Can Jiren beat his own God?

Jiren is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe. He was able to easily defeat Goku and other powerful fighters during the Tournament of Power arc. However, Jiren serves a God known as Belmod. This raises an interesting question – does Jiren have the power to surpass and defeat his own God?

Who is Jiren?

Jiren is a member of the Pride Troopers, a superhero team from Universe 11. He is extremely strong and has meditated for thousands of years to attain his current level of power. Jiren does not believe in trusting anyone and only relies on his own strength. During the Tournament of Power, Jiren proved to be one of the toughest fighters by knocking out many powerful combatants like Goku, Hit, and Android 17 with relative ease.

Jiren’s Abilities

Here are some of Jiren’s notable abilities and powers:

  • Immense strength and speed – He could move faster than Ultra Instinct Goku and overpower him in hand-to-hand combat
  • Ki control – Jiren has perfect control over his ki energy. He can unleash powerful blasts and barriers with precise control.
  • Power Impact – His ultimate move where he concentrates all his power into a single punch or blast
  • Flight – He can fly and maneuver effectively in combat
  • Enhanced senses – Jiren can sense even the slightest movements and energy shifts around him

With his intense training and meditations, Jiren has attained power rivaling that of a Destroyer. He is regarded as the strongest mortal warrior in Universe 11.

Who is Belmod?

Belmod is the God of Destruction for Universe 11. As a God of Destruction, his power far exceeds that of mortals. Some key facts about Belmod:

  • He is millions of years old and has access to the powerful energy of destruction.
  • Belmod is trained in combat by his attendant and teacher Marcarita.
  • He can erase anything with a single touch. This makes him a feared deity in Universe 11.
  • Belmod is lazy and often skips his duties. But when necessary, he displays his overwhelming might.
  • Jiren and Toppo, candidate for the next God of Destruction, serve under Belmod.

Although Belmod looks lean, he is deceivingly fast and strong. Very few mortals can match a Destroyer God in combat.

Jiren vs Belmod – Who Would Win?

So can Jiren defeat Belmod and surpass his God? Let’s analyze this hypothetical matchup:

Power and Abilities

While Jiren is extremely strong for a mortal, Belmod is on a completely different level. As a God of Destruction, Belmod wields the power to erase anything and has divine techniques like Ultra Instinct at his disposal. He has access to godly ki which would allow him to overwhelm Jiren.

Belmod trained under Marcarita, the strongest angel. So he likely has superior combat skills and techniques compared to Jiren. While Jiren primarily relies on brute force, Belmod can outmaneuver him by using his angelic abilities.

Overall, Belmod has the edge over Jiren in terms of raw power, abilities, and divine techniques.


Jiren has meditated for thousands of years to attain his current level of strength. He has faced many powerful foes during his time as a Pride Trooper. However, Belmod has lived for millions of years and fought in numerous battles as Universe 11’s Destroyer.

Additionally, Belmod’s training under Marcarita exposed him to angelic combat forms and skills. While Jiren is relatively inexperienced compared to a millions-year old Destroyer God.

So in terms of fighting experience, Belmod vastly outclasses Jiren.


Jiren has an unwavering commitment to strength and solitude. He believes true strength comes from one’s self. This mindset has allowed him to meditate and push his capabilities to their limits.

On the other hand, Belmod is quite lazy and self-indulgent as a Destroyer. He skips his duties frequently and only acts when he feels he absolutely has to. However, when forced to fight, Belmod can be a merciless and efficient destroyer.

Both have extreme conviction in their beliefs. But Belmod’s inherent nature as a God of Destruction makes him much more suited for combat and taking lives. Jiren avoids killing if possible. This difference in mindset gives Belmod the advantage.


Jiren’s motivation comes from his tragic past where his loved ones were killed. He now strives to gain strength for himself and never rely on anyone else. During the Tournament of Power, his motivation was to obtain the Super Dragon Balls and wish for mortal strength reigning supreme over the Gods.

Belmod’s motivations are less clear. As a Destroyer, he seems to enjoy his role and the power that comes with it. In a hypothetical fight against Jiren, his motivation would likely be stopping anyone who threatens the authority of the Gods.

Both have strong convictions. But Belmod has the benefit of billions of years of destroyer experience over Jiren’s relatively recent motivations. This gives the Destroyer a slight edge in terms of underlying motivation.


