Who was getting married in One Piece?

One Piece is one of the most popular and longest running manga and anime series of all time. Created by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates as they explore the vast ocean in search of the legendary treasure known as “One Piece” to become the next Pirate King.

With over 1000 chapters of the manga released and over 1000 episodes of the anime produced so far, One Piece has featured many different story arcs and characters over its 25+ year run. And with such a huge cast of characters, there have been several weddings that have taken place throughout the story.

Summary of Major Weddings in One Piece

Some of the major weddings that have occurred in the One Piece story include:

  • Sanji and Pudding’s wedding
  • Absalom and Nami’s attempted wedding
  • Iceburg and Kalifa’s wedding
  • Wapol and Miss Universe’s wedding
  • Kyros and Scarlett’s wedding

In this article, we will take a deeper look at each of these weddings and who was getting married during these major ceremonies in the One Piece storyline.

Sanji and Pudding’s Wedding

One of the most pivotal weddings in One Piece took place during the Whole Cake Island arc. This was the wedding between Vinsmoke Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, and Charlotte Pudding, the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.

Their wedding was arranged by Big Mom as part of a political alliance between the Vinsmoke Family and the Big Mom Pirates. However, it was later revealed that Big Mom actually planned to assassinate the Vinsmoke Family during the wedding, while framing the Straw Hats for the murders.

Here are some key details about Sanji and Pudding’s wedding:

  • The wedding took place at the Whole Cake Chateau on Whole Cake Island, Big Mom’s headquarters.
  • Sanji was forced into the marriage by his family, in exchange for Big Mom’s protection.
  • Pudding initially acted sweet and in love with Sanji but later revealed her cruel intentions.
  • The wedding was interrupted by Luffy and the Straw Hats who crashed the ceremony.
  • The wedding cake was a massive, luxurious pastry prepared by world-famous chefs.

While Sanji and Pudding never got officially married, their wedding ceremony remains a major part of One Piece lore and demonstrated just how far Big Mom would go for her selfish ambitions. It also showed Sanji’s dedication to his friends over his own biological family.

The Aftermath of the Ruined Wedding

After the Straw Hats crashed Sanji’s wedding, chaos and conflict ensued. Some key points:

– Big Mom’s assassination plan was exposed, erupting the venue into violence.

– Brook destroyed the wedding cake before it could be eaten.

– Pudding had a change of heart and helped Sanji escape.

– Luffy and his crew thoroughly defeated the Big Mom Pirates forces during their escape.

– The failed political alliance severely damaged relations between Big Mom and Germa 66.

– Sanji officially disowned his family and reaffirmed his loyalty to his true friends in the Straw Hats.

The disastrous wedding had huge repercussions across the One Piece world and was a key turning point in the Onigashima Raid arc. It also demonstrated the unbreakable bond between Luffy and Sanji against all odds.

Absalom and Nami’s Attempted Wedding

During the Thriller Bark arc, one of the antagonists known as Absalom became infatuated with Nami, the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, and tried to forcibly marry her while she was unconscious.

Absalom was a zombie general under Gecko Moriah who possessed the Clear-Clear Fruit power, allowing him to become invisible. He used his invisibility to peep on women and also to kidnap Nami with the intention of making her his bride.

Here are some key facts about this attempted wedding:

  • Absalom erected a makeshift chapel on Thriller Bark and dressed Nami in a bridal gown as she lay passed out.
  • Sanji discovered the scene and desperately tried to stop the wedding, but was blocked by Absalom.
  • Absalom nearly kissed the unconscious Nami but was stopped by Luffy who arrived just in time.
  • A massive battle ensued, with the Straw Hats defeating Absalom and Moriah’s zombie army.
  • Nami remained entirely unaware of the marriage attempt until after Absalom was beaten.

This disturbing wedding attempt highlighted Absalom’s villainous nature. It also showcased Sanji and Luffy’s strong protectiveness of their female crewmate, willing to go to any lengths to protect her from harm.

