Are smoothie Skittles discontinued?

Smoothie Skittles were a variety of Skittles candy produced by Mars Wrigley Confectionery and first introduced in 2013. The smoothie-inspired variety consisted of 5 fruit flavors – Strawberry Banana, Orange Mango, Kiwi Lime, Peach Pear, and Raspberry Melon. The candies were brightly colored with light pastel hues and had a creamy texture, meant to mimic the thick consistency of blended fruit smoothies.

The Discontinuation of Smoothie Skittles

Smoothie Skittles were initially released as a limited edition product in 2013. They were brought back for additional limited releases in 2014 and 2015 due to popularity. However, after 2015, Smoothie Skittles seemingly disappeared from store shelves and have not been rereleased since then.

Mars Wrigley has not officially announced that Smoothie Skittles have been permanently discontinued. However, the product has been absent from stores for over 7 years now. The Smoothie Skittles product page is no longer active on the Skittles website. And multiple media outlets have reported over the years that Smoothie Skittles are no longer being produced.

So while not definitively confirmed, all signs point to Smoothie Skittles having been quietly discontinued sometime after their last limited release in 2015.

Why Were Smoothie Skittles Potentially Discontinued?

While Mars Wrigley has not provided an official reason for Smoothie Skittles’ apparent discontinuation, there are some potential factors that may have contributed to the decision:

  • Lackluster sales – As a limited release product, Smoothie Skittles may not have met sales expectations to warrant becoming a permanent addition to the Skittles lineup.
  • Cannibalization – Smoothie Skittles may have ended up competing too directly with and cannibalizing sales of Original Skittles, which are Mars’ most popular Skittles variety.
  • Manufacturing costs – The creamy smoothie-like texture and light pastel colors of Smoothie Skittles likely made them more expensive to produce compared to regular Skittles.
  • Limited appeal – While initially popular, the smoothie concept may have lacked long-term appeal to sustain ongoing sales after the novelty wore off.

Discontinuing products that are not meeting sales and profit goals is a common practice for food manufacturers. While fans may be disappointed, Mars likely made the call to discontinue Smoothie Skittles based on business considerations.

Were Smoothie Skittles Successful When First Released?

When Smoothie Skittles first hit stores in 2013, they did appear to be a big success. The product generated significant hype and media buzz leading up to the release. Many consumers were eager to try the creamsicle-inspired spin on the classic Skittles candy.

Initial reviews of Smoothie Skittles when they launched were overwhelmingly positive. Fans praised the smooth, creamy texture that lived up to the smoothie concept. The lighter fruit flavors were a refreshing take compared to the bolder original Skittles. And the bright, summery pastel colors added to the appeal.

Smoothie Skittles helped bolster Skittles sales during their launch period in 2013. Mars likely would not have brought Smoothie Skittles back for subsequent limited releases in 2014 and 2015 if the product had not seen strong initial success and demand from customers.

However, product launches often benefit from the buzz and excitement of being something new. While Smoothie Skittles achieved great short-term success, it seems sales during its limited releases were not enough to make Smoothie Skittles viable as an ongoing addition to the Skittles family. The smoothie concept may have lost appeal after its initial novelty wore off among consumers.

What Were the Flavors in Smoothie Skittles?

Smoothie Skittles came in 5 light, creamy fruit flavors designed to mimic popular smoothie ingredients:

  • Strawberry Banana – Pale pink candies with a mild strawberry banana flavor
  • Orange Mango – Soft orange candies with a tropical orange and mango taste
  • Kiwi Lime – Light green candies with a sweet kiwi lime flavor
  • Peach Pear – Yellow candies with a juicy peach and pear flavor
  • Raspberry Melon – Pastel green candies with a raspberry and honeydew melon flavor

The flavor combinations were designed to replicate popular fruit smoothie blends. They delivered lighter, more subtle fruit flavors compared to Original Skittles to match the creamy texture.

Nutrition Facts for Smoothie Skittles

Here are the nutrition facts for 1 ounce (approx. 61 pieces) of Smoothie Skittles:

Nutrient Amount
Calories 160
Total Fat 0 g
Sodium 25 mg
Total Carbohydrate 41 g
Sugar 32 g
Protein 0 g

Smoothie Skittles were similar in nutritional content to regular Skittles. They were low fat but packed with sugar at 8 grams per serving. The creamy filling did not provide any significant nutritional benefits over Original Skittles.

