Why is the Roku Channel Store unavailable?

The Roku Channel store going unavailable or not working is a common issue that many Roku users face from time to time. There can be several reasons why you may find the Roku Channel store is down or not loading channels and apps properly.

Quick Overview of Why the Roku Channel Store May Be Down

Here are some quick potential reasons the Roku Channel store may not be working:

  • Internet connection issues on your end
  • Problems or maintenance at Roku’s servers
  • Channel store is undergoing maintenance or updates
  • Issues with your Roku device
  • Temporary glitch or bug with the Roku software

The most common reasons tend to be temporary internet problems either on your end or Roku’s end. The channel store may also be down for maintenance. But issues with your device or Roku software bugs are also possible culprits. Below we will explore these issues in more detail.

Internet Connectivity Issues

One of the most common reasons for the Roku Channel store not working is internet connectivity problems. Since the channel store is online, any interruption in your internet connection can prevent the channel store from loading.

Potential internet issues include:

  • WiFi connection dropping out
  • Ethernet cable became unplugged
  • Modem or router offline
  • ISP service outage

If you are experiencing connectivity issues, first try rebooting your modem and router and then check if other devices in your home can access the internet. Try connecting your Roku with a wired ethernet connection if possible to troubleshoot. Check with your ISP to see if they have a known service outage in your area.

Beyond your own home internet connection, the channel store may also be unavailable due to issues or maintenance at Roku’s end. It’s possible their servers that run the Roku Channel store may be down temporarily. Usually these types of issues are resolved within a few hours at most.

Roku Performing Maintenance or Updates

Another reason you may find the Roku Channel store is unavailable is due to planned maintenance or system updates at Roku. Roku may take their channel store servers offline to perform regular maintenance, upgrades, or other backend updates.

These maintenance windows help ensure the channel store runs smoothly, but also cause temporary downtime. Roku may notify users ahead of larger maintenance windows, but they don’t always provide notices for quick maintenance routines. If the channel store seems down, it may be offline for some standard maintenance or upgrades.

Channel Store Bug or Glitch

Bugs or glitches affecting the Roku Channel store may also lead to the store not loading channels properly. Like any software, the Roku OS is susceptible to occasional bugs. Newer Roku players and Roku OS versions see fewer bugs, but they still happen.

Problematic bugs likely affect only a portion of Roku users. But if you experience the channel store failing to load, it could be caused by a bug. Trying a force restart on your Roku can help clear any temporary glitches. Roku will also eventually roll out a software update to resolve channel store bugs.

Issues With Your Roku Player

Problems with your specific Roku player may also be causing issues accessing the channel store. For example:

  • Corrupted software or firmware
  • Failing hardware component
  • Storage full
  • Overheating
  • Outdated software

Corrupted software is one of the more common device issues that can cause problems with the channel store. Sometimes a failed Roku OS update or random corruption bug leads to problems loading channels. Resetting your Roku to factory default settings usually resolves this.

Failing hardware like bad ethernet ports or WiFi issues can prevent your player from maintaining a solid internet connection. Unfortunately hardware failures require replacing the Roku player.

Storage filling up may impact channel loading and updates. Try uninstalling unused channels or games to free up space. Roku devices can also overheat leading to temporary glitches until they cool down.

Finally, being behind on your Roku OS software updates can sometimes impact performance. Go to Settings > System > System update to download the latest Roku OS version.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Roku Channel Store Issues

If you encounter problems with the Roku Channel store not working, here are some troubleshooting tips to resolve it:

Check Your Internet Connection

First make sure your internet is working properly on other devices and that your Roku has a solid connection. If you are on WiFi, try moving the Roku closer to your wireless router. Or connect via ethernet if possible for a more reliable wired connection.

Restart Your Roku and Router

Restarting your Roku often resolves temporary glitches. Unplug the power on your Roku for 10 seconds. Also restart your modem and router if you haven’t already.

Check for Roku OS and Channel Updates

Install any available updates for your Roku OS and channel apps. Updates may include bug fixes impacting the Channel Store.

Reset Your Roku to Factory Settings

Reset your Roku player back to factory default settings. This can clear up corrupted software and firmware issues. You’ll have to re-login to channel apps afterwards.

Contact Roku Customer Support

If you still can’t get the Channel Store working, reach out to Roku’s customer support team. They can help troubleshoot any underlying issues and confirm if problems are occurring on Roku’s end.

Tips to Avoid Roku Channel Store Problems

Here are some tips to minimize problems accessing the Roku Channel Store:

  • Keep your Roku updated with the latest OS
  • Don’t overload your Roku with too many channels
  • Use a wired connection instead of WiFi when possible
  • Refresh your Roku setup if you move internet providers
  • Periodically restart your Roku as maintenance

Following these best practices helps avoid bugs, glitches, and internet connectivity issues – the main culprits behind a non-working Roku Channel Store.


The Roku Channel Store going down or not loading properly is frustrating. But the issue usually stems from some common problems like internet connection problems, Roku maintenance, software bugs, device issues, or outdated Roku OS versions.

Troubleshooting your internet connection and restarting your Roku will resolve a lot of temporary issues accessing the channel store. For ongoing problems, resetting your Roku to factory settings or contacting Roku support are your best options. With some diligent troubleshooting, you should be able to get the Roku Channel Store working again.

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