Did Jersey Mike’s get rid of gluten-free?

Jersey Mike’s is a popular submarine sandwich franchise with over 2,000 locations across the United States. The restaurant is known for its wide variety of sub options, including gluten-free choices for customers with dietary restrictions. Recently, some Jersey Mike’s customers have noticed that gluten-free options seem to be disappearing from menus. This has led many to ask: Did Jersey Mike’s get rid of their gluten-free subs and menu items?

The Importance of Gluten-Free Options

For individuals with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, having gluten-free menu options at restaurants is extremely important. When gluten is ingested, it can cause severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, bloating, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, brain fog, skin rashes, and other symptoms in those with gluten intolerance. Following a strict gluten-free diet is the only treatment.

Having gluten-free options at popular chains like Jersey Mike’s allows those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance to enjoy eating out without worrying about getting sick from cross-contamination. It also provides more dining choices and variety for those on special diets.

The Confusion Over Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free Offerings

Over the past several months, some Jersey Mike’s customers have taken to social media and forums to complain that their local franchises no longer offer gluten-free rolls or subs. Many long-time Jersey Mike’s fans with gluten issues say that they used to be able to order gluten-free sandwiches, but now employees are telling them that the gluten-free options have been discontinued.

This seems to be happening sporadically at certain locations, leading to overall confusion over whether Jersey Mike’s has officially gotten rid of gluten-free subs chain-wide. Currently, the Jersey Mike’s website still lists several gluten-free options, like their gluten-free wrap and lettuce wraps. Their allergy information guide states that customers should confirm gluten-free options with their local restaurant.

So has Jersey Mike’s completely done away with gluten-free subs and menu items, or is this an issue of inconsistent information between different franchises? Many customers want a clear, official answer from the company’s corporate headquarters on their gluten-free policies.

Customer Reactions

Customers who have traditionally relied on Jersey Mike’s gluten-free options are understandably upset and disappointed at reports of the subs being discontinued. Some reactions across social media platforms and forums include:

– “This is really frustrating. Jersey Mike’s was one of the few good quick options for gluten-free food near me.”

– “My son has celiac and Jersey Mike’s was one of the very few places we could get sub sandwiches for him. If they got rid of GF subs I will be so disappointed.”

– “As someone with a gluten allergy, this would prevent me from eating at Jersey Mike’s anymore if true.”

– “I used to always get the gluten-free sub here. Now employees have no idea what I’m talking about. This really limits food choices for people like me.”

– “First Pizza Hut, now Jersey Mike’s. Seems like all the chains are stopping gluten-free options and it sucks for people who need them.”

The reactions show that customers relying on gluten-free menu choices feel frustrated, limited in options, and are threatening to stop visiting Jersey Mike’s altogether if the subs have been discontinued broadly.

The Corporate Response

With rising customer complaints of disappearing gluten-free subs, many are calling on Jersey Mike’s corporate headquarters to provide an official statement on their gluten-free policies. However, so far, the company has not issued any public comments confirming whether or not gluten-free subs have been removed from the menu.

Without clear communication, speculation continues. Some franchises may be independently choosing not to offer specialty gluten-free rolls or subs any longer due to low demand or profit margins. There’s also a chance the company may announce more details on upcoming changes to their gluten-free offerings that will impact all locations.

For now, the only recourse for customers is to check directly with their nearby Jersey Mike’s on the availability of gluten-free breads and sandwiches. It seems the options can vary widely depending on the franchise. Until corporate clarifies their overarching policies, the confusion and frustration for gluten-free diners will likely continue.

Checking with Local Jersey Mike’s

Since official details from Jersey Mike’s headquarters are lacking, the best way for those seeking gluten-free subs to get answers is to contact their neighborhood Jersey Mike’s franchise directly. Customers can call their nearby locations or visit in person to speak with a manager.

Some key questions to ask include:

– Do you currently offer gluten-free subs or sandwich options? If so, what are the available options?
– Have your gluten-free offerings changed recently?
– If you no longer offer gluten-free subs, when did this change happen and why?
– Do you have any information on whether gluten-free subs are being discontinued chain-wide, or is it a franchise-by-franchise decision?
– Who can I contact for more information on changes to your gluten-free menu options?

Documenting exactly what each location says can help piece together if wider company policy changes have taken place or if individual franchises are making independent calls on gluten-free ingredients. Customers can also request to speak to regional or corporate managers to express concerns and get details on any broader timeline for elimination of gluten-free subs.

Calling ahead before visiting helps those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance know if Jersey Mike’s can still accommodate their dietary needs. With the right questions, they can get to the bottom of the rumors and conflicting information.

