Can you wear whatever you want at Walmart?

Walmart is one of the largest retail chains in the world, with over 5,000 stores across the United States. With millions of customers visiting Walmart every day, there is much debate around whether you can wear whatever you want when shopping at Walmart stores.

Quick Answers

– Yes, you can wear whatever you want at Walmart for the most part. However, there are some basic rules around appropriate attire.

– Walmart does not have a strict dress code for customers like some retail stores. However, offensive or inappropriate clothing is not allowed.

– Customers must wear shoes and shirts at all times in Walmart stores. Swimwear, underwear as outerwear, and clothing with offensive language/images are prohibited.

– Walmart employees have more detailed dress code policies they must follow. Customers are not subject to the same dress code.

– Ultimately Walmart aims to provide a family friendly shopping environment. Some customer outfits that are too revealing or offensive will be asked to cover up or change.

Walmart Dress Code Policy

Walmart does not have a published public dress code policy for customers. There are no visible signs in stores detailing a dress code. However, Walmart does reserve the right to enforce a basic dress code aligned with public decency laws.

Some key aspects of Walmart’s dress code for customers include:

  • Must wear shirt and shoes at all times
  • Swimwear is prohibited as primary attire
  • Underwear and bra straps should be covered by outer clothing
  • Clothing with offensive words, images or messages is prohibited
  • Clothing should adequately cover private parts of body
  • Clothing with excessive rips/tears is not allowed
  • Cosplay outfits or heavily dramatic makeup is banned

Walmart employees are subject to more extensive dress code policies that dictate acceptable pants, shirts, shoes and overall professional appearance. Customers are only required to meet the basic standards of public decency.

Common Customer Dress Code Questions

Many customers wonder about certain garments and whether they are allowed when shopping at Walmart. Here are some quick answers to common customer dress code questions at Walmart:

Can you wear pajamas to Walmart?

Yes, you can wear pajamas to Walmart. While some stores prohibit sleepwear, Walmart does not have any rule against wearing pajamas or slippers while shopping. Many college students and other customers find pajamas comfortable for late night Walmart runs.

Is yoga pants allowed at Walmart?

Yoga pants and other tight fitting athletic leggings are permitted in Walmart stores. Leggings have become mainstream casual wear for many women. As long as intimate areas are adequately covered by longer shirts or tunics, yoga pants do comply with the Walmart dress code.

Can you shop shirtless at Walmart?

No, you cannot shop shirtless at Walmart. Men and women are both required to wear shirts and cover their upper bodies while inside Walmart locations. Tank tops are generally acceptable, but being shirtless violates the dress code.

Are crop tops allowed at Walmart?

Crop tops are generally permitted, as long as they provide adequate coverage of the stomach and chest. Showing some midriff is allowed. However, crop tops that are overly revealing or show excessive amounts of skin can violate the Walmart dress code.

Can you wear a bathing suit to Walmart?

Swimwear and bathing suits are prohibited as primary outwear at Walmart. However swim cover ups, wraps and other clothing over bathing suits is acceptable. Wearing just a bikini or swimsuit into the store is banned.

Inappropriate Outfits Banned at Walmart

While Walmart allows for a wide range of casual clothing and self-expression, there are limits around inappropriate or offensive outfits not allowed in stores. Prohibited outfits per Walmart’s dress code policies include:

  • Excessively baggy or sagging pants
  • Clothing with profane language or images
  • Swimwear and underwear as primary dress
  • Clothing exposing private parts
  • Clothing with violent or offensive messages
  • Transparent clothing showing undergarments
  • Extremely torn or ripped clothing
  • Cosplay outfits or costume masks
  • Clothing promoting illegal drugs

Walmart aims to provide a friendly shopping environment suitable for all family members. Clothing deemed disruptive, inappropriate or unsafe is prohibited. Customers who wear banned outfits may be asked to change or cover up by management. Refusing to comply with dress code policies can result in being asked to leave the store.

Are Customers Ever Asked to Leave for Dress Code Violations?

Walmart gives store management discretion around how to enforce dress code policies. In most cases, a customer will just be informed their clothing is inappropriate and asked to modify their outfit in some way if an issue arises. For example, tying a jacket around their waist to cover up an overly revealing outfit.

However, customers who completely disregard the Walmart dress code by wearing attire like a bikini or saggy pants exposing underwear might be told to go change or leave the store. Only customers wearing extremely inappropriate or offensive outfits would actually get kicked out of Walmart solely for a dress code violation.

Here are some examples of scenarios where a customer could get asked to leave Walmart for their inappropriate attire:

  • A man wearing nothing but boxer shorts and flip flops
  • A woman in a skimpy bikini shopping for groceries
  • A customer in pants sagging well below their hips
  • Someone shirtless (or bottomless) wandering the store
  • A guest wearing an offensive graphic t-shirt
  • Someone dressed in costume such as a gorilla suit

In these types of situations where clothing completely violates public decency standards, Walmart reserves the right to insist the shopper modify their outfit or leave the store. This policy maintains a positive shopping environment.

