Can Miis fall in love in Miitopia?

Miitopia is a role-playing video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. In Miitopia, players create Mii characters and cast them in various fantasy roles within an overarching narrative. One of Miitopia’s most unique features is the ability for Miis to form relationships and even fall in love.

What are Miis?

Mii is short for “Mii characters.” Miis are avatar characters that players can create to represent themselves in Nintendo games and services. Players can customize their Miis by choosing hair styles, facial features, clothing, and accessories. Miis were first introduced on the Wii in 2006 and have since appeared across multiple Nintendo platforms.

Can Miis have relationships in Miitopia?

Yes, relationship building is a core part of the Miitopia experience. As Miis adventure together in parties, they can develop friendships and romantic bonds. There are several relationship levels that Miis can reach:

  • Acquaintance – The default relationship status.
  • Kindred – Miis become friends.
  • Besties – Very close friendship.
  • Sweethearts – Romantic love between Miis.
  • Soulmates – The strongest bond, destined partners.

The relationship level determines special bonuses that Miis gain when battling together, like extra attacks or stat boosts. Higher relationship levels make Miis more powerful in battle.

How do Miis fall in love in Miitopia?

There are a few ways Miis can fall for each other in the game:

  • Room sharing – Players can assign multiple Miis to share a room at an inn. When room sharing, the Miis have chances to bond and raise their relationship level through random events.
  • Traveling together – Miis in the same party who fight battles and explore together may organically develop feelings over time.
  • Player intervention – The player can actively influence relationships by choosing complimentary personality traits and designing interactions.

Once two Miis reach the Sweethearts level, they will act as a romantic couple. They gain special abilities in battle like protecting each other from attacks. As Soulmates, their power and coordination fighting together increases greatly.

Can Miis get married?

Unfortunately, there is no marriage system for Miis in Miitopia. While they can fall in love and become Sweethearts or Soulmates, they cannot get officially married. Their relationships remain at the dating level.

Some fans have expressed disappointment about the lack of Mii marriage in the game. Since Miis can have children together in the form of new randomly generated Mii babies, it would make sense for marriage to be an option as well. However, the focus is more on adventuring together than settling down.

Do relationships impact the story?

Relationships shape the overall story and gameplay progression in Miitopia in several ways:

  • Story scenes – Cutscenes and dialog may change to reflect relationships between certain Miis.
  • Secret paths – Higher relationship levels can unlock new routes and areas to explore.
  • Side quests – Special relationship side quests may open up if certain pairs become Sweethearts or Soulmates.
  • Ending – The ending sequence and credits change based on the player’s final relationship statuses.

So while relationships are not required, they allow players to see more of the hidden story content and influence the overall narrative flavor.

Can gay relationships happen?

Yes, Miis can have gay relationships with other same-gender Miis. There are no restrictions or limitations on which Miis can fall in love. Players have full freedom to create any couples they wish through room sharing, travel, and personality selections.

However, the game itself does not overtly acknowledge or make special accommodations for same-sex relationships. The relationship stages use gender-neutral terms like “Sweethearts” rather than “Boyfriend” or “Girlfriend.” But mechanically, gay and straight relationships function identically in battle bonuses and story impact.

What about other Mii relationship games?

While Miitopia has the most fleshed out relationship system, some other Mii-focused Nintendo games have basic relationship mechanics as well:

  • Tomodachi Life – Miis can become Best Friends, and adults can marry. But there are no gay relationships.
  • Wii Sports Resort – Some paired sport activities let Miis build friendships.
  • Mii Trek – Miis go on a space journey and can form bonds during adventures.

However, none have the depth of romance options seen in Miitopia. Miitopia remains the best game for players who love the social simulation aspects of Mii relationships.

Do in-game relationships carry over?

Relationships between Miis are self-contained within Miitopia. Any relationships, marriages, or bonds formed within the game do not carry over to other Mii-based games.

