Do Aria and Ezra get married?

Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz are two of the main characters in the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars. Their forbidden teacher-student relationship was a major storyline throughout the show’s seven seasons. Despite many ups and downs, ‘Ezria’ as they were nicknamed by fans, remained one of the most popular couples on the show. So do these star-crossed lovers finally get their happily ever after? Read on to find out.

Aria and Ezra’s relationship timeline

Aria and Ezra first met at a bar before the start of Aria’s junior year at Rosewood High. They immediately hit it off, not realizing Aria was underage or that Ezra was starting a new teaching job…as her English teacher! Despite knowing it was wrong, they began a secret relationship which was discovered in the first season finale. Their romance lasted on and off for years, surviving parental disapproval, an age gap, and recurring drama caused by A.

Some key moments in their relationship timeline:

  • They began dating in secret in Season 1
  • Their relationship was exposed in the Season 1 finale
  • They were broken up for much of Season 2
  • They got back together in Season 3
  • Ezra found out he had a son in Season 4
  • He lied about his knowledge of A to write a book in Season 4
  • They rekindled their romance again in Season 5
  • Ezra proposed in the series finale flash-forward

Despite the many obstacles, Ezra and Aria always found their way back to each other. Fans were heavily invested in their relationship from the start and wanted to see them end up together.

Do Ezra and Aria get engaged?

In the Season 4 finale, Ezra planned to propose to Aria but was shot and left for dead by A. This foiled his proposal plans.

Aria turned down two other marriage proposals later in the series – one from Ezra after Nicole was rescued in Season 7, and one from Liam in the series finale.

Ezra did eventually propose to Aria in the flash-forward scene during the Pretty Little Liars finale. In the sequence set one year in the future, Ezra proposes to Aria in the Rosewood High hallway where they first met. Aria happily accepts, showing they do get engaged down the line.

So while viewers didn’t get to see the actual proposal play out, the finale confirmed Ezra and Aria are engaged in the future.

Do Ezra and Aria actually get married?

Unfortunately, fans never got to see Aria and Ezra’s actual wedding during the run of Pretty Little Liars. The series finale flash-forward showed the couple engaged, but did not confirm if their wedding had happened yet within that one year time jump.

However, most fans assume the wedding did or will take place based on the final scene:

  • The episode was titled “Til Death Do Us Part” hinting at a future wedding
  • Aria accepted Ezra’s proposal in the flash-forward scene
  • The creators knew Ezria was the main romance fans cared about
  • Marlene King said the finale had some of what fans “hoped for”

So although there was no wedding scene shown, the showrunner’s comments and the flash-forward strongly imply Ezra and Aria did get married at some point after the finale. Most viewers choose to believe they had a beautiful wedding and lived happily ever after.

Evidence they get married

Here is some of the key evidence that Ezra and Aria do eventually get married:

  • Ezra proposed in the flash-forward and Aria said yes
  • The series finale was titled “Til Death Do Us Part” foreshadowing a marriage
  • The creators knew fans desperately wanted Ezria to be endgame
  • Marlene King said the finale had some things fans “hoped for” to happen
  • Aria turned down other proposals, signaling she was waiting for Ezra
  • The actors themselves have said they believe Ezria got married

While not outright confirmed, these clues heavily point to Ezra and Aria exchanging vows at some point after the events shown in the finale.

The proposal

The most telling evidence comes from the flash-forward scene itself. It showed Ezra proposing to Aria in the Rosewood hallway saying “Will you marry me?”. Aria responds “Yes” and kisses him. This strongly implies they do get married.

Finale title

The title of the finale “Til Death Do Us Part” is a phrase commonly used in wedding vows. This could be a major hint that Ezria did have a wedding.

Knowing the fans

Marlene King and the PLL writers knew Ezria was the most beloved couple for fans who desperately wanted to see them reach the altar. It’s likely they wanted to satisfy viewers by implying a future Ezria wedding.

Aria’s other proposals

Aria turning down proposals from Ezra and Liam shows she was holding out for something. Her acceptance of Ezra’s second proposal in the finale suggests she was waiting for him all along.

Actors’ comments

Lucy Hale and Ian Harding have both given interviews indicating their belief that their characters did get married down the line.

Counter Evidence

Despite the strong evidence implying an Ezria wedding, there are a few reasons some fans speculate they might not have actually gotten married:

  • A wedding was never actually shown on screen
  • Marlene King said the finale was “open-ended”
  • We don’t see them together in the last scene
  • Ezra and Aria have trust issues in their relationship

No wedding shown

The biggest counter argument is that a wedding was never actually depicted in the show. The flash-forward scene only showed Ezra proposing, not them at the altar.

Open-ended finale

Showrunner Marlene King described the finale as “open-ended” so some take that to mean Ezria’s fate was left up to interpretation.

Final scene

Ezra and Aria are not shown together in the final scene. Some think this suggests they didn’t work out.

Relationship issues

Ezra and Aria had major trust issues to work through, like Ezra’s book about Aria and involvement with A. Some feel they may have not been able to move past these betrayals.

However, most fans agree the evidence suggesting they eventually married is far stronger versus these minor counterpoints.


While Pretty Little Liars did not definitively answer whether Aria and Ezra get married, strong clues in the finale imply that they did likely end up exchanging vows at some point after the events shown on screen. The proposal scene, open-ended comments by the showrunner about giving fans what they want, and the future-looking title heavily indicate Ezria ends up together forever. Despite not seeing their actual wedding, most fans choose to believe Aria and Ezra got their happily ever after – even if there were a few bumps along the way! Their epic romance spanned the entire show and it’s rewarding to think they made it work in the end.

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