Can you check Cabela’s gift card balance?

Quick Answer

Yes, you can check the balance of a Cabela’s gift card in a few different ways:

  • Online at
  • By phone at 1-800-237-4444
  • In person at any Cabela’s store

Ways to Check Cabela’s Gift Card Balance

Check Balance Online

The easiest way to check your Cabela’s gift card balance is online at Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click “Sign In” at the top right of the page.
  2. Enter your email address and password to access your Cabela’s account.
  3. Once logged in, click “My Account” and select “Gift Cards” from the left side menu.
  4. Here you will see the balance for any Cabela’s gift cards associated with your online account.

This allows you to quickly check your balance at any time from your computer or mobile device. One thing to note is that only gift cards purchased online and added to your Cabela’s account will show up here. For other gift cards, you’ll need to check by phone or in a store.

Check Balance by Phone

You can also call 1-800-237-4444 to check your Cabela’s gift card balance. This automated phone system is available 24/7 and allows you to check balances without having to speak with a customer service agent.

Here’s how to check your balance by phone:

  1. Call 1-800-237-4444.
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your 16-digit Cabela’s gift card number.
  3. The automated system will tell you your current balance after you enter the card number.

This is useful if you received a physical Cabela’s gift card that wasn’t purchased online and added to your account. The phone system can check the balance of any Cabela’s gift card, regardless of where it was purchased.

Check In Person at a Cabela’s Store

You can also visit any Cabela’s retail store to have an employee check your gift card balance for you at the register. Just bring your physical gift card and have the cashier scan or enter it into their system. They can print out a receipt showing the current balance.

This is the only way to check the balance of an older Cabela’s gift card that may no longer be scannable. Store employees have access to lookup expired or damaged card numbers to check the balance for you.

So in summary, online, phone, and in person are your three options for checking a Cabela’s gift card balance quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for checking my Cabela’s gift card balance?

No, Cabela’s does not charge any fee to check your gift card balance by phone, online, or in person at a store. You can check your balance as often as you want for free.

Can I get a replacement Cabela’s gift card if mine is lost or stolen?

Unfortunately Cabela’s does not replace lost or stolen gift cards. Your best option is to call 1-800-237-4444 immediately and put a freeze on your card to prevent anyone else from using the remaining funds. Make sure to have your gift card number ready when you call.

What should I do if my Cabela’s gift card has already been used up?

If you try to use your Cabela’s gift card and find out the balance is $0, unfortunately there is nothing you can do to get your money back. Cabela’s gift cards are not reloadable. You will need to purchase a new gift card to shop with at Cabela’s.

Can I use my Cabela’s gift card at Bass Pro Shops?

Yes! Cabela’s merged with Bass Pro Shops in 2017. Since then, Cabela’s gift cards have been usable at any Bass Pro Shops location. You can also use Bass Pro gift cards at Cabela’s stores.

How long do Cabela’s gift cards remain valid?

Cabela’s gift cards do not expire. As long as your gift card still has a balance on it, you can continue to use it for purchases at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops, even years after purchasing.

Tips for Using Cabela’s Gift Cards

Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your Cabela’s gift cards:

  • Use Cabela’s gift cards for big ticket outdoor gear like kayaks, tents, and binoculars to maximize your savings.
  • Sign up for the free Cabela’s Club Rewards program to earn points on gift card purchases.
  • Watch for promotions like Gift Card Days where you get bonus bucks when you buy a gift card.
  • Buy discounted Cabela’s gift cards on sites like Raise or CardCash to save money.
  • When checking gift card balances, note the last four digits of the card number so you can easily identify each card.
  • If buying gift cards for others, be sure to include the receipt so they can check the balance.

Following these tips will help you keep track of balances, take advantage of seasonal sales, and earn bonus rewards when using your Cabela’s gift cards.

The History of Cabela’s Gift Cards

Cabela’s opened its first retail showroom in Sidney, Nebraska in 1970. The company was founded by Dick and Mary Cabela, who first started selling fishing flies through the mail. Here is a brief overview of how Cabela’s gift cards came to be:

  • In the 1990s, Cabela’s began expanding across the United States by opening large destination stores.
  • By the early 2000s, the company was operating over a dozen stores and launched their e-commerce website,
  • Around 2005, Cabela’s introduced paper gift certificates that could be redeemed for merchandise in stores.
  • A few years later, Cabela’s transitioned from paper gift certificates to plastic gift cards with magnetic strips and pins.
  • In 2014, new chip-enabled Cabela’s gift cards were introduced that could also be loaded and redeemed online.
  • Today, Cabela’s offers both physical and digital eGift cards with seamless omnichannel integration.

So while gift cards have only been around for about 15 years, they are now a core part of the Cabela’s shopping experience both online and in stores. Cabela’s gift cards help make it easy to shop Cabela’s wide assortment of outdoor gear, apparel, and footwear.

The Benefits of Checking Your Balance

Here are some of the key benefits of periodically checking your Cabela’s gift card balance:

  • Avoid surprises at checkout: By knowing your balance ahead of time, you won’t be caught off guard if you don’t have enough left on your card to cover your entire purchase.
  • Use small balances: You can use up every last dollar on your gift card by checking the balance and spending exactly the remaining amount.
  • Track multiple cards: Checking your balances helps you remember which gift card has how much money left if you have several.
  • Monitor for unauthorized use: Frequently checking can help you identify if someone has stolen and used your gift card.
  • Avoid card expiration: Gift cards don’t expire, but if you don’t use them, the company can legally apply inactivity fees. Checking your balance helps prevent this.