Aftermath of the Failed Wedding

With Absalom and Moriah defeated, Nami was safely rescued before the forced marriage could occur. Some key outcomes:

– Nami was deeply disturbed when she learned what nearly happened to her while unconscious.

– Sanji was enraged and furiously berated Absalom for trying to marry Nami against her will.

– Luffy once again demonstrated his resolve to defend his crew from all threats.

– Absalom fled from Thriller Bark after his defeat, surviving through later arcs.

– Moriah survived as well but suffered a major defeat from the Straw Hats.

– Nami became even closer and more loyal to Luffy and Sanji for protecting her.

The wedding might not have happened, but the attempt revealed dark aspects of Absalom’s character and showcased the true bonds between Nami, Luffy, and Sanji. Their friendship became stronger than ever on Thriller Bark.

Iceburg and Kalifa’s Wedding

In the Post-Enies Lobby arcs, the mayor of Water 7 named Iceburg ended up marrying his secretary Kalifa in a small, private ceremony.

Kalifa was initially introduced as Iceburg’s dutiful secretary. However, she was eventually revealed to be an undercover assassin working for CP9 with Devil Fruit abilities. But after being defeated by Nami, Kalifa turned over a new leaf and returned to Water 7.

Here are the key details about Iceburg and Kalifa’s wedding:

  • The wedding took place at Water 7’s City Hall.
  • It was an modest, spur-of-the-moment ceremony with few guests.
  • Paulie was Iceburg’s best man but disapproved of the marriage.
  • Kalifa wore a simple white dress instead of an elaborate gown.
  • Iceburg acknowledged Kalifa’s past crimes but forgave her.

The sudden marriage surprised everyone in Water 7. But Iceburg saw Kalifa’s inner goodness, despite her previous deceptions. Their relationship represented forgiveness and starting fresh in life.

Aftermath of the Impromptu Wedding

Iceburg and Kalifa’s decision to wed so rapidly caused mixed reactions, including:

– Paulie was frustrated with Iceburg’s choice to marry Kalifa so quickly.

– Many citizens were caught off guard but wished the newlyweds well.

– It shifted opinions on Kalifa as more people grew to accept her change of heart.

– Iceburg maintained his role as mayor while Kalifa worked as his assistant.

– Kalifa let go of her past demons and dedicate herself to Iceburg and Water 7.

– CP9 no longer pursued Kalifa since she was no longer a government agent.

The unanticipated marriage gave Kalifa a fresh start in life, away from her darkened past. It also showcased Iceburg’s capacity to see the good in people despite former misdeeds.

Wapol and Miss Universe’s Wedding

One of the more silly, lighthearted weddings in One Piece took place during the Reverie arc between Wapol, the former tyrannical king of Drum Kingdom, and Miss Universe, winner of the Reverie’s beauty pageant.

Wapol first appeared as a villain in the Drum Island arc where Luffy helped dethrone him. Despite this, Wapol regained power by establishing his own corporation called the “Wapol Konzern.”

Key details regarding his opulent wedding include:

  • The wedding was arranged between Wapol and the winner of the beauty pageant for publicity.
  • Their lavish ceremony was broadcast across the world for ratings.
  • Wapol only viewed the marriage as a means to gain more fame, wealth, and power.
  • The bride, Miss Universe, happily agreed to marry Wapol for the publicity.
  • Their wedding displayed Wapol’s continued extravagance and hunger for status.

This wedding demonstrated Wapol’s selfish motives and how he cunningly climbed up the social ladder despite Luffy dethroning him previously. It also showcased the superficial nature of the World Nobles and their associates.

Aftermath of the Publicity Wedding

Wapol’s flashy, ostentatious wedding with Miss Universe predictably caused:

– Global headlines and increased fame for both Wapol and his bride.

– Major profit for Wapol’s businesses due to the publicity.

– No change in Wapol’s inner self, as he remained selfishly ambitious.

– Disgust from those aware of Wapol’s dark history in Drum Kingdom.

– A stronger bond between Wapol and the World Nobles of Mary Geoise.

– Continued neglect of his impoverished former citizens in Drum Kingdom.

