Did Gucci’s daughter get any money?

Gucci Mane is an American rapper who has achieved great success and amassed a considerable fortune over his music career. As one of the pioneers of trap music, Gucci Mane has released 13 studio albums and over 70 mixtapes since 2001. With an estimated net worth of $12 million, Gucci has earned sizeable profits from album sales, touring, and business ventures.

A common question that arises is whether Gucci’s daughter has received or stands to inherit any of his wealth. Gucci Mane has a son named Keitheon with his former girlfriend Sheena Evans. However, it is unclear if Gucci has any daughters. There is limited public information available on Gucci’s children and their financial situations.

Gucci Mane’s Net Worth and Assets

Gucci Mane’s current net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. His assets and sources of wealth include:

  • Music sales – Gucci Mane has sold over 5.7 million singles and 1 million albums worldwide as of 2022. His top-selling albums like The State vs. Radric Davis and The Return of East Atlanta Santa have moved over 500,000 units each.
  • Concert tours – Gucci earns big paydays from touring and live performances. He reportedly earns between $70,000 to $100,000 per show.
  • Film and TV – Gucci has appeared in films like Spring Breakers (2012) and Birds of a Feather (2021). He also stars in the reality series The Rap Game.
  • Investments – Gucci owns real estate assets and has invested in restaurants like “Delicious Pizza & Bistro” in Atlanta.
  • Endorsements and partnerships – Brands like Reebok, Supreme, and robes company Big Boy Pay have paid Gucci to promote their products.

In addition to all this, Gucci likely has substantial assets in cash, business investments, luxury vehicles, and jewelry. So while his exact current net worth is hard to pinpoint, reports generally estimate it to be in the range of $10-15 million.

Does Gucci Have Any Daughters?

It is not confirmed whether Gucci Mane has any biological daughters. Gucci does have one child – a son named Keitheon, born in 2007 to Gucci’s former girlfriend Sheena Evans.

There are no known reports of Gucci having any other children besides Keitheon. Gucci married Keyshia Ka’oir in 2017, but they do not have any children together yet. Gucci has not publicly acknowledged having any daughters.

So based on available information, while Gucci does have a son who stands to inherit his fortune someday, he does not appear to have any daughters at this time.

Could Gucci’s Daughter Inherit Money in the Future?

As Gucci Mane currently does not have a daughter, there is no direct heir from that line in place to inherit his assets. However, there are a few ways a future daughter could stand to benefit:

  • Gucci could have more children in the future with his wife Keyshia Ka’oir, including potential daughters who would be heirs.
  • Gucci may provide for any future grandchildren. So if his son Keitheon had daughters one day, Gucci may leave inheritance for his granddaughters.
  • Gucci might update his will to include charitable donations or trusts that could benefit non-heir beneficiaries like female music students.

Additionally, Gucci may continue to build his wealth through ongoing music, touring, and business deals. So over time, there may end up being ample assets to provide for multiple heirs and beneficiaries, regardless of their gender.

Could Gucci’s Son Inherit Money?

Yes, it is very likely that Gucci’s son Keitheon will inherit part of his father’s fortune eventually. Here’s why Keitheon stands to benefit:

  • Legal heir – As Gucci’s only known biological child so far, Keitheon would be a default beneficiary of his estate without a will.
  • Presumed beneficiary – Even with a will, Gucci would very likely provide for his only son and known heir.
  • Ongoing assets – Gucci is still actively earning money, so Keitheon stands to ultimately inherit lifetime wealth, not just what exists now.
  • Rights – Keitheon’s mother could legally pursue child support or settlement of trusts intended for him.

According to Billboard, Keitheon’s mother sued Gucci for child support in 2009. This indicates he is legally recognized as Gucci’s heir. As long as Gucci maintains a relationship with his son, Keitheon will almost certainly inherit money and assets in the future.

How Might Gucci’s Wealth Be Divided?

There are a few possibilities on how Gucci Mane’s net worth of around $12 million might eventually be distributed:

  • Will – Gucci likely has a will that would provide assets to heirs like his son and wife Keyshia Ka’oir.
  • Shared assets – Jointly owned property with his wife may automatically transfer to her.
  • Business entities – Partners could inherit stakes in companies Gucci co-owns.
  • Charitable giving – Gucci may donate a portion of wealth to charitable causes he supports.
  • Tax payments – Estate taxes could claim 15-20% or more of the gross asset value.

Gucci’s estate would need to be appraised after his death to determine the exact division. But it is very probable that his son Keitheon would inherit at least a few million dollars’ worth of property, assets, and businesses.

Could Gucci Disinherit his Children?

Yes, it is legally possible for Gucci Mane to fully or partially disinherit his son Keitheon if he desired. Here is how he could reduce or prevent his son’s inheritance:

  • Will – Gucci can write a will explicitly excluding Keitheon as a beneficiary.
  • Revised will – He can update his existing will to remove Keitheon at any time.
  • Spend assets – Gucci can deplete his estate through lavish spending before death.
  • Gift assets – He may opt to gift property and valuables before death to others besides Keitheon.
  • Trusts – Gucci can place his wealth into trusts for other beneficiaries than Keitheon.

However, fully disinheriting Keitheon might spur legal challenges. Courts may protect heirs, especially minors, from being unjustly excluded from reasonable inheritance. But Gucci definitely can distribute more of his estate to others if he wishes.

Could Gucci Mane’s Wife Inherit Money?

Yes, it is very likely Gucci’s wife Keyshia Ka’oir would inherit a portion of his estate. Here are some reasons she could benefit:

  • Spousal rights – Laws prevent spouses from being fully disinherited to protect partners.
  • Joint assets – Shared property becomes hers automatically outside probate.
  • Will beneficiary – Gucci likely names Keyshia as a beneficiary in his will.
  • No prenuptial agreement – There are no reports they signed one limiting her inheritance.

Keyshia stood by Gucci even when he was in prison, showing deep loyalty. So it is probable he would provide for her in his will and share decision-making on dispersing their joint wealth. She seems likely to inherit at least several million dollars’ worth of his total net worth.

How Might Gucci’s Wealth Be Used After His Passing?

Here are some potential uses of Gucci Mane’s financial assets and estate after he passes away:

  • Support his children and their education
  • Provide ongoing income for his wife Keyshia Ka’oir
  • Pay staff salaries and severance for his business ventures
  • Cover legal fees and taxes on the estate
  • Donate to charitable foundations and causes he supported
  • Establish trusts to fund scholarships or low-income housing
  • Create a foundation or fund in his name that gives grants to new artists
  • Support extended family members if named as beneficiaries
  • Pay off any outstanding debts or loans

The exact distribution would follow instructions in his will. But the wealth could continue supporting his loved ones, business partners, charitable causes, and emerging artists in his musical tradition.


In summary, while Gucci Mane currently does not appear to have any biological daughters, his son Keitheon likely stands to inherit a substantial portion of his father’s wealth and assets in the future. Gucci’s wife Keyshia could also inherit millions of dollars’ worth of property and shared assets.

As Gucci continues building his fortune, the inheritance pool could grow to be divided among more extended family members and beneficiaries down the line. But Gucci does have the right to distribute his estate as he sees fit. Overall, it seems very probable that Gucci’s son and wife will be provided for financially after his passing.

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