Each game starts relationships from scratch. So even if two Miis were Soulmates in Miitopia, if they appear in Wii Sports Resort they will not remember that bond or romantic history.

Some fans have requested the ability to transfer relationship data between Mii games. But currently Nintendo has kept each game separate in that regard.

Can you break up Miis?

There is no built-in system for having Miis break up or divorce in Miitopia. Once Miis reach Sweetheart or Soulmate status, their relationship will stay that way permanently.

Players can manually rearrange relationships by never putting matched Sweethearts or Soulmates in the same party. But the game will still recognize that previous bond if they reunite later on.

Some players have expressed desire for more complex relationship systems where Miis can fall out of love or move on to new partners over time. But the simplistic relationship structure is likely due to Nintendo aiming Miitopia as a more family-friendly game.

Do special characters fall in love?

Certain pre-defined “special” characters who join your party over the course of the story can develop relationships both with each other and your main story Miis. For example:

  • The Dark Lord can form a bond with the Great Sage.
  • The Genie can become Besties with several of your hero Miis.
  • The Prince from a faraway land can woo one of your female party members.

So special story characters do dynamically participate in the relationship system. Their predetermined personality traits steer them towards certain other characters in your party.

Can enemy monsters find love?

No, the relationship systems in Miitopia only apply to human Miis. The various monsters and creatures you encounter in the world cannot form bonds or fall in love either with each other or with your party members.

Some players think it would be an interesting twist if some monsters could befriended or even romance. However, keeping relationship building exclusive to Miis fits the lighthearted tone and target audience of Miitopia.

What are some famous Miitopia couples?

Some popular Mii pairings that players have created include:

  • Mario and Peach
  • Link and Zelda
  • Cloud and Tifa (Final Fantasy)
  • Samus and Pikachu
  • Sonic and Knuckles

Fans enjoy recreating classic gaming couples with their customized Miis. The extra abilities gained from high relationship levels work especially well when the Miis involved match a canonical romantic pairing.

Can you customize couple nicknames?

No, couple nicknames between Miis happen automatically based on their friendship level. You cannot manually customize the nicknames.

At Besties status, Miis will start addressing each other with “pal” or “buddy.” At Sweethearts, they use terms like “honey” or “dear.” And at Soulmates, they use extra affectionate names like “smoochums.”

Some players wish they could turn off the automatic nicknames or assign their own. But again, this likely conflicts with Nintendo’s target age range and content guidelines.

Do jobs impact falling in love?

Yes, a Mii’s equipped job can influence both their personality and their compatibility with other Miis. Some examples:

  • Pop Stars tend to attract any Miis in artistic jobs like Chefs and Cat.
  • Scientists will only fall for other brainy jobs like Mages.
  • Laid back jobs like vacation goers are more open in their love interests.

So a Mii’s job impacts available dialog, potential dates, and general personality traits for finding love. It adds an extra layer of role-play flavor.

Is there a way to speed up matchmaking?

If you want to fast track a Mii couple to romance, there are a few strategies that can help:

  • Choose complementary personalities when first creating the Miis.
  • Make them roommates to increase bonding opportunities.
  • Only keep the potential couple in your main party.
  • Pick jobs like Pop Star or Kind that boost romantic chances.
  • Use tickets to manually adjust any undesirable traits after creation.

With careful planning during setup and some patience through early game bonding events, you can get two Miis to Sweetheart status faster.


Romance is central to the experience of Miitopia. Through room sharing, adventuring together, and personality compatibility, Miis can organically form friendships and relationships as they journey to defeat the Dark Lord. The relationship system adds fun social elements that let players further customize their stories. And the bonds provide real gameplay advantages in the form of powerful battle buffs and unlockable story content.

While the lack of marriage options leaves some fans wanting more commitment, the overall relationship system is a fun, lighthearted experience suitable for all ages. There are ample tools for matchmaking Miis and watching romance unfold on their comedic quest. So for any players looking to not just save a fantasy world but also play a bit of cupid, Miitopia offers a satisfying chance for Mii love.

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