What Was the Texture Like of Smoothie Skittles?

The standout feature of Smoothie Skittles that distinguished them from regular Skittles was the uniquely soft, creamy texture.

While original Skittles have a hard sugar shell, Smoothie Skittles had a much softer exterior that was designed to mimic a thick, creamy frozen smoothie. When chewed, they broke down into a smooth, creamy consistency to deliver the sensation of eating an actual blended fruit smoothie.

Reviewers often described the texture as similar to a creamsicle or ice cream. The shells gave way to a soft, fruity center that provided a unique mouthfeel for a candy. Some compliments on the texture included:

  • “It’s like a delicious creamsicle in candy form!”
  • “They have an incredibly smooth, creamy texture that melts in your mouth.”
  • “The soft filling really nails the smoothie experience.”

The innovative smoothie-inspired texture was a hit with customers and set Smoothie Skittles apart from other candy options. However, it was likely more expensive and challenging for Mars to produce compared to regular Skittles, which may have factored into the decision to discontinue them.

What Did Fans Think of Smoothie Skittles?

During their limited releases from 2013-2015, Smoothie Skittles received glowing reviews and feedback from candy fans:

  • They loved the unique creamy, smoothie-like texture
  • The lighter fruit flavors were a nice change from original Skittles
  • The pastel color schemes fit well with the smoothie concept
  • They enjoyed mixing and matching the flavors
  • The combo of soft texture and fruity flavors made Smoothie Skittles unique and fun

Here are some direct quotes from Smoothie Skittles fans:

“The flavors are really spot-on – each one tastes like an actual smoothie flavor!”

“I love that they aren’t as crazy-sour and artificial tasting as regular Skittles.”

“These remind me of warm weather and chilling by the pool with a fruit smoothie in hand.”

“The soft texture makes them so addictive and fun to eat. I wish they weren’t just limited edition!”

“These are my new favorite candy – please make them a permanent thing!”

Clearly, Smoothie Skittles amassed a dedicated fan base during their brief tenure. Their unique concept and execution generated significant enthusiasm amongst candy lovers. Many fans were no doubt disappointed when Smoothie Skittles disappeared from stores and have been hoping for their return ever since.

Did Smoothie Skittles Sell Well Commercially?

Although Smoothie Skittles attained cult status and popularity among candy fans, it appears they may not have sold quite well enough commercially to become a permanent Skittles variety.

As a limited batch product, Smoothie Skittles likely saw strong sales during their release windows in 2013, 2014 and 2015. However, the sales performance may not have remained high enough outside of those promotional windows to sustain ongoing production.

Compared to Skittles’ core product lines that sell steadily year-round, Smoothie Skittles would have depended more on novelty appeal and impulse purchases. While creative, Smoothie Skittles represented a deviation from Skittles’ classic candy formula that likely limited its broad commercial success.

Additionally, Smoothie Skittles may have overlapped too much with Original Skittles in terms of target audience and consumption occasions. That could have led to Smoothie Skittles cannibalizing sales of Original Skittles, which are one of Mars’ most popular and profitable confections.

At the end of the day, candy is a business. And for Smoothie Skittles, the fun concept and positive reception ultimately did not outweigh business considerations. Their limited appeal to the general public and production costs likely led Mars to determine Smoothie Skittles could not be sustained profitably long-term.

Did Fans Petition for Smoothie Skittles to Return?

Yes, some Smoothie Skittles fans did petition Mars Wrigley to bring back Smoothie Skittles after they disappeared from stores post-2015.

A “Bring Back Smoothie Skittles!” petition on accumulated over 2,500 signatures from supporters. The petition emphasized the unique texture, enticing flavors, and fond memories associated with Smoothie Skittles. It urged Mars Wrigley to reconsider Smoothie Skittles’ discontinuation.

Smaller petitions with several hundred additional signatures popped up on other sites like PetitionBuzz and Petition2Congress. And Smoothie Skittles supporters have bombarded Mars social media pages for years requesting the return of their beloved limited edition flavor.

Mars Wrigley did not issue an official response to any Smoothie Skittles petitions. But the company has continually brought back other retired or limited edition Skittles flavors based on consumer demand, including Lime Skittles in 2017 after a 5 year hiatus.

Unfortunately for Smoothie Skittles petitioners, their grassroots campaigns did not gain enough momentum to sway Mars’ decision. But their passion demonstrates the favorable impression Smoothie Skittles made during their brief time on the market.

Were There Ever Any Smoothie Skittles Commercials?

Yes, Mars Wrigley did produce some fun commercials advertising Smoothie Skittles during their limited promotional runs.

In 2013, they released a 30-second TV commercial titled “Skittles Smoothies” depicting teenagers at a pool party mixing different colored Smoothie Skittles together into real fruit smoothies. The ad highlighted the smoothie concept and pastel colors of the new variety.

When Smoothie Skittles returned in 2014, Mars rolled out a more elaborate commercial called “The Blenders.” This imagined blending Skittles of different colors together to create explosive reactions, emphasizing the flavor combinations and smooth texture.

Both commercials relied on vibrant colors, fun visuals, and upbeat music to appeal to younger demographics and sell the concept of Skittles as fruity smoothie flavors.

While Mars has since scrubbed Smoothie Skittles ads from their official channels, fans have uploaded copies to YouTube so people can still get a feel for Smoothie Skittles’ unique branding and marketing approach compared to Original Skittles.

Where Can You Still Buy Smoothie Skittles?

Since Smoothie Skittles have been discontinued for over 7 years now, they are very difficult to find for sale through mainstream retail channels.

Occasionally, individual bags may surface on secondary markets like eBay and be listed for sale at inflated prices. But availability is very limited since no more are being actively manufactured.

Some independent candy shops or specialty retail stores may also still have old leftover stock of Smoothie Skittles that they are trying to sell off. But again, selection will be highly limited and unpredictable at any given location.

Realistically, the only way to get your hands on Smoothie Skittles in 2023 is to happen to find a forgotten old bag that someone had stashed away and is now looking to unload. But you’ll have to search hard and get lucky.

For most fans, Smoothie Skittles remain a distant memory that can’t easily be experienced again short of visiting eBay or Candy Graveyard message boards. Unfortunately, it seems dreams of fruity Skittles smoothies have melted away for the foreseeable future.

Could Smoothie Skittles Ever Come Back?

Is there still hope Smoothie Skittles could make a triumphant return to store shelves someday?

Never say never – Mars Wrigley does have a track record of reviving discontinued or limited edition Skittles products based on consumer nostalgia and demand. For example:

  • Lime Skittles came back in 2017 after a 5 year absence
  • Other retired flavors like Wild Berry have been brought back for limited releases

However, Smoothie Skittles have now been gone for over 7 years, suggesting Mars may see them as a one-and-done novelty product. At this point, a comeback seems unlikely without a massive resurgence of interest and pressure from Skittles die-hards.

But if a viral social media campaign got buzz around Smoothie Skittles percolating again, Mars could theoretically reconsider. They do like to capitalize on nostalgia marketing opportunities.

Smoothie Skittles also represent a unique product differentiation that could stand out on shelves awash with candy choices. The smoothie concept and texture was innovative – it could attract interest again today.

Demand is out there if Mars wanted to tap into it – the Smoothie Skittles petitions show a core fan base still clamoring. But manufacturing and distribution costs may simply be too high for Mars now relative to potential sales.

In the end, Smoothie Skittles returning would require the stars aligning perfectly from a business perspective. It’s not impossible, but far from a given. Fans should temper expectations but not abandon hope completely.


Smoothie Skittles were a hit novelty item during their brief limited run from 2013-2015. Their soft, creamy texture that mimicked fruit smoothies delighted fans and delivered a uniquely fun candy experience. However, high production costs and likely marginal long-term sales potential led Mars Wrigley to quietly discontinue Smoothie Skittles as a permanent product line.

Dedicated fans still clamor for their return through online petitions and campaigns. But thus far their efforts have been unsuccessful, and Smoothie Skittles remain discontinued since 2015 with no clear indication they will ever come back. Locating any leftover bags for purchase online is possible but challenging.

While their future prospects seem doubtful, Smoothie Skittles did leave their mark as an inventive candy concept that generated enthusiasm during a short but memorable lifespan. They represent a creative high point for Skittles flavor innovation and perhaps one day could inspire similar bold experimentation again down the road.

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