Special Situations and Events

While the everyday Walmart dress code is quite casual, there are certain events and situations where exceptions or additional restrictions may apply:

Kids and Babies

Babies and toddlers are allowed to be shirtless in carts, carriers etc. However, all other children must meet the standard dress code policies. Shoes and shirts are required once kids are walking.

Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding mothers are allowed to nurse babies in Walmart stores. Exposing breasts for nursing purposes does not violate the dress code. Mothers have the right to breastfeed without covering up if they prefer.

Swimsuit Section

Customers are allowed to wear swimwear to briefly try on suits in the swimsuit department fitting rooms. However, one must be clothed in normal attire when entering and leaving the store.

Halloween Costumes

During October, customers in costume are permitted for purposes of shopping for Halloween. Masks may be briefly worn for try on purposes. Costumed customers may be asked to remove masks for check out.

Walmart Events

Dress codes may be modified for special store events like charity races or summer cookouts. Event details will outline any specific clothing rules or restrictions.

Employee Dress Code vs Customer Dress Code

There is often confusion between the dress code policies for Walmart employees versus customers. Walmart employees must follow detailed dress code standards regarding tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, makeup and hair. Customers have a lot more flexibility and freedom around what they can wear when shopping.

Here is an overview of key dress code differences:

Policy Employees Customers
Shirt and Shoes Collared shirts/blouses required. Closed toe shoes. T-shirts allowed. Sandals permitted.
Pants Khaki and other solid colors. No leggings. Any pants including yoga pants allowed.
Skirts and Dresses Must be knee length or longer Any length permitted
Graphics and Messages None allowed on clothing Offensive/inappropriate graphics prohibited
Blue Jeans Not permitted Blue jeans are fine
Piercings and Tattoos Facial piercings prohibited. Tattoos must be covered. No restrictions

This breakdown illustrates how employee uniforms and dress codes are much more restrictive than the lax policies around customer attire. The only common ground involves prohibiting offensive words/graphics and requiring shoes.

Does Walmart Have a Changing Room?

Walmart does provide customer changing rooms so shoppers can try on clothes before buying. Located in the apparel departments, changing stalls allow customers to swap their current clothes for Walmart apparel to check sizing and fit.

This means customers can wear normally prohibited items like swimsuits or underwear temporarily in the changing area. However, once done trying on items, shoppers must put their regular clothes back on that comply with the dress code.

Walmart changing rooms also permit temporarily removing clothes to try on new outfits. However, shoppers must get fully dressed again when exiting the stalls. The dress code only relaxes inside the changing room area for try on purposes.

Buying Restricted Items

Shoppers are allowed to purchase bikinis, underwear, offensive t-shirts and other normally prohibited items at Walmart. Customers just cannot wear the banned clothing inside Walmart stores.

The dress code policies only apply to what can be worn by customers in Walmart locations. Anyone can buy any type of clothing or apparel items at Walmart without restriction based on intended use elsewhere.

Breastfeeding Considerations

Walmart aims to provide a breastfeeding friendly environment. Many mothers naturally need to nurse or pump milk while running errands with infants.

Under the Walmart dress code, breastfeeding mothers have the right to nurse babies and young children openly or discreetly in store locations. Breastfeeding does not violate any policy even if breasts are publicly exposed.

Mothers may use nursing covers for privacy if desired. However Walmart does not require any covering over breastfeeding. Women can feed babies however they are most comfortable.

Shopper Reactions to Dress Code Enforcement

Most customers are understanding when informed an outfit does not meet Walmart dress standards. However, there have been occasional viral incidents where shoppers reacted poorly to dress code enforcement:

  • In 2021, a woman wearing a revealing romper was asked to cover up in a South Carolina store. She angrily left saying they had lost her business.
  • A Texas man was furious when told his saggy jeans violated policy. He filmed a video claiming discrimination.
  • Florida woman was only wearing a thong bikini shopping for groceries when she was told to leave. She threatened to sue Walmart.

Despite some negative reactions, most customers comply with dress code requests to protect the shopping environment. Walmart grants managers discretion, so enforcement policies are not black and white but open to interpretation.

Shopping Comfortably Within the Dress Code

Walmart’s relaxed customer dress code makes it easy to shop comfortably. Patrons can skip the changing room and outfit planning by following these dress code approved style tips:

  • Yoga pants or leggings with tunic length tops
  • T-shirts with jeans, shorts or joggers
  • Summer dresses or skirts with sandals
  • Tank tops paired with shorts, pants or jeans
  • Athletic tops and shorts for exercise lovers
  • Flannel pajama pants with hoodies or jackets

Dressing for appropriate coverage allows you to focus on shopping. Avoiding banned items like swimwear as primary outwear keeps the trip hassle-free. Continuous clothing meets guidelines at all stores.


Walmart provides a valuable shopping experience to millions of customers daily across the globe. The retail chain aims to maintain a family friendly environment with flexible dress code standards. While some revealing or offensive clothing is prohibited, patrons have great freedom around casual comfortable attire. Understanding the basic guidelines around shirt and shoes requirements allows everyone to shop with confidence. Most importantly, always dress in a way that shows courtesy and respect for all fellow shoppers from diverse backgrounds.

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