • Place Feliway diffusers in rooms where all the cats regularly interact and need to get along harmoniously.
  • Target Feliway on vertical objects like doorways, walls and furniture that cats rub up against to mark territory.
  • Use Feliway in areas with introductions like when bringing a new cat home or integrating cats.
  • Spray carriers, crates and cars with Feliway for vet visits or trips to reduce stress for all cats.

Observing locations in your home with frequent territory disputes, aggression, unwanted behaviors, or uneasiness between cats can also help inform ideal spots for Feliway.

Options for Expanding Feliway Coverage

If your multi-room home requires more Feliway than the diffusers can cover, there are a few options for expanding coverage:

  • Use multiple diffusers – Add diffusers in more rooms your cat spends time in based on size of space.
  • Try the spray – Use the Feliway spray to supplement diffused pheromones in extra rooms.
  • Wipe down objects – Wipe specific items like cat condos, scratching posts, carriers etc. to target mark areas.
  • Automatic dispensers – Consider an automated dispenser to periodically spray larger homes.

You can also rotate diffusers locations every few months to cover more ground. And always remember to replace diffuser cartridges every 4-6 weeks when they run out.

Signs Your Cat May Benefit from More Feliway

Cats who exhibit anxious behaviors or don’t seem comforted by existing Feliway products can benefit from an expanded coverage. Here are some signs your cat may need Feliway in additional rooms:

  • Roaming and vocalizing excessively
  • Seeking hiding spots or confined enclosed spaces
  • Urinating or spraying outside the litter box
  • Excessive grooming leading to hair loss or skin irritation
  • Aggression between cats like swatting or chasing
  • Destructive behaviors like scratching furniture
  • Lethargy, irritability, or loss of appetite
  • Hiding or seeming fearful and uneasy

If you notice your cat displaying stress-related behaviors or acting anxious, try using Feliway in more of your cat’s common areas and see if their demeanor improves.

Downsides of Overusing Feliway

While Feliway is designed to be safe for cats, overusing the products probably won’t provide added benefits. Here are some potential downsides of using too many Feliway diffusers or over-applying the sprays and wipes:

  • Wasting money without additional effectiveness
  • Overwhelming your cat with too much synthetic pheromone
  • Numbing your cat to the effects instead of calming
  • Causing anxiety or stress from the overabundance
  • Potential reactions in some sensitive cats like lethargy or appetite changes

Start with a minimal effective amount of Feliway and only expand coverage if your cat indicates they need more support.

The Takeaway

Here are some key tips to determine if and where you need Feliway in multiple rooms of your home:

  • One diffuser covers 700 square feet. More are needed in larger homes with multiple rooms.
  • Prioritize using Feliway in rooms your cat spends the most time in.
  • Target high stress areas like litter boxes, windows, cat carriers, etc.
  • Use Feliway where cats compete for resources in multi-cat households.
  • Look for signs of stress in your cat like hiding, aggressiveness, vocalizing, etc. to identify more areas for Feliway.
  • Avoid overusing Feliway. Start with less and add more if needed.

Observing your cat’s behaviors and areas of uneasiness in your home will help inform where Feliway is needed most. Strategically placing Feliway diffusers, sprays, and wipes can efficiently maximize the calming effects for cats in environments causing distress.

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