This shameless wedding exemplified Wapol’s prioritization of power, status, and wealth over the welfare of his people. It also revealed the corruption propped up by the World Government and Nobles.

Kyros and Scarlett’s Wedding

One very touching wedding seen in flashbacks during the Dressrosa arc was the marriage between Kyros, the legendary gladiator, and Scarlett, the daughter of a flower field owner.

Kyros was a former criminal who became a heroic gladiator. Scarlett saw inner goodness in Kyros that others discriminated against. Their wedding represented overcoming prejudice.

Here are the key details about their emotional ceremony:

  • Kyros and Scarlett wed in a small chapel in the flower fields.
  • Many shunned Kyros at first until Scarlett defended him.
  • Only Scarlett’s father and closest friends attended to support them.
  • They could only afford simple wedding attire made from the flower fields.
  • Their love remained strong despite ongoing discrimination.

Kyros and Scarlett’s ability to look past outward appearances and see each other’s true character made their unity moving and inspiring. Their daughter Rebecca later played a key role in overthrowing Doflamingo.

Aftermath of the Personal Wedding

Kyros and Scarlett maintained a loving marriage for many years and gave birth to Rebecca. But hardship also followed:

– Ongoing discrimination plagued Kyros, though Scarlett always supported him.

– Tragedy struck when Doflamingo forced Kyros to kill Scarlett against his will.

– Kyros was presumed deceased and Rebecca raised herself among gladiators.

– When Kyros returned years later, he worked from the shadows to protect Rebecca incognito.

– Kyros assisted in defeating Doflamingo to avenge Scarlett and liberate Dressrosa.

Despite enduring terrible burdens, Kyros and Scarlett’s wedding set an example of seeing past surface differences to find true inner beauty. Their brief but moving union created lasting change.

Comparison of the Major One Piece Weddings

Wedding Key Points
Sanji & Pudding
  • Arranged politically by their families
  • Planned by Big Mom to kill Sanji’s family
  • Interrupted violently by the Straw Hats
  • Demonstrated Sanji’s sacrifice for his friends
Absalom & Nami
  • Attempted forced marriage while Nami was unconscious
  • Stopped by Sanji and Luffy protecting their crewmate
  • Revealed Absalom’s villainous intentions
  • Showcased the Straw Hats’ unbreakable bond
Iceburg & Kalifa
  • Small, spontaneous ceremony in Water 7
  • Surprised citizens but demonstrated forgiveness
  • Gave Kalifa a fresh start in life
  • Exhibited Iceburg’s capacity for goodwill
Wapol & Miss Universe
  • Lavish, broadcasted ceremony for fame
  • Arranged for publicity and profit only
  • Displayed Wapol’s continued greed for status
  • Epitomized the corruption of the World Nobles
Kyros & Scarlett
  • Small, personal wedding overlooking discrimination
  • Showcased their ability to see each other’s inner virtue
  • Created lasting change through their daughter Rebecca
  • Served as an inspiring example of conquering prejudice

As shown in this comparison, the weddings in One Piece varied enormously in nature and purpose over the course of the story. But one common thread was the depth of loyalty and sacrifice the central characters displayed toward those they cared about, whether friends or spouses.


Throughout its massive fictional universe, One Piece has featured a wide array of weddings between its vast cast of pirates, villagers, royalty, and more. These ceremonies have ranged from huge political machinations to small acts of true love.

But regardless of scale, the marriages always tied back to revealing deeper aspects of the characters and pushing forward the epic story in meaningful ways. They showcased deception, greed, liberation, forgiveness, prejudice, and sacrifice.

The romantic unions may seem small in the scope of sweeping pirate adventures. Yet they profoundly impacted the characters and proved that unconditional love can exist even in the roughest seas. For even pirates and villains seeks matrimony now and then as they sail the Grand Line in pursuit of treasure and power.

So while swashbuckling action propels One Piece forward, the emotional resonance of the marriages help bind its expansive world together. They remind us that no matter how chaotic the high seas may become, sacred vows still hold meaning for those chasing their dreams of freedom across the waves.

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