Based on this analysis, Belmod would likely defeat Jiren in a direct clash between the two. Some key points:

  • Belmod outclasses Jiren in power, techniques, experience, and mindset as an ancient God of Destruction.
  • Jiren is mentally formidable but he cannot match Belmod’s billions of years as Universe 11’s destroyer.
  • Belmod has far greater ki control and a wider range of abilities granted by his divine status.
  • Jiren has yet to unlock Ultra Instinct which Belmod likely knows given his angel master.
  • The only advantage Jiren has is recent combat experience which is not enough against a destroyer.

Belmod defeats Jiren high difficulty. While Jiren can put up an impressive fight, Belmod simply has too much experience and divine techniques at his disposal. He is also a prodigy trained by an angel who far surpasses Jiren.

Could Jiren Defeat Belmod?

While unlikely, there are some scenarios where Jiren could defeat Belmod:

  • If Jiren unlocks Ultra Instinct, he could match Belmod’s power.
  • If Belmod is caught severely off-guard, Jiren’s Power Impact could damage him.
  • If Jiren gets a massive zenkai boost mid-fight, he could potentially overpower Belmod.
  • If Jiren recruits Toppo who also has God of Destruction energy.
  • If Jiren sacrifices himself in a mutual destruction to take down Belmod.

However, all those conditions would be quite unlikely in a fair 1v1 matchup between them. Belmod is simply on a much higher tier compared to Jiren currently. Perhaps if Jiren trains for millions of more years and unlocks Ultra Instinct, he could pose a legitimate threat to his God.

Who is More Powerful – Jiren or Broly?

Broly is one of the most powerful mortal warriors in Universe 7. His power surpasses that of Jiren at his maximum rampage. Here is how Jiren and Broly compare:

Base Forms

Fighter Power Speed Durability
Jiren 9/10 8/10 10/10
Broly 7/10 6/10 8/10

In their base forms, Jiren outclasses Broly in power, speed, and durability. He was able to shrug off blows from Ultra Instinct Sign Goku.

Enraged State

Fighter Power Speed Durability
Jiren 10/10 9/10 10/10
Broly 10/10 8/10 9/10

When enraged, both fighters reach incredible levels of power and speed. However, Jiren maintains an edge in terms of combat speed and durability.


While Broly can match Jiren’s maximum power output, he loses out in other key areas like speed, durability, and techniques. Jiren also does not lose control of his power like Broly does.

Overall, Jiren has superior base strength, a greater mastery over his power, and higher combat speed. This gives him the advantage over Broly who is more of a berserker-type unfocused fighter.

Can Mortals Surpass Gods in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super introduced the concept that mortals can potentially surpass the power of Gods through intense training. Here is an analysis if this is achievable:

Current State

Currently, no mortal has truly surpassed a God of Destruction or Angel. However, there are mortals who can at least compete with Gods:

  • Jiren is stronger than his God Belmod
  • Broly could potentially defeat a Destroyer at full power
  • Goku and Vegeta have Divine Saiyan forms that let them reach God levels
  • Hit, Toppo and others are relative to Destroyer levels

So while no mortal has definitively surpassed a God yet, they are getting closer.

Requirements to Surpass Gods

For a mortal to surpass Gods, they would need:

  • Divine ki training to access God energy
  • Mastery of angelic techniques like Ultra Instinct
  • Billions of years of intense training to match divine experience
  • Unlocking of new transformations and zenkais
  • A suitable God rival to drive their limits

It is an extremely difficult task. But candidates like Goku, Vegeta, Broly and Jiren have the potential if they meet the above requirements.

Is it Possible?

Surpassing the Gods is likely possible but extremely difficult. No mortal currently has all the requirements. However, Goku and Vegeta continue to break their limits. Given billions of years, it is plausible they could reach Destroyer or Angel levels through Divine Saiyan forms, Ultra Instinct, God ki, and new transformations.

In the future, we may potentially see mortals who can surpass the 12 Gods of Destruction or even the ruling Angels. It depends how far Goku and Vegeta can push themselves.


To summarize key points:

  • Jiren is currently weaker than his God Belmod
  • Belmod defeats Jiren in a hypothetical fight due to divine power and billions of years more experience
  • Jiren can only beat Belmod via Ultra Instinct or a lucky ambush
  • Jiren is superior to Broly in most categories except for maximum power
  • No mortal has yet surpassed a God, but the potential exists for Goku, Vegeta or others to reach that level

While Jiren cannot defeat his God Belmod now, he represents the immense power mortals can achieve through training. If Jiren unlocks Ultra Instinct and trains for millions more years, he could have a chance at surpassing his Destroyer. Other mortals have the same potential to break their limits and reach divine levels of power.

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