Are DQ Blizzards dairy free?

Quick Answer

No, DQ Blizzards are not dairy free. DQ Blizzards contain dairy ingredients like milk, cream, or yogurt. The soft serve ice cream base and many Blizzard flavor mix-ins contain dairy. However, it may be possible to request a non-dairy substitute, like a soy-based soft serve and fruit mix-ins. But standard DQ Blizzards are not dairy-free.

In-depth Answer

Dairy Queen is known for its signature soft serve ice cream treats, especially the beloved Blizzard. This thick, creamy frozen dessert starts with the chain’s vanilla soft serve base. Soft serve is made from ingredients like milk, cream, and sweeteners. So right off the bat, the foundation of any Blizzard contains dairy.

On top of the soft serve, Blizzards feature mix-in ingredients ranging from candies to cookies to fruit. Some of the most popular Blizzard flavors include:

  • Oreo Cookies n’ Cream
  • M&M’s
  • Heath Bar
  • Butterfinger
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  • Snickers

Most of these mix-ins do not contain dairy. For example, the Oreo cookies, M&M’s candies, and Butterfinger pieces are dairy-free. However, some Blizzard flavors do feature dairy-based mix-ins:

  • Strawberry Cheesecake – contains cheesecake pieces with cream cheese
  • Turtle Pecan Cluster – contains pecans and caramel made with dairy ingredients
  • Banana Cream Pie – contains real banana and vanilla pudding made with milk

So in summary, all DQ Blizzards start with a base of soft serve ice cream that contains milk and cream. Many Blizzards also feature dairy-based mix-ins in some flavors. So no, standard Blizzards served at Dairy Queen are not dairy-free.

Can you get dairy-free Blizzards?

Dairy Queen restaurants do not currently offer any dairy-free Blizzard options on their standard menu. All Blizzards are made with the classic soft serve base that contains milk and cream.

However, some DQ locations may be able to accommodate requests for dairy-free Blizzards:

  • Non-dairy soft serve – Some DQs may have access to dairy-free soft serve options like soy, coconut, or sorbet. Requesting a non-dairy soft serve provides a dairy-free Blizzard base.
  • Fruit/candy mix-ins – Asking for only fruit and candy mix-ins, without any dairy-based ingredients, can result in a dairy-free Blizzard.
  • Allergy information – Dairy Queen employees should be able to provide ingredient and allergen information to help customize a dairy-free Blizzard.

The availability of dairy-free options depends on each individual DQ location. Some may not have access to non-dairy soft serve or may not be able to prevent cross-contamination. Contact your local Dairy Queen to see if they can accommodate a customized dairy-free Blizzard.

Which Blizzard flavors are dairy-free?

There are no Blizzard flavors on the standard DQ menu that are guaranteed to be dairy-free. As discussed above, all contain dairy soft serve as the base, and many also contain dairy mix-ins.

However, some Blizzard flavors can more easily be customized to be dairy-free by only including non-dairy mix-in ingredients:

  • M&M’s
  • Heath Bar
  • Oreo Cookies n’ Cream
  • Butterfinger
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Fruit flavors like Strawberry and Blue Raspberry with no cheesecake pieces

Again, this depends on the restaurant having access to non-dairy soft serve alternatives. Some locations may not be able to guarantee dairy-free preparation. Check with your local Dairy Queen before ordering a customized dairy-free Blizzard.

What makes DQ Blizzards non dairy-free?

Here is a summary of the main dairy ingredients used in DQ Blizzards:

Soft Serve Base

  • Milk – Provides creamy texture and sweet flavor
  • Cream – Adds richness and fat content
  • Whey – A protein component derived from milk during cheesemaking
  • Sweeteners – Often lactose and milk-derived

Flavor Mix-Ins

  • Pudding – Made with milk and milk ingredients
  • Cheesecake – Contains cream cheese made from milk
  • Caramel – Often contains butter, milk, or cream
  • Pecans – Roasted with butter
  • Cookie dough – Contains butter, milk, and whey

As you can see, dairy ingredients are deeply ingrained into the classic DQ Blizzard recipe. Between the soft serve base and many creamy or milk-based mix-ins, it’s very difficult to get a 100% dairy-free Blizzard without customization.

Dairy-Free Alternatives to DQ Blizzards

If you want a thick, milkshake-like frozen treat but need to avoid dairy, here are some tips for alternatives to DQ Blizzards:

Make Your Own

Making homemade “ice cream” is a great option to control the ingredients. Here are some recipes to try:

  • Banana Soft Serve: Blend frozen bananas into a creamy “nice” cream
  • Coconut Milk Ice Cream: Full fat coconut milk blended with fruit makes a rich non-dairy ice cream
  • Avocado Pudding: Blended frozen avocado with cocoa powder and sweetener is dairy-free “soft serve”

You can also make DIY Blizzard-style treats by topping your homemade non-dairy ice cream with your favorite fruits, candies, or other mix-ins.

Non-Dairy Store Bought Options

Many grocery stores now carry non-dairy ice cream options, including:

  • So Delicious – dairy-free flavors like cashew, almond, coconut, oat, and soy
  • Halo Top – dairy-free fruit and chocolate flavors
  • Yasso – dairy-free bars with mix-ins like chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Nada Moo – coconut milk based pints in flavors like cookie dough and chocolate

Check the freezer aisle for these and other vegan ice cream brands. Look for options with mix-ins similar to your favorite Blizzard flavor.

Non-Dairy Frozen Yogurt

Self-serve frozen yogurt shops often have non-dairy soft serve options made from coconut or soy milk. Top with your desired fruits, candies, and other toppings to create a customizable froyo blizzard.

Milkshake Shop Alternatives

Some milkshake shops offer dairy-free soft serve options that can be blended into thick, creamy shakes. Places to check include:

  • Shake Shack – dairy-free shakes in vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavors
  • Black Tap – dairy-free vanilla soft serve
  • Bobby’s Burger Palace – soy-based shakes

Key Takeaways

  • DQ Blizzards are not dairy-free due to containing soft serve with milk and cream plus dairy-based mix-ins.
  • Some locations may be able to customize a dairy-free Blizzard with non-dairy soft serve and fruit/candy toppings.
  • Blizzards with the best chance of being customized dairy-free include fruit and candy flavors.
  • Popular dairy ingredients in Blizzards are milk, cream, whey, and butter.
  • Alternatives include homemade non-dairy ice cream, store-bought vegan brands, or shakes from restaurants with dairy-free options.

In summary, those with dairy allergies or on a vegan diet should not consider standard DQ Blizzards to be a dairy-free option. However, some customization may be possible at select locations. Your safest bet is choosing alternative homemade or store-bought non-dairy frozen desserts to enjoy a thick, creamy blizzard-like treat without the dairy.

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