Can you still access the store on PS3?

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Yes, you can still access the PlayStation Store on PS3 as of November 2023. The PS3’s online store and services are still active and available. However, Sony has ended support for some PS3 models, so accessing the store requires an internet connection and a supported model.

Can I Still Buy Games on the PS3 Store?

Yes, you can still purchase and download games, DLC, and other content from the PlayStation Store on supported PS3 consoles as of November 2023.

When Sony discontinued production of the PS3 in 2017, they continued to operate the online PlayStation Store for the console. This allows PS3 owners to keep buying digital games, add-ons, themes, avatars, and more.

The selection of games available has naturally dwindled over the years as publishers have stopped releasing new PS3 titles. But there are still thousands of classic PS3 games, PSP games, PSone Classics, and Minis available for purchase on the store.

So if you have a PS3 that can connect to the internet, you can absolutely still shop on the PlayStation Store and download new games to expand your library.

Accessing the PS3 Store

To access the PlayStation Store on your PS3, all you need to do is:

1. Connect Your PS3 to the Internet

Your PS3 will need an internet connection to use the online store. This can be done over Wi-Fi or with an Ethernet cable plugged into your router.

Make sure you are signed into the PlayStation Network with your PSN account if prompted.

2. Navigate to the PlayStation Store

From the PS3’s main menu (XMB), go to the PlayStation Network icon and select the PlayStation Store option.

You can also access the store by going to the Game section of the XMB and scrolling right to PlayStation Store.

This will open the PlayStation Store where you can browse and purchase games.

3. Find and Download Games

Once in the store, you can search for games or browse by genre. When you find a game you want, select it and choose to purchase it.

After completing the transaction with your PSN Wallet funds or credit card, the game will begin downloading directly to your PS3.

You can monitor the download progress in the notifications/downloads area. And once it’s finished, you can find and play your new game!

So the process remains smooth and familiar. As long as you have an internet connection, you can shop the PlayStation Store and buy PS3 games digitally.

What Can You Buy on the PS3 Store?

Here are some of the things that are still available to purchase on the PlayStation Store for PS3:

– PS3 games – Newer digital-only indie games are still sometimes released on the platform. And there are thousands of classic PS3 games from the console’s peak years to choose from.

– PSP games – The PlayStation Portable library offers hundreds of titles to choose from. PSP games can be downloaded directly to your PS3.

– PSone Classics – PlayStation 1 era games can be purchased and played on your PS3 through emulation.

– PS2 Classics – Select PS2 games have been ported to the PS3 for download, such as Grand Theft Auto trilogy.

– DLC & Add-Ons – Additional content like map packs, skins, episodes, and more for PS3 games you own.

– Themes – Custom themes to change up the look of your PS3’s menu/background.

– Avatars – New avatars for your PSN profile.

– Video Content – Movies and TV shows available to purchase and view through the PS3’s video services.

So both game content and multimedia is available for the PS3 through the still-active PlayStation Store.

Are There Any Restrictions?

For the most part, the PS3’s PlayStation Store access remains unchanged. However, there are a couple small restrictions to note:

– PS3 games and DLC only – You can only buy content for PS3 systems. New PS4 and PS5 games are not available for purchase on the PS3 store.

– Removed content – Some delisted games, DLC packs, themes, and videos are no longer listed or available for new purchase. Already purchased content can still be downloaded though.

– Payment methods – Credit/debit cards or PSN wallet funds are accepted. Sony Rewards and gift cards are no longer taken.

– No auto-renewals – You can no longer enable auto-renewal for PlayStation Plus memberships through the PS3.

So some minor limitations exist. But overall, it functions the same as it always has aside from new PS4/PS5 content not being added. For the vast PS3 catalog, you’ll find everything you need.

Which PS3 Models Can Access the Store?

Only models of the PS3 that can update to the latest system software will have full access to the PlayStation Store.

Based on this, the following PS3 models can still connect to PSN and use the store as of November 2023:

– All standard PS3 Slim models (2009 release)

– All PS3 Super Slim models (2012 release)

– CECH-2001A and CECH-2001B PS3 models (80GB and 60GB launch models)

Essentially, this means any PS3 Slim or Super Slim console will work. And very early launch models with full backwards compatibility retain access as well.

But many original release models cannot update to the latest firmware required for PSN access due to missing features. These models will be unable to use the online store.

PS3 Models with Inaccessible Stores:

– CECH-4000, CECH-400X, CECH-450X, and CECH-460X models

– 80GB MGS4 Bundle Model (CECH-480X)

– All 20GB and 60GB launch models besides the CECH-2001A and B

So if your console is an original model from 2006-2007 other than the rare fully compatible 80GB and 60GB, you’ll be unable to update and access the store.

But all Slim and Super Slim PS3s will work perfectly fine. Just connect to the internet and sign in to PSN to use the store.

