Do any humans win in Ragnarok?

No, humans do not ultimately win in Ragnarok, though they do play an important role. The catastrophic battle at the end of the Norse universe sees the gods, humans and giants fighting against one another.

During this battle, many characters die in the fray, including Odin, Thor, Heimdall, Freyr, and many of the giants. However, at the end of the story, two human survivors emerge from the battle named Lif and Lifthrasir.

These two humans are hidden by the gods until the world is healed and can be repopulated by humans. The two become ancestors of a new race of humans which eventually repopulate the world after Ragnarök.

In conclusion, no humans ultimately ‘win’ in Ragnarök, but the two human survivors become progenitors of a new race of humans that inhabit the new world after Ragnarök.

Which human won in Record of Ragnarok?

At the end of Record of Ragnarok, humanity is able to stave off extinction with the help of known historical figures such as Jesus Christ, Thor Ragnarok, and the gods of the Norse pantheon. It was ultimately Thor Ragnarok who emerged as the victor in this battle of the gods versus the humans.

His ability to control lightning and manipulate the gods gave him an edge. He was able to make a deal with Ymir and the Norse gods, allowing humanity to survive in exchange for sacrificing a single person from their own kind.

This person was Bennu, a champion chosen by humanity to represent them in the battle against the gods. While Thor Ragnarok was able to defeat the other gods, he showed mercy and allowed Bennu to live with the humans.

Although his victory saved humanity, it was not without cost, as many others died in the battle. Ultimately, Thor Ragnarok was the one who won in the Record of Ragnarok.

Who survives after Ragnarok?

After Ragnarok, there are only a few surviving gods and humans that are said to continue living in the world. The gods that managed to survive are Odin, Thor, Frey, Heimdall, Baldr and Hodr, while the humans consist of two human survivors, Lif and Lifthrasir.

According to Norse mythology, the two humans survived by hiding in the ash of Yggdrasil, the sacred World Tree. In addition to these two, the three humans who had built a boat named “Noah” were also said to have survived after the war.

The two humans that were said to have survived in the World Tree, Lif and Lifthrasir, were said to emerge from the tree and become the ancestors of a new generation of humans. This is said to be the origin of humanity in the world after Ragnarok.

Finally, after the war was over, the two surviving gods were said to build a new world, which became known as the realm of Asgard. This is said to be the new home for all their surviving gods and humans.

Who wins Raiden vs Shiva?

The answer to who wins Raiden vs Shiva depends largely on the context in which the question is put forth. Historically, Raiden is the Japanese god of thunder, while Shiva is a Hindu deity representing destruction as well as asceticism.

In the context of the game Mortal Kombat, Raiden, who is a playable character, is a master of thunder and lightning and is considered to possess near-godlike powers. Shiva, on the other hand, is an enemy character in the game and is said to be the only force that has been able to successfully challenge Raiden.

Therefore, if the question is in regards to a fight between the two in the game, then it is plausible that Shiva would be the one to win due to its immense strength. However, there is no absolute answer as to who would win a fight between Raiden and Shiva as the actual outcome would depend on the skills and abilities of the players controlling the characters.

How does Ragnarok movie end?

The movie ends with an epic battle between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his adopted older brother, the villainous Loki (Tom Hiddleston). The battle is a decisive victory for Thor, who is able to finally get his revenge for the damage caused by his adopted brother.

The Asgardians emerge victorious from the trial, and the god Heimdall (Idris Elba) is restored to his former glory. With Heimdall in control, the realms of the Nine Worlds, including Asgard, are reunited under one banner.

Furthermore, many of Asgard’s destroyed artifacts, such as the Rainbow Bridge, are restored.

At the end of the movie, Thor soars off on the repaired bridge to explore different realms, and achieve a better understanding of himself and his own fate. As the movie ends, Thor brings order to the Nine Worlds, ushering in a new era of peace and unity.

Did Buddha beat Hajun?

No, Buddha did not beat Hajun. The two men were of different religious backgrounds and had very different beliefs. While the teachings of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, are based on spiritual truths and Dharma, the emphasis of Hajun was on physical power and strength.

Thus, the idea of a “fight” between the two was never a possibility, considering their distinct approaches to spirituality and faith. Instead, the two men were considered equals and were believed to have held deep respect for one another.

Does Zeus or Adam win in Ragnarok?

The answer to this question is complicated. As it is the legendary Norse mythological battle marking the end of the world. In the myth, both the gods and the giants fight in an epic battle, but ultimately there is no clear victory or winner.

Furthermore, Zeus and Adam are not characters in the mythology. While some depictions and interpretations of Ragnarok have included various gods and mythological entities, that is not specific to the Norse mythology that Ragnarok originates from.

Ultimately, there is no clear answer as to who would win in a contest between Zeus and Adam in Ragnarok, as neither are characters in the story.

Can Adam beat Zeus?

No, Adam cannot beat Zeus. Zeus is the god of the sky and lightning and is considered to be one of the most powerful gods in Greek mythology. He is often portrayed as having immense strength and power, and is almost invincible.

Adam, on the other hand, is a creation of God in the Bible and therefore has human-like abilities and is not as powerful as Zeus. As such, it is highly unlikely that Adam could beat Zeus in a battle.

Does any god survive Ragnarok?

Yes, some gods do survive Ragnarok. According to Norse mythology, the god Baldr, his mother Frigg, and the pair’s son Höðr, all survive Ragnarok. Keepers of Asgard such as Heimdall and Vidar also survive.

The god Thor also survives despite being killed by the World Serpent Jormungandr. After his death, his sons Móði and Magni inherit his hammer Mjölnir and they wield it to help rebuild the world. The de-powered Loki, who was freed from the Underworld by giants, will eventually die during Ragnarok, but his son, the wolf Fenrir, will survive and repopulate the world with wolves.

Additionally, a select group of humans, led by Lif and Lifthrasir, are also able to escape and repopulate the world after Ragnarok.

Does Jack the Ripper win?

No, Jack the Ripper does not win. Jack the Ripper was the name given to the unidentified serial killer responsible for the Whitechapel murders that took place in London in the late 19th century. The identity of the killer was never determined and no clear motive for the murders was determined.

Because the killer’s identity and motive have never been determined, it is impossible to declare a winner in the case of Jack the Ripper.

Who wins Raiden or Armstrong?

The answer to this question really depends on the context. In a physical altercation between Raiden and Armstrong, Armstrong is likely to win due to his superhuman strength. However, if the competition is based on strategy, then Raiden may be the better option.

Raiden is a highly skilled ninja, with years of experience and training in multiple styles of combat. He is also adept with weapons and techniques, making him a formidable opponent. Armstrong, while powerful, is also prone to letting his emotions get the better of him and falling victim to his own pride.

In a battle of wits, Raiden may have the advantage. Ultimately, the victor of a Raiden vs Armstrong battle would depend upon many factors, including the environment and context of the fight.

Who did Raiden EI lose?

Raiden EI tragically lost his beloved wife, Kiyoko Maru, during a catastrophic event known as First Impact, which occurred on September 13, 20XX. Kiyoko was one of the many innocent victims of the global disaster, which left the world’s population decimated and destroyed much of its infrastructure.

Over two billion people were killed in the event, rendering much of the planet uninhabitable. Kiyoko was one of the victims of First Impact, leaving Raiden completely devastated and alone. This loss also caused Raiden to become an outcast in society as he had no one to remember her by.

Despite this, he managed to overcome his grief and continued his life, forming a new family with his new wife, Haruka Maru. Together, they were eventually able to form a new life despite the tragedy of losing Kiyoko.

Who would win in a fight Raiden or Zeus?

That is a difficult question to answer, as it would depend on several factors. Both Raiden and Zeus are incredibly powerful gods with an array of powerful abilities, so the victor of a fight between them would likely come down to experience and skill in combat.

Raiden is a kami, or nature spirit, and is an immortal divine lightning god. He is capable of controlling lightning and manipulating electricity, as well as possessing lightning-based fights. He also has superhuman strength, near-impervious skin, the ability to tap into a godlike ‘cosmic power’ and a myriad of magical powers.

Meanwhile, Zeus is the powerful king of the gods and lord of the heavens, wielding authority over all the gods of the ancient Greek pantheon. Zeus has dominion over lightning and weather, as well as superhuman strength, speed and agility.

He also has the ability to manipulate lightning, rain and storms, and can summon storms of lightning and thunder at will.

Although both gods are incredibly powerful and skilled in combat, it is difficult to determine which one would win in a fight. If Raiden used his lightning-based attacks, Zeus may be able to counter these with his own lightning-based attacks and his ability to control storms.

On the other hand, Zeus’ immense superhuman strength may be enough to give him the edge. In the end, it would come down to a combination of strength, experience, skill and luck as to who would emerge victorious should they ever fight.

Who won round 5 of Ragnarok?

Round 5 of Ragnarok was the fifth and final round of the popular Norse-themed reality TV show, and the winner of this round was Freyja, a young female contestant from the UK. Freya had previously gathered the most votes from viewers after each show, allowing her to make it to the final round.

In this round, she faced off against twelve other contestants in a series of challenges that tested their physical and mental strength. Freya emerged as the victor, earning the title of Chosen One, as well as a substantial cash prize.

She also won a trip to Valhalla, the realm of the gods in Norse mythology, where she received a reward from Odin, the All-Father himself. Her victory was an inspiring one for all viewers, as she went from underdog to victor in a matter of weeks.

Congratulations to Freya for her stunning achievement!

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