Knowing your current gift card balance gives you more control and ensures you get the most value out of each card. You can even consolidate several small balances onto one card by asking a store employee to transfer balances between cards.

Purchasing Cabela’s Gift Cards

Cabela’s gift cards can be purchased directly through Cabela’s in stores, online, over the phone, or using the Cabela’s mobile app. Here are some of the most common ways to buy Cabela’s gift cards:

Buy Online

On and, you can buy digital Cabela’s eGift Cards starting at $5. eGift cards are emailed to the recipient and can be redeemed online or printed to use in stores. You can also buy physical gift cards online to be shipped.

Buy In Store

Cabela’s gift cards in various denominations from $5 to $2,000 are sold at checkout counters in all Cabela’s retail stores nationwide. Pick up a stocking stuffer or large denomination card for a special outdoor enthusiast.

Buy by Phone

Call the toll-free gift card number 1-877-210-0693 and use a credit card to purchase a digital or physical Cabela’s gift card. The recipient’s email is required for eGift cards. Ordered physical cards ship for free in 3-5 business days.

Buy on Mobile App

Using the Cabela’s app for iOS or Android devices, you can conveniently purchase eGift cards right from your phone. Load up the recipient’s email, select a design and amount, and send the virtual card in seconds.

Cabela’s does not currently sell their gift cards in third party retail stores. To get official Cabela’s gift cards, you need to buy directly from Cabela’s using one of the methods above. This ensures you get authentic gift cards that can be easily checked and redeemed.

The Cabela’s Gift Card Process

Here is an overview of how the Cabela’s gift card system works, from purchase to redemption to checking the balance:

Purchasing the Card

Cabela’s gift cards are purchased at a specific dollar amount like $25, $50, etc. Options include eGift cards, physical gift cards, and custom designs. The purchaser pays the loaded dollar amount plus any applicable taxes.

Activating the Card

For physical gift cards, the card needs to be activated at the register on first use, which assigns it a unique card number. eGift cards are automatically activated when sent to the recipient’s email.

Adding Funds

Cabela’s gift cards are not reloadable. The original dollar amount purchased is the maximum that can be loaded and redeemed from each gift card.

Redeeming for Purchases

When making a purchase at Cabela’s, simply present your gift card. The dollar amount will be deducted from the card balance to pay for your transaction.

Checking the Balance

You can check your balance anytime online, by phone, or in a Cabela’s store to see your remaining dollars. The balance decreases with each redemption.


Cabela’s gift cards do not expire. The card remains valid until the balance reaches $0 through ongoing redemptions. Inactivity fees do not apply.

This straightforward process makes it easy to buy, use, track, and redeem your gift card balance. Be sure to check your balance periodically before making purchases.

Spotting Cabela’s Gift Card Scams

When buying and using Cabela’s gift cards, be on the lookout for potential scams. Here are some red flags:

  • A third-party seller offers cards at a steep discount – this could be fraudulent
  • You are asked to pay for something by putting money on a gift card – likely a scam
  • Someone calls claiming to be from Cabela’s and asks for your gift card details – do not share them
  • The back of a physical gift card looks tampered with – cards are not reloadable
  • A seller claims they can load extra funds onto a card – Cabela’s does not allow this

Only buy directly from Cabela’s and be wary of unbelievable discounts or requests to put money on a card for any purpose. Also monitor your gift card activity closely for unauthorized redemptions.

If you receive a suspicious card or believe your card has been compromised, report it to Cabela’s customer service right away so they can investigate and help protect your balance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cabela’s Gift Cards

Here are answers to some common Cabela’s gift card questions:

Are Cabela’s gift cards sold at other retailers?

No, Cabela’s does not allow third parties to sell their gift cards. Cards can only be purchased directly through Cabela’s online, by phone, in stores, or on their app.

Can I reload my Cabela’s gift card?

Unfortunately, Cabela’s gift cards are not reloadable or reusable. You would need to purchase a new gift card when the balance reaches zero.

Do Cabela’s gift cards expire?

Cabela’s gift cards have no expiration date and can be redeemed as long as there is a remaining balance, even years after purchasing.

Can I return items purchased with a Cabela’s gift card?

Yes, items can be returned or exchanged when purchased using a Cabela’s gift card. You would receive a new gift card with the refunded balance.

Does Cabela’s offer personalized or custom gift cards?

For online eGift card purchases, Cabela’s does allow you to select a custom design and personal message for the digital card. Physical gift cards have pre-set designs.

Can I use a Cabela’s gift card at Bass Pro Shops?

Yes, Cabela’s and Bass Pro gift cards can be used interchangeably at any location of either store. The companies merged in 2017.

How can I replace my lost or stolen Cabela’s gift card?

Unfortunately Cabela’s does not offer gift card replacements for lost or stolen cards. You will need to purchase a new card.


Checking your Cabela’s gift card balance is easy and important to make sure you use the full value. You can check online, by phone, or in a Cabela’s store anytime you need. Periodically checking your balance also protects you against potential gift card scams or unauthorized use. Cabela’s gift cards are versatile for shopping across outdoor gear, clothing, footwear, and more. Buy directly from Cabela’s for authentic cards, and take advantage of omnichannel redemption in stores, online, mobile, and by phone. Checking your balance takes just seconds and gives you peace of mind that your hard-earned Cabela’s dollars are protected.

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