Are Sonic breakfast burritos healthy?

Breakfast burritos from fast food chains like Sonic often seem like a convenient and tasty option for starting your day. But are they actually a nutritious choice?

Are Sonic breakfast burritos high in calories?

Yes, Sonic breakfast burritos tend to be high in calories. For example, a regular Sonic Breakfast Burrito with sausage, egg and cheese contains 730 calories. The burritos are made with flour tortillas and filled with ingredients like sausage, bacon, or ham along with eggs and cheese, which all pack a lot of calories into one handheld meal.

Do Sonic breakfast burritos contain nutrients?

Sonic breakfast burritos do contain some nutrients from ingredients like eggs, cheese, potatoes, and meat. The eggs provide protein, the cheese offers calcium, the potatoes contain some fiber and vitamins, and the meat adds protein and iron. However, the overall nutritional value of the burritos is not that high considering their high calorie counts.

Are Sonic breakfast burritos high in fat?

Yes, Sonic breakfast burritos are high in fat, especially saturated fat. The flour tortilla, cheese, eggs, and meat all contribute significant amounts of fat. For example, a standard sausage, egg and cheese burrito contains 37g total fat, including 15g saturated fat, which is a very high amount in one meal.

Do Sonic breakfast burritos have a lot of carbs?

Sonic breakfast burritos are also very high in carbs, mainly from the large flour tortilla used to wrap the fillings. A regular breakfast burrito contains around 60-70g carbs. Much of this comes from the tortilla itself, and these are refined carbs rather than healthier complex carbs.

Are Sonic breakfast burritos high in sodium?

Yes, like many fast food breakfast items, Sonic breakfast burritos tend to be very high in sodium. The sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese add a lot of sodium. A standard breakfast burrito contains around 1500mg sodium. The daily recommended limit is 2300mg, so one burrito contains well over half of the maximum daily amount.

Do Sonic breakfast burritos contain preservatives?

Sonic does not publish full ingredient lists for its menu items, but breakfast burritos from fast food chains typically contain preservatives like sodium phosphate, sodium nitrite, and sulfites. These are used to preserve the meat and extend shelf life. It’s best to limit intake of food with preservatives when possible.

Are Sonic breakfast burritos made with processed ingredients?

Yes, Sonic breakfast burritos contain several processed ingredients, like:

  • Refined flour in tortillas
  • Processed American cheese
  • Cured, processed meats like bacon or sausage
  • Pre-made potato hash browns

These types of processed ingredients are associated with worse health when consumed regularly. Making breakfast burritos at home with whole food ingredients results in a healthier meal.

Do Sonic breakfast burritos have trans fats?

It is unlikely that Sonic breakfast burritos still contain any trans fats. In 2015, the FDA set a three-year limit for food manufacturers to remove all trans fats from products. Most fast food chains including Sonic reformulated their menu items to remove trans fats within this timeframe.

Can Sonic breakfast burritos cause weight gain?

Yes, regularly eating Sonic breakfast burritos can contribute to weight gain in a few ways:

  • They are high in calories, fat, and refined carbs, which can easily cause you to overeat calories.
  • The refined carbs cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar, leaving you hungry again sooner.
  • The high sodium causes water retention, which contributes to a feeling of bloating and weight gain.

Occasional Sonic breakfast burritos are fine, but making them a regular habit is likely to result in weight gain over time due to excess, empty calories.

Do Sonic breakfast burritos contain cholesterol?

Yes, Sonic breakfast burritos contain high amounts of cholesterol due to ingredients like eggs, cheese, and fatty meats. A standard burrito contains around 285mg cholesterol. The daily recommended limit for cholesterol intake is 300mg. So just one burrito exceeds the maximum advised daily cholesterol intake.

Can Sonic breakfast burritos increase heart disease risk?

On their own, Sonic breakfast burritos are unlikely to directly cause heart disease. However, regularly consuming any food high in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol can contribute to increasing your risk of heart disease over the long term. Foods associated with heart health include fiber-rich whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Do Sonic breakfast burritos have probiotics?

No, Sonic breakfast burritos do not contain any probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria and yeasts found in fermented foods or supplements. They can help improve gut health. The ingredients in Sonic breakfast burritos do not naturally contain or are not fortified with any probiotics.

Are Sonic breakfast burritos gluten-free?

No, Sonic breakfast burritos contain gluten. They are made with flour tortillas, which contain gluten from wheat. The potato hash browns may also contain gluten depending on if they are prepared with wheat-based batter. The burritos do not use gluten-free tortillas or gluten-free ingredients.

Can you make a healthy Sonic breakfast burrito?

You can make a healthier version of a breakfast burrito at home by using the following swaps:

  • Replace flour tortilla with a whole wheat or cauliflower tortilla
  • Use lean turkey sausage or soyrizo instead of pork sausage
  • Load up on veggies like mushrooms, peppers, spinach
  • Use just egg whites instead of whole eggs
  • Replace cheese with avocado or Greek yogurt
  • Use hot sauce or salsa for flavor instead of salt

Making your own breakfast burrito allows you to control the ingredients and create a more nutritious on-the-go meal.

Are Sonic breakfast burritos suitable for diets?

Sonic breakfast burritos would not be suitable for many common diet plans, including:

  • Gluten-free: Burritos contain flour tortillas with gluten.
  • Paleo: Burritos contain dairy, legumes, and grains which are restricted.
  • Keto: Burritos are very high carb and would exceed keto limits.
  • Low-sodium: Burritos are very high in sodium content.
  • Low-cholesterol: Burritos are high in cholesterol from eggs and cheese.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan: Burritos contain eggs, cheese and meat ingredients.

Those following restrictive diets may be able to modify burritos to suit their needs by removing problem ingredients and substituting others.

Are Sonic breakfast burritos nutritious?

Overall Sonic breakfast burritos are not very nutritious, despite containing protein, carbs, and some vitamins and minerals. The negatives outweigh the positives:

Pros Cons
  • Contain some protein
  • Have a little calcium
  • Provide B vitamins
  • Offer some quick energy
  • Very high in calories and fat
  • Loaded with refined carbs
  • Excessive sodium content
  • High cholesterol
  • Lack fiber
  • Mostly processed ingredients

There are far more nutrient-dense breakfast options than Sonic burritos.


Sonic breakfast burritos are convenient but they are loaded with calories, refined carbs, sodium, and cholesterol. The high amount of processed ingredients and lack of fiber and nutrients make them more of an unhealthy treat rather than nutritious breakfast. Choosing burritos from fast food chains too often can lead to weight gain and negative health effects over time. You’re better off creating homemade breakfast burritos using more wholesome ingredients.

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