Can I put my eBay account on vacation?

Putting your eBay account on vacation mode is a feature offered by eBay that allows sellers to temporarily suspend their listings and sales activity. This can be useful if you need to take a break from selling for a period of time, such as going on vacation, dealing with health issues, or any other situation where you need to pause your eBay sales.

What does vacation mode do?

When you put your eBay account into vacation mode, all of your active listings will be ended immediately. Buyers will no longer be able to purchase your items or bid on your auctions. Any pending sales or auction listings will also be canceled. Essentially, it puts your entire selling operation on hold temporarily.

In addition, while your account is in vacation mode, you cannot create any new listings. So it completely stops any selling activity until you turn off vacation mode. However, you will still be able to access your eBay account during this time. You can check messages, update account settings, revise listings before reactivating them, etc.

How do I put my eBay account on vacation?

Putting your eBay account into vacation mode is easy to do through the eBay website:

  1. Go to the My eBay Overview page and find the “Go on vacation” link.
  2. Click the “Go on vacation” link. This will open the vacation mode page.
  3. Select the start and end dates for your vacation mode timeframe.
  4. Choose whether you want to add vacation mode to only certain selling sites or all sites.
  5. Click the “Go on vacation” button to confirm.

Once you complete these steps, your account will switch into vacation mode until the end date you specified. All of your listings will end, and your account will essentially deactivate for sales during that period.

How long can I put my account on vacation?

You can place your eBay account on vacation mode for a maximum of 90 consecutive days. The vacation period must be at least 3 days long but cannot exceed 90 days in a row. If you need more time beyond 90 days, you will have to end vacation mode and then re-enable it for another 90 day period.

What happens to my listings?

As soon as you activate vacation mode, all of your active listings will end immediately. Buyers will no longer be able to buy the items. If you have auction-style listings in progress, those will be canceled automatically.

You will not have to end your listings manually or relist when you return from vacation. eBay will save drafts of your active listings. After your vacation period ends, eBay will automatically reactivate your listings so they become live again.

However, there are a few caveats to be aware of:

  • Listing renewal and reactivation is not guaranteed, so some listings may not renew properly.
  • Any promoted listings will not be automatically reactivated.
  • Listings ending during the vacation period cannot be relisted until after vacation mode ends.

So you may still have some work to do to get your listings back up and running smoothly after vacation mode. But in general, eBay tries to make reactivating your account as seamless as possible.

Can I still access my eBay account on vacation?

Yes, you can still sign in to your eBay account and access most features while your listings are in vacation mode. Some of the key things you can still do include:

  • Check your messages and respond to buyers
  • Modify your account settings
  • Revise draft listings before reactivating
  • Pay eBay fees
  • Add tracking information for recent sales
  • Issue refunds

However, you won’t be able to list new items, sell anything, or use certain selling features until after your vacation mode ends. But for the most part, you’ll still have access to manage your account.

Can I cancel vacation mode early?

Yes, you can cancel your eBay vacation mode at any time if you want to resume selling before the scheduled end date. To do so:

  1. Go to the My eBay Overview page
  2. Find the link that says “Come back Early from Vacation”
  3. Click this link and confirm that you want to deactivate vacation mode

As soon as you cancel vacation mode, your listings will be reactivated and made live again. You can then resume selling as normal. There is no penalty for ending vacation early – you can toggle vacation mode on and off as needed.

What about my buyer requirements?

As a seller, you may have certain requirements that buyers must meet to purchase your items, such as:

  • Minimum buyer feedback score
  • Buyers registered on eBay for a certain period
  • Buyers located in specific countries

When your account enters vacation mode, these buyer requirements will remain in place. eBay will continue blocking buyers who do not meet your criteria from purchasing your listings – even while you are “on vacation”.

So you do not have to worry about changing your buyer requirements before going on vacation. eBay will enforce them automatically until your listings become active again.

Are there any fees to use vacation mode?

No, eBay does not charge any additional fees for using the vacation mode feature. You can place your account on vacation and reactivate it later without incurring any extra costs.

However, you will still owe eBay fees for any final value fees, listing fees, subscription costs, or other charges you normally incur as a seller that were accrued before you went on vacation. Those standard selling fees still apply as usual.

Are there restrictions on using vacation mode?

eBay does prohibit excessive use of vacation mode for long periods of time. If you frequently put your account on vacation for the maximum 90 days in a row, eBay may restrict your ability to use vacation mode going forward.

The specific limits include:

  • No more than 90 days in vacation mode per 180 day period
  • No more than 180 days in vacation mode per 365 day period

As long as you follow those guidelines and do not overuse the vacation feature, you should have no issues. eBay wants to make sure sellers are actually selling regularly, not just avoiding sales for extended periods while still appearing active.

What about seller metrics and search standing?

Using vacation mode will pause your eBay selling activity, so it can temporarily affect your seller metrics and search standing if used for long periods. However, eBay states that it tries to minimize any negative impacts when possible.

For example, eBay may exclude certain metrics like your sales numbers and order defect rate from calculations during any vacation. This helps prevent your seller status from being harmed. Your Best Match search standing may drop slightly during vacation mode, but should recover after you return.

So while your metrics can be influenced, eBay does aim to mitigate adverse effects if you are an established seller using vacation mode legitimately. Just be aware that an extended vacation can impact your performance measurements.

What are the pros of using vacation mode?

Some of the potential benefits of placing your eBay account on vacation include:

  • Taking a break from selling – Vacation mode lets you take a temporary hiatus from eBay without ending all listings manually.
  • Preventing declines in metrics – Vacation mode means your eBay seller ratings cannot drop during the break.
  • Reducing work later – Your listings automatically renew, minimizing work when you return.
  • Lowering fees – You avoid final value fees while not actively selling.
  • Regaining eligibility – Lets you take time off to meet policy requirements if needed.

What are the cons of using vacation mode?

Some potential downsides of putting your eBay account on vacation include:

  • Loss of sales – No sales means no revenue generated during the vacation period.
  • Lower search placement – Best Match ranking may drop slightly while away.
  • Fewer listing enhancements – Promoted listings do not auto-renew.
  • Need to still manage account – You may still have to handle issues, refunds, etc.
  • Higher workload after – You’ll still have listings to possibly fix upon return.

Key Considerations Before Using Vacation Mode

Here are some important things to keep in mind before putting your eBay account on vacation mode:

  • Renew and revise listings beforehand – Renew expiring listings and update listings with fresh details to maximize performance when your account reactivates.
  • Promote final listings – Consider promoting some listings to increase visibility before your vacation starts.
  • Adjust handling time – Increase your shipping handling time to account for when you plan to return.
  • Add vacation info to profiles – Update your eBay profile and listings to share vacation details with buyers.
  • Change payment methods – Temporarily switch automatic payments to manual to avoid incurring fees.
  • Review reactivation rules – Check eBay’s policy so inactive sellers transition smoothly when returning.

Can I use vacation mode if I’m suspended?

Unfortunately, no – eBay prohibits the use of vacation mode if your account is suspended. Sellers who are suspended cannot put their account on vacation to pause listings.

The reason is that eBay suspends sellers only for serious policy violations. Allowing suspended sellers to utilize vacation mode would essentially let them bypass the account restrictions and penalties imposed by the suspension.

So if your account is suspended when you attempt to activate vacation mode, you will receive an error message that you are ineligible. You must resolve the underlying suspension issue and have your selling privileges fully reinstated before vacation mode can be used.

What happens after vacation mode ends?

Here is what to expect when your eBay vacation period finishes and your account exits vacation mode:

  • Active listings will automatically renew and relist (if eligible).
  • Any pending sales during vacation will complete.
  • You can create new listings again as normal.
  • Buyers will be able to purchase your items again.
  • Seller metrics like DSRs will start calculating again.
  • You may need to fix any listings that didn’t renew properly.

So your account will essentially pick up where it left off. Be sure to check for any issues with renewals, address any pending transactions from vacation, and get your new listings posted once vacation mode disables.


Using eBay’s vacation mode feature allows sellers to easily take time off from selling without ending all listings manually. It suspends all sales activity temporarily until a specified return date. While on vacation, sellers cannot list or sell anything new.

Vacation mode can be useful for breaks, but does lead to lost sales opportunities and other potential impacts. Make sure to prepare your account before vacation to maximize performance on return. With some planning, vacation mode provides an effective way to manage an eBay hiatus.

Pros Cons
  • Take a break from selling
  • Prevent metrics from declining
  • Listings renew automatically
  • Lower fees during vacation
  • Lose out on sales
  • Search placement may drop
  • Promoted listings don’t auto-renew
  • May still need to manage account

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