Will the PS3 Store Ever Shut Down?

Sony has not announced an end date for the availability of the PlayStation Store on PS3 consoles. The company ended PlayStation 3 production in 2017, but has kept the store active.

Based on PlayStation’s support of previous consoles, it’s likely the PS3 store could remain open for the foreseeable future barring any changes.

Here is how long past consoles retained full store access for reference:

– PlayStation Portable – Store supported for 12 years before shutdown in 2016

– PlayStation 2 – Online store available for nearly 13 years before shutdown in 2018

– PlayStation Vita – Store remains active as of 2023, over 9 years and counting since release

Given the PS3 store has already been available for over 13 years now, precedence would indicate potential for at least a few more years of support.

Sony has not hinted at plans to discontinue PS3 store access. With reasonable continued usage by owners, there’s no clear reason for them to shut it down anytime soon.

But the PS3 store’s closure will eventually happen far in the future. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Sony on exactly when they plan to end this service.

Can You Still Download Purchased Games?

Yes, any PlayStation 3 games and DLC that you’ve already purchased and added to your download list remain accessible.

The closure of the PS3 store would only prevent new purchases. Sony’s policy is to continue allowing re-downloads of previously purchased content.

So even once the store shuts down, you would still be able to recover your purchased PS3 library. Your existing games will remain tied to your account.

This was the case when stores ended for PS1, PS2, and PSP as well. Owners kept full access to re-download any purchased games.

And you can back up PS3 purchases to external storage or PC to be extra safe if needed. But Sony will maintain your library access on their servers.

Will PS3 Prices Increase?

With the inevitable closure of the PS3 PlayStation Store being a certainty someday in the future, it’s natural to wonder if game prices could increase as availability declines.

Interestingly, this was not the case when Sony closed the stores for PS1, PS2, and PSP. Prices mostly remained static right up until the shutdown dates.

There were no signs of price gouging or notable increases designed to cash in before digital sales ended. Pricing stayed normal and predictable.

This means potential price inflation is unlikely leading up to the PS3 store closure. Sony seems committed to keeping legacy content affordable, even when its availability is fading.

The abundance of used PS3 games available physically will also help keep values in check. So if you still want to grab old PS3 titles you’ve missed, time shouldn’t be too much of a factor. Their prices should hold steady for awhile.

Just don’t wait years and years as hard drive failures decrease availability over time. But you certainly have quite awhile to build up your PS3 library without worrying about excessive costs.

Will DLC Work After the Store Shuts Down?

Downloadable content you’ve purchased for PS3 games will remain playable even after the PlayStation Store shuts down in the future.

The store closure will prevent any new DLC purchases. But existing DLC licenses you’ve obtained will continue working.

When you download DLC, it is permanently tied to your account and that specific PS3 system. The store only provides the initial download access.

So as long as you’ve downloaded your purchased DLC content to your PS3 at some point, it will be usable indefinitely, even with no store.

This DLC lifetime accessibility was also confirmed when Sony disabled the PS Vita and PSP stores. Those add-ons remain usable and unaffected.

Owners have reported still being able to re-download and use DLC for games on non-functional stores. So you can feel safe knowing your DLC purchases are a permanent addition to your PS3.

Will You Lose Access to Your Downloads if PSN Shuts Down?

It’s highly unlikely that the complete closure of Sony’s PlayStation Network servers would occur anytime soon. But if it did happen, you would lose access to re-download any purchased games or DLC.

Games and DLC are tied to your PSN account, not locally on your PS3 system. So internet connectivity and PSN access are required to retrieve them.

However, anything already downloaded and installed on your console’s hard drive would remain fully playable. You only need PSN to initially reach your purchased content.

And if PSN did ever completely shut down, which is extremely unlikely in the foreseeable future, Sony would likely provide alternative options for accessing purchases.

For example, they could offer a final option to back up your licenses offline before the closure. This would give you a permanent local backup of all content entitlements.

While extremely improbable, if PSN did disappear, previously downloaded games and DLC would survive intact on your PS3. And Sony would assist with preserving purchased libraries.


The PlayStation 3’s online store remains in operation over 13 years since the console’s launch. All PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim models can access the store to purchase and download games, DLC, themes, avatars, and more.

Original PS3 models besides launch 60GB and 80GB are unable to connect. But the vast majority of PS3 consoles still have fully functional stores available.

It’s unknown when Sony will discontinue the PS3’s PlayStation Store, but precedence indicates it should remain active for a few more years at minimum unless unforeseen circumstances occur.

Already purchased content will continue working indefinitely though, even when the store closes down. So purchasing desired PS3 games and DLC in the coming years while possible is recommended to maximize your permanent library.

Overall, the PS3’s digital store remains open for business. PS3 owners can continue expanding their digital libraries. And existing purchased content will work long into the future after the store’s inevitable closure.

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