Who is Darkseid the enemy of?

Darkseid is one of the most formidable villains in the DC universe and has battled many powerful heroes over the years. As the tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid seeks to find the Anti-Life Equation which would enable him to control all life in the universe. His arch-nemesis is the Justice League, particularly Superman, who has foiled many of Darkseid’s schemes for universal domination.

Darkseid’s Origins

Darkseid was born as Prince Uxas, son of the ruler of Apokolips, King Yuga Khan. After poisoning his mother, Uxas killed his older brother Drax to seize the throne for himself, becoming known as Darkseid. He is a member of an extraterrestrial race of beings known as New Gods, and derives his powers from the cosmic energy source called The Source. Darkseid rules over Apokolips with an iron fist, aided by his Female Furies warriors and the sadistic Desaad.

Early Conflicts with New Genesis and the New Gods

The firey hellscape world of Apokolips is eternally at war with the lush, idyllic planet New Genesis. Darkseid has sought to control New Genesis for eons. He first clashed with the Highfather of New Genesis over control of The Source, leading to a destructive war between the two worlds. A truce was eventually struck by swapping the Highfather’s son Scott Free for Darkseid’s son Orion. However, tensions have remained high between Apokolips and New Genesis ever since.

Arch-Nemesis of Superman

Superman is considered to be one of Darkseid’s greatest and most hated foes. Darkseid despises the Man of Steel for his uncompromising defense of truth and justice. In their first major battle, Darkseid kidnapped Superman’s friend Dan Turpin, leading to a confrontation on Apokolips itself. Their epic clash devastated much of the planet.

Over the years, Darkseid has launched several invasions of Earth specifically aimed at defeating Superman and subjugating humanity. During Darkseid’s first invasion, Superman was forced to compromise many of his strongest held principles to stop the Apokoliptian onslaught. In their final confrontation, a depleted Superman was only able to defeat Darkseid with help from other heroes like Batman and Orion.

Major Battles Between Superman and Darkseid

  • First Apokolips Invasion of Earth
  • Final Crisis Invasion
  • Warworld Conflict
  • Anti-Life Equation Saga

Superman and Darkseid have had numerous epic encounters over the years, though Darkseid’s immense power makes him one of the few villains who can seriously threaten even Superman’s capabilities. Darkseid’s omega beams are particularly effective against the Man of Steel. Ultimately, Superman opposes Darkseid’s methods and disdain for human life at every turn.

Justice League Nemesis

As Superman’s greatest foe, Darkseid has naturally also clashed many times with the Justice League. He is considered one of the Justice League’s most powerful and dangerous adversaries. Some notable conflicts include:

Justice League Battles Against Darkseid

  • First Apokolips Invasion – Darkseid’s forces were defeated by the combined might of the Justice League.
  • Anti-Life Equation Saga – Darkseid captured Batman and used him as part of a plot to control the Justice League’s minds.
  • Final Crisis Invasion – Darkseid nearly conquered Earth and killed several heroes including Batman.
  • Darkseid War – The Justice League confronted the Anti-Monitor alongside Darkseid.

The Justice League works tirelessly to protect humanity from Darkseid’s predations. They have managed to repel several of his invasions over the years, though often at great cost. Darkseid’s godlike strength means the League must always be ready to stand united against him.

Other Notable Heroes Who Oppose Darkseid

While Superman and the Justice League are Darkseid’s most frequent adversaries, many other heroes have battled against the lord of Apokolips over the years, including:

Major Darkseid Foes

Hero Description
Orion Darkseid’s son raised on New Genesis who opposes his father’s evil ways.
Mister Miracle Scott Free escaped Apokolips to become the world’s greatest escape artist.
Big Barda Former leader of Darkseid’s Female Furies who defected to Earth.
Martian Manhunter Founding JLA member with psychic abilities that can counter Darkseid’s mental attacks.
Donna Troy Original Teen Titan and counterpart to Wonder Woman who has battled Darkseid’s forces.
Green Lantern Corps The protectors of the universe are frequently called upon to stop Darkseid’s campaigns across worlds.

Darkseid’s reach is so broad that eventually most experienced heroes end up opposing him at one time or another. His threat extends across the universe meaning heroes band together in common cause to defeat his evil plans.

Apokolips and Darkseid’s Forces

Darkseid maintains strict control over Apokolips and its inhabitants, ruling as a merciless god-tyrant. Apokolips is a hellish world covered by firepits, factories, and harsh planetary conditions. Darkseid compels the low-level inhabitants into slave labor and total obedience through brute force and propaganda.

Key Apokoliptian Allies & Assets

  • Desaad – Sadistic chief torturer who interrogates and punishes enemies of Darkseid.
  • Granny Goodness – Runs the Orphanages where child slaves are raised to serve Darkseid’s will.
  • Parademons – Flight-capable shock troopers totally obedient to Darkseid.
  • Female Furies – Elite all-female strike force led by Big Barda and then by Lashina after Barda’s defection.
  • Steppenwolf – Darkseid’s former military commander and uncle.
  • Kalibak – Darkseid’s cruel second son and enforcer.
  • Omega Beams – Darkseid’s deadly eye lasers that track their target across space and time.

Darkseid has many lieutenants and servants who help him maintain utter dominion over Apokolips. He is served by fanatical followers and slaves who both worship and deeply fear the master of Apokolips.

Goals and Capabilities

Darkseid’s Key Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality and invulnerability to most damage.
  • Omega Effect eye beams.
  • Telepathy and mind control.
  • Size and density manipulation.
  • Teleportation across interstellar distances.
  • Vast psionic and cosmic power granted by tapping into The Source.
  • Genius-level intellect and strategic abilities.
  • Unparalleled strength and fighting skills.

Darkseid possesses strength and abilities that surpass almost any other being in the universe. He can go toe-to-toe with Superman and is more than a match for almost any opponent. Very few individuals can challenge someone of Darkseid’s power.

Darkseid’s Motivations

  • Discover the Anti-Life Equation which will enable total mind control over all beings.
  • Conquer and enslave all life across the universe.
  • Eliminate free will and hope from sentient beings.
  • Absorb enough cosmic energy to transcend the Source Wall and become the most powerful being in existence.

Darkseid is motivated by an unquenchable thirst for power and control. He believes that the universe should be reshaped with him as supreme ruler. All who oppose him must be crushed underfoot or converted into mindless slaves to his will.

Notable Victories Over Darkseid

While extremely powerful, Darkseid has occasionally been defeated or outmaneuvered by his enemies:

Key Darkseid Defeats

  • First Apokolips Invasion – Superman reluctantly resorted to using Apokoliptian technology to drive Darkseid back after a hard fought battle.
  • Cosmic Egg & Source Wall – Orion manipulated events so Darkseid became fused with the Source Wall after touching the Cosmic Egg.
  • Batman’s Bullet – Batman shot Darkseid with a radion bullet critically weakening him during Final Crisis.
  • Final Crisis – Darkseid’s physical form was destroyed when Barry Allen led the Black Racer to him.
  • Justice League – The combined might of the Justice League damages Darkseid enough for Cyborg to boom tube him away.

Though rarely definitive, these victories remind Darkseid that even he has limitations. Superman and Orion’s indomitable wills in particular can sometimes lead them to overcome Darkseid against all odds. He has died or been seriously wounded in battle several times over the eons.

Darkseid’s Legacy and Impact

Despite his defeats, Darkseid remains one of the most dangerous threats in the universe. He has successfully conquered countless worlds across millions of years. Darkseid’s reign inspires fear across galaxies. His ferocious power and army of fanatics make him a nearly unstