Can we keep star fruit in fridge?

Quick Answers

Yes, star fruit can be stored in the fridge to extend its shelf life. Properly stored, whole star fruit will usually last up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Cut star fruit will keep for 3-5 days refrigerated when stored in an airtight container. Keeping star fruit refrigerated slows down ripening and prevents mold growth.

How Long Does Star Fruit Last in the Fridge?

Whole star fruit will generally last for up to 2 weeks when properly stored in the refrigerator. The optimum temperature for refrigerating star fruit is around 40°F or 4°C. At this temperature, the ripening process slows down significantly which helps extend the shelf life. Refrigeration also helps retain moisture and prevents the growth of mold.

Cut star fruit has a shorter fridge life of about 3-5 days. Once the fruit is cut open, it is more susceptible to moisture loss and mold growth. Place cut pieces in an airtight container or ziplock bag before refrigerating. Removing excess moisture by patting with paper towels will also help prevent spoilage.

Signs that Star Fruit has Gone Bad

Here are some signs that indicate your star fruit has spoiled and should be discarded:

– Mold growth. You may see fuzzy white or gray mold on the surface. This is one of the most obvious signs of spoilage.

– Sliminess. Spoiled star fruit becomes overly soft and slimy to the touch.

– Off odors. Fresh star fruit is very fragrant. A fermented, sour, or unpleasant smell is a clear giveaway that the fruit is no longer good.

– Brown discoloration. The flesh inside starts turning an unappealing brown hue.

– Shriveling. As moisture evaporates over time, the fruit starts to shrink and becomes dry and wrinkled.

Proper Storage

Follow these simple tips for storing star fruit optimally in the refrigerator:

– Inspect fruit before refrigerating. Discard any that show signs of bruising or mold.

– Wash thoroughly under running water before storage. This prevents contaminants from entering the fridge.

– Dry well using paper towels or a clean kitchen cloth. Excess moisture breeds bacteria.

– Place whole fruit in a perforated plastic bag. This maintains humidity levels.

– Cut pieces should be stored in airtight containers or bags. This prevents drying out.

– Keep refrigerated at all times at 40°F or below. Do not store at room temperature after cutting.

– Place fruits in the high-humidity crisper drawer. The low temp and high humidity help preservation.

– Consume within 2 weeks for whole fruits, 3-5 days for cut pieces. Discard any with mold or an off smell.

Benefits of Refrigeration

There are several advantages to storing star fruit in the refrigerator:

Slows Down Ripening

Ripening is a natural process involving enzymes that cause the fruit to soften, change color, and become sweeter. The cold temperature inside the fridge slows down enzyme activity. This keeps the fruit at optimal ripeness for longer.

Retains Moisture

The high humidity environment inside the fridge prevents star fruit from losing too much moisture to evaporation. This retains juiciness and prevents shriveling.

Inhibits Microbial Growth

The ability of bacteria and fungi to grow and multiply is restricted at reduced temperatures. Refrigeration prevents mold, yeasts, and other spoilage microorganisms.

Maintains Nutrient Content

Low temperatures preserve the vitamin and antioxidant content of the fruit. Exposure to heat causes these nutrients to break down more rapidly.

Extends Shelf Life

The cumulative effect of the above factors is an extended fridge life. Refrigeration can more than double how long star fruit stays fresh and consumable.

How to Tell if Star Fruit is Still Good

Here are some ways to determine if your refrigerated star fruit is still good to eat:

– Firm texture – Fresh star fruit feels firm and springy when squeezed gently. Discard fruits that feel overly soft or squishy.

– Bright, glossy appearance – The surface should look vibrant and glossy, with no visible mold, bruises or blemishes.

– Fruity aroma – Whole star fruit gives off a very pleasant sweet, fruity smell when ripe. If it smells fermented or rotten, it has spoiled.

– Plump shape – Star fruit keeps its plump, juicy shape when fresh. Shriveling, sunken areas or wrinkling are bad signs.

– Crisp flesh – The flesh inside should snap cleanly when you bite into it. If it seems mushy or stringy, it is past its prime.