Petitioning Jersey Mike’s Corporate

Beyond contacting individual locations, many loyal customers are considering launching a petition to Jersey Mike’s corporate headquarters urging them not to discontinue gluten-free options across all restaurants.

Points that could be addressed in a petition include:

– Emphasize the seriousness of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, which requires diligent dietary management. Removing gluten-free subs makes this much more difficult for customers.

– Note the rising rates of gluten intolerance and celiac diagnoses, especially in recent generations. The demand for gluten-free foods is steadily growing rather than declining.

– Remind the company of their previous advertised commitment to offering gluten-free choices and appreciation from gluten-free customers who benefitted tremendously from the options over the years.

– Acknowledge they may have business reasons for discontinuing specialty gluten-free ingredients, but urge them to consider customer needs first and explore other solutions besides complete removal.

– Suggest offering gluten-free subs only during certain hours or on request to reduce waste and overhead if needed.

– Ask them to please provide definitive information to customers on the status of gluten-free subs and policies moving forward so they know what to expect at Jersey Mike’s.

A coordinated petition with signatures from thousands of concerned gluten-free patrons could influence Jersey Mike’s decision making and open communication lines so at the very least, customers can get transparency on current gluten-free options.

Outreach Through Social Media

In addition to a formal petition, those hoping to save Jersey Mike’s gluten-free subs can use the power of social media outreach to make their voices heard. They can flood Jersey Mike’s Facebook and Twitter pages with comments expressing disappointment and calling on the company not to abandon gluten-free customers.

Polite and constructive comments focused on personal stories and why gluten-free options are so important may help put a human face to the issue. Enough feedback through social channels could motivate corporate to address the situation with an official response or policy change. While less formal than a petition, social media outreach can complement and amplify those efforts.

Alternatives for Gluten-Free Sub Lovers

If Jersey Mike’s has ultimately removed gluten-free subs from the menu for good, or if the options are unreliable depending on franchise, fans of gluten-free subs will need to explore some alternatives at other restaurants. Here are a few options to consider:

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s sandwich chain offers gluten-free wraps as a substitute for normal bread. Customers can request any of their subs as a wrap instead to avoid gluten. Jimmy John’s also uses separated prep spaces and surfaces for their gluten-free wraps to reduce cross-contamination.


Select Subway locations offer gluten-free bread and wraps. Availability depends on the franchise, so calling ahead is important. Subway also has a long list of gluten-free add-on vegetables and meat choices for customizing a gluten-free sub or wrap.

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza allows customers to build their own personal pizzas. Instead of a crust, those with gluten issues can order their toppings on a gluten-free baked flatbread for a pizza-like sandwich option.


Potbelly Sandwich Shop offers gluten-free bread and bun options for any of their subs. However, kitchen cross-contamination is possible. Individual franchises vary so checking first is advised.

Jersey Mike’s Lettuce Wraps

While not the same as a sub, Jersey Mike’s does offer lettuce wrap sandwiches without bread as a gluten-free choice. Guests can get their favorite meats, cheeses, and veggies wrapped in lettuce leaves.

Gluten-Free Rolls and Bread

Those who want to recreate the Jersey Mike’s experience at home can purchase gluten-free sub rolls or bread at their grocery store. Major brands like Udi’s, Schar, and Canyon Bakehouse make gluten-free rolls perfect for DIY footlong subs.

The Verdict on Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free Subs

Based on currently available information from customers and individual locations, it appears the availability of gluten-free subs and bread at Jersey Mike’s varies significantly depending on the franchise. Some restaurants are informing customers they no longer offer gluten-free options, while others still have them available.

Jersey Mike’s corporate headquarters has yet to provide any official statement regarding the status of gluten-free subs across all locations. The company needs to communicate clearly with customers if they are discontinuing gluten-free bread chain-wide, or if franchises are allowed to make decisions individually.

Until they provide definitive answers, those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance have no choice but to directly call or visit their neighborhood Jersey Mike’s to find out if gluten-free remains on the menu. Customers can also join together to petition corporate and voice disappointment over the apparent removal of gluten-free options.

With some diligence to get answers and explore alternatives, gluten-free sub fans still have ways to enjoy great sandwich options. But Jersey Mike’s could win back customer trust and loyalty by reaffirming their commitment to accommodate gluten-free diners.

The Takeaway

Unclear communication from Jersey Mike’s corporate has led to customer confusion over whether gluten-free subs are still offered chain-wide. Individual franchises seem to be handling it differently, with some eliminating gluten-free while others still offer it. Those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance need transparency from the company and alternatives if gluten-free is phased out. Directly contacting local restaurants is currently the best way to find answers. Until Jersey Mike’s provides an official statement, the availability of gluten-free subs remains uncertain.

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