Do girls come back after breakup?

Breakups can be extremely painful and challenging experiences. When a relationship that was once filled with love ends, it often leaves people wondering if their ex will come back into their lives. This is especially common when one partner initiates the breakup unexpectedly. The person who was broken up with is often left confused, hurt and longing for their ex to return.

If you’re a guy who was recently dumped by your girlfriend, you may be asking yourself: do girls come back after a breakup? The short answer is – sometimes they do. However, there are many variables that influence whether an ex-girlfriend will come back after ending the relationship.

Why Do Some Girls Come Back After A Breakup?

There are a few key reasons why some women decide they want their ex-boyfriend back after splitting up:

  • They miss the comfort and companionship of the relationship
  • They realize the grass isn’t greener and dating other people isn’t what they expected
  • They have lingering feelings and regret ending the relationship
  • The rebound relationship fails or doesn’t work out
  • They feel lonely, nostalgic and reminisce about the good times
  • They learn new things about themselves and grow as a person

Essentially, some girls come back after a breakup because they experience ‘buyer’s remorse’ and realize they made a mistake. The prospect of you moving on also sometimes makes an ex come back looking to rekindle things.

How Common Is It For An Ex-Girlfriend To Come Back?

There aren’t precise statistics on what percentage of ex-girlfriends return after a breakup. However, experts estimate anywhere between 10-45% of couples reconcile after splitting up. Some other key statistics on exes reuniting include:

  • On average, most couples get back together within 4-6 weeks after the breakup
  • Younger couples have a higher chance of reconciling than older couples
  • Couples married over 10 years are more likely to reconnect than those married a shorter time
  • If the relationship lasted less than 6 months, there’s a lower chance she’ll come back
  • Up to 75% of college students get back together with an ex at some point

So while the odds may not be in your favor, there is still a real possibility your ex-girlfriend could have a change of heart if the circumstances are right.

Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You Back

If you are hoping your ex comes back, you are probably looking for any little sign that she’s having second thoughts. Here are some subtle and not so subtle signs that your ex-girlfriend wants you back:

  • She reaches out to you first via text, social media or in person
  • Her posts seem directed at you or she posts old photos of you together
  • Mutual friends say she’s been asking about you
  • She likes or comments on your posts and pictures more than usual
  • She asks to meet up for closure or to talk
  • She reminisces about your relationship or brings up old memories
  • Her social media says she’s single again after a rebound
  • She sends you sentimental gifts or notes
  • She gets jealous when you’re with other girls

While not guaranteed, these can be clues your ex wants a second chance and is testing the waters. But actions speak louder than words. Has she been making an effort to see you more and rebuild the connection?

How To Increase The Chances Your Ex Will Come Back

If you are hoping for a reunion, there are some helpful tips on how to maximize the chances your ex will come back after a breakup:

  1. Give her space and don’t beg her to take you back
  2. Work on improving yourself and keep busy with your own life
  3. Avoid badmouthing her or trying to make her jealous
  4. Post positive and upbeat content on social media
  5. Wait for her to reach out to you first after initial no contact
  6. Remind her of good times when you reconnect as friends
  7. Rekindle rapport by doing activities you enjoyed together
  8. Let her see you dating other women if it happens
  9. Create opportunities for her to miss you but don’t be intentionally distant
  10. Be the positive and confident person she fell for in the first place

The key is staying strong, not chasing her but focusing on yourself. If it’s meant to be, she’ll come around when she sees you have your life together and have maintained your independence.

How To Make It Work If She Comes Back

If your ex-girlfriend does come back wanting to reconcile, it can feel like an exciting second chance. But before jumping back into a relationship with her, consider these tips:

  • Discuss the issues that led to the breakup and how to resolve them
  • Take things slow and rebuild intimacy, trust and connection
  • Map out mutual goals and be committed to personal growth
  • Seek counseling or relationship coaching if problems persist
  • Learn better communication skills and conflict resolution
  • Establish boundaries to prevent controlling behavior
  • Show her you’ve made positive changes during the time apart
  • Forgive each other for past hurts but don’t forget
  • Create new relationship habits and memories together

Getting back together with an ex requires effort, compromise and maturity from both partners. If you both are willing to work through the issues and put in the effort, your relationship can be even stronger than before.

Table: Strategies to Reconnect With Your Ex-Girlfriend

Strategy How It Helps
Give her space Allows her time to gain perspective and miss you
Stay active and social Prevents you from feeling needy; shows her you have a life
Focus on self-growth Improves your confidence and independence
Let her reach out first Shows you respect her decision and aren’t desperate
Being positive on social media Paints you in an attractive light and keeps her interested
Reflect on the good times Reminds her of your connection if you reconcile as friends
Revisit meaningful places & activities Sparks nostalgia for your bond and history together

Is It A Good Idea To Get Back Together With An Ex?

If you have the opportunity to reconcile with an ex-girlfriend, it raises the question – should you? There are pros and cons to consider if she wants you back:

Potential Pros

  • Rekindles your strong feelings and passion for each other
  • A chance to correct past mistakes and start fresh
  • Already have established history, trust and intimacy
  • Know you’re compatible and have shared goals/values
  • Exciting to reignite the spark and fall in love again
  • Fulfills the fantasy of getting a lover back

Potential Cons

  • Have to re-navigate the same issues and differences
  • Risk of getting hurt again if it doesn’t work out
  • Constant doubt and trust issues
  • Friends and family may not approve getting back together
  • Feelings may have changed too much to reconnect
  • Doubts about why she originally broke up with you

Overall, every situation is different. If the relationship was healthy and you can communicate better, rekindling things with an ex can work. But if it was toxic or abusive, it may be wise to move on. Listen to your gut.

How Long Does It Take For An Ex To Come Back?

If you are waiting and wondering when or if your ex-girlfriend might come back, you’re probably feeling impatient. However, there is no set timeline – each scenario is unique. Here are some general timelines:

  • If it’s going to happen, most exes come back within 4-8 weeks
  • In rare cases, an ex may return months or even years later
  • Typically it won’t take longer than 6 months if reconciliation is possible
  • The longer you dated, the longer it may take for her to come back
  • If you were together a short time, she’ll likely come back faster
  • On average, 25% of exes rekindle things within 2 months

While you may want your ex-girlfriend to hurry up and make her choice, following these timelines ensures the best chance of success if you get back together. Avoid pressuring her to decide quickly before she’s ready. If it’s meant to be, she’ll let you know when the time is right in her own heart.


Breakups are always hard, especially when you want a girlfriend back who ended things. The reality is some girls do come back after ending a relationship, but others don’t. There’s no definitive way to MAKE an ex want you back. But by focusing on yourself, allowing space and patience, there’s a chance her feelings could shift over time. If both people are willing to work through issues, exes can reconnect in a new and improved relationship. However, it’s a case-by-case basis whether getting back with an ex is advisable or will succeed. Listen to your instincts and proceed cautiously to protect your heart. If it’s meant to be, you will reconcile when the timing is right for both of you.

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