– Lack of dark/brown discoloration – The inner flesh should be light yellow. Dark spots or brownish hues indicate spoilage.

– Juicy when cut – Fresh cut pieces will be very juicy. Dry or mealy flesh means the fruit is no longer good.

Trust your senses – fresh star fruit looks, smells and tastes vibrant. Discard any pieces that seem dull or off.

Other Ways to Store Star Fruit

While refrigeration is ideal, star fruit can be stored using some other methods too:

Keep at Room Temperature

Whole unripe star fruit can be left at room temperature to ripen further. Keep on the counter away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Allow to ripen until slightly soft when pressed. Once ripe, move to the fridge.

Store in a Cool Pantry

For short term storage of a few days, whole star fruit can be kept in a cool dark pantry or cellar. Ideal temperature is around 50-60°F. The fruit will continue to ripen slowly in these conditions.


Fully ripe star fruit can be frozen for long term storage. Wash and peel the fruit first. Cut into pieces and freeze in a single layer on a tray before transferring to airtight bags. Frozen pieces will keep for up to 6 months.

Can or Bottle

Star fruit can be made into jams, jellies or pickled for preservation. The high sugar or acidity allows storage for several months at room temperature after canning or bottling properly. Refrigerate after opening.


Dehydrating star fruit slices into fruit leathers, chips or powders is another storage method. Dried star fruit can be stored in airtight containers for up to a year at room temperature. Rehydrate before eating.

How to Ripen Star Fruit Faster

You can ripen hard, unripe star fruit faster using these simple tips:

– Keep at room temperature. Keep fruit on the counter instead of refrigerating. The warmth speeds up ripening.

– Place in a paper bag. The trapped ethylene gas facilitates ripening. You can add a banana or apple to increase ethylene levels.

– Wrap in newspaper. Wrapping traps ethylene similarly to a paper bag for quicker ripening. Replace the paper daily.

– Sprinkle with flour. Coating unripe fruit very lightly in flour is an old trick to accelerate ripening. Rinse before eating.

– Use ripening agents. Commercial sprays containing ethylene or calcium carbide can hasten ripening. Follow instructions carefully.

– Increase humidity. Place fruit in a perforated plastic bag with a ripe banana. The moisture also boosts ripening.

– Turn frequently. Rotating the fruit ensures even exposure to ethylene and humidity for uniform ripening.

– Keep away from cold. Do not refrigerate unripe fruit. Cold temperatures will slow down the ripening process.

In most cases, leaving the star fruit on the kitchen counter for a few days is the easiest way to ripen it faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my star fruit turn brown in the fridge?

A small amount of surface browning due to oxidation is normal on refrigerated star fruit. But excessive browning indicates the fruit is overripe or spoiled. Prevent browning by rubbing lemon juice over cut surfaces before refrigerating in an airtight container.

Can you freeze whole star fruit?

Freezing whole unripe star fruit is not recommended, as this will damage the cell structure. Only fully ripe fruits should be frozen. Wash, peel, slice, and freeze in single layers on trays before transferring to bags.

How long does star fruit last at room temperature?

Whole ripe star fruit will last 2-3 days at room temperature. Cut star fruit should be consumed within 24 hours when kept at room temperature. For extended shelf life, refrigerate after cutting.

Why are my refrigerated star fruits mushy?

Overripe or damaged star fruits may become mushy and watery in the fridge. Ensure only fresh, firm fruit is refrigerated. Store cut pieces in airtight containers and use within 3-5 days before quality deteriorates.

Can you freeze star fruit juice?

Yes, star fruit juice can be frozen successfully for long term storage. Allow to cool after juicing. Pour into ice cube trays or muffin tins before freezing solid. Transfer frozen cubes to a ziplock bag.


Star fruit can be stored optimally in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Refrigeration is key to retaining freshness and preventing spoilage. Keep whole star fruits loose in the crisper drawer. Cut pieces should be refrigerated in airtight containers. Check fruits regularly and discard any that appear moldy or mushy. With proper refrigerated storage and handling, star fruit can stay juicy and delicious for maximum enjoyment.

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