Can you eat 6 crackers in a minute?

The Challenge

Eating 6 crackers in a minute may seem like an easy challenge, but it’s actually quite difficult when put to the test. Most people can comfortably eat 2-3 crackers in a minute. Doubling or tripling that amount in the same time frame requires focused effort. Taking on the 6 cracker challenge requires strategy, technique, and speed.

How Many Calories in 6 Crackers?

Before attempting the 6 cracker challenge, it’s helpful to understand the calorie content of the task. Many standard crackers contain 25-30 calories per cracker. So 6 crackers would total 150-180 calories. For perspective, that’s about the amount of calories in a small apple or a cup of grapes. It’s a fairly modest food challenge in terms of overall calorie intake. The difficulty lies in consuming 6 crackers worth of dry, crunchy food in just 1 minute.

Choosing the Right Cracker

Not all crackers are created equal when it comes to this type of speed eating challenge. Some characteristics that make crackers easier to consume quickly include:

  • Low density – Crackers that are airy and crunchy tend to be easier to eat quickly since they don’t fill up the mouth as much per bite.
  • Higher fat content – Crackers made with oil or butter tend to practically “melt in your mouth”, allowing for faster eating.
  • Saltiness – Salted crackers encourage more rapid chewing and swallowing.
  • Simple flavors – Crackers with pronounced flavors like cheese or herbs tend to require more chewing.

Some good cracker options to attempt the 6 cracker challenge include:

  • Saltine crackers
  • Oyster crackers
  • Water crackers
  • Round butter crackers

Avoid dense, thick crackers or ones with pronounced flavors. Stick to thin, low-density crackers for this type of speed eating challenge.

Speed Eating Techniques

To successfully eat 6 crackers in 1 minute, you need to employ some speed eating techniques:

  • Take large bites – Don’t nibble daintily on the crackers. Bite off as much as you can chew with each mouthful.
  • Minimal chewing – Chew just enough to soften the cracker before swallowing, but don’t thoroughly chew each bite.
  • Swallow quickly – Be ready to swallow each bite as soon as it’s moderately softened.
  • No liquids – Don’t use any beverages to wash down the crackers. The extra swallowing action will slow you down.
  • Steady pace – Develop a steady crackers-to-mouth rhythm from beginning to end.

The goal is to minimize the time the crackers spend in your mouth before swallowing. Take big bites, chew minimally, and gulp it down.

Physical Factors for Speed Eating

Certain physical attributes can give a competitive edge when speed eating crackers:

  • Jaw strength – Having a strong bite allows you to bite off bigger pieces.
  • Saliva production – Generating ample saliva enables you to soften crackers faster before swallowing.
  • Swallowing capacity – Being able to swallow large amounts of softened food expedites the process.
  • Tongue dexterity – An agile tongue makes chewing and maneuvering food easier.

Genetics plays a role in some physical speed eating abilities. But repetitively exercising the jaw, salivary glands, and swallowing muscles can help maximize your skill.

Training for the 6 Cracker Challenge

Practice makes perfect when training to eat 6 crackers in a minute. Some training tips include:

  • Time yourself eating 4 crackers – Get comfortable with the eating and timer process.
  • Progress to trying 6 crackers – Note your time and where you need to improve.
  • Expand your jaw and tongue warm ups – Do tongue twisters and big yawns before attempting speed eating.
  • Experiment with crackers brands – Find your optimal cracker texture and density.
  • Focus your mental game – Meditate and visualize yourself dominating the challenge.
  • Simulate competition settings – Have someone time you and provide pressure.

With training, what first seems impossible can become very achievable. Stick with the process to enhance your skills.

Competitive Speed Eating Strategies

If you decide to enter a competitive 6 cracker speed eating contest, keep these additional strategies in mind:

  • Review the rules – Make sure you understand the exact timing format and procedures.
  • Optimize cracker prep – Have them stacked or fanned out for fastest grabbing.
  • Visualize the win – See yourself triumphantly finishing the 6 crackers.
  • Focus your energy – Block out the crowd and distractions.
  • Power start – Begin aggressively and maintain your furious pace.
  • Suppress your gag reflex – Try to minimize gagging or coughing from swallowed crackers.
  • Leave it all out there – Have no regrets by giving your best effort.

The top cracker eaters use mental as much as physical skills. Visualization, concentration, and determination give them the competitive edge.

World Records

The current Guinness Book of World Records holder for eating 6 crackers in one minute is Wales native Gareth “The Falcon” Roberts, who achieved the feat in 2018. His time of 6.31 seconds is considered unmatched.

The previous record was held by American Mimi Snyder, who ate 6 crackers in 7.22 seconds on the television show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee in 1988.

While those records stand, there are still opportunities to be had at local competitions. With dedication and practice, you might become a big fish in a small pond by dominating your county fair or community charity cracker eating contest.

Health Risks of Speed Eating

While eating 6 crackers in a minute may not seem like a dangerous feat, speed eating does carry some health risks, including:

  • Choking – Trying to swallow large amounts of dry food can lead to choking, especially if not chewed sufficiently.
  • Asphyxiation – Quickly shoveling crackers in can block airways.
  • Aspiration – Crumbs or food particles can enter air passages and lungs.
  • Vomiting – Rapid overeating stresses the digestive system and can cause vomiting.
  • Esophageal tears – Attempting to swallow more than the esophagus can stretch to accommodate can cause painful tears.

Always chew crackers at least a few times and swallow cautiously. And never eat while lying down during or directly after attempting a speed eating challenge.

Trying the 6 Cracker Challenge

If you decide to attempt the 6 cracker challenge, take it seriously but within reason. Focus, good technique, and adequate training will give you the best chance for success. But don’t put yourself in danger.

Here are some final tips for taking on the 6 cracker challenge:

  • Use thin, low-density crackers
  • Take bites of 3-4 crackers at a time
  • Chew only 2-3 times before swallowing
  • Swallow with large gulps of water afterward
  • Start chewing the next bite as you’re swallowing the previous
  • Breathe through your nose steadily
  • Have someone monitor you in case of choking

With determination and training, the 6 cracker barrier can be broken. Just employ focus, good form, and common sense. What seems impossible can become reality through hard work and perseverance.


Eating 6 crackers in 1 minute is certainly an ambitious feat. It requires speed, skill, and training. With practice of proper techniques, it’s an achievable goal for motivated eaters. As with any speed eating, take safety precautions. But with dedication and determination, new records can always be attained. The limits of cracker consumption have not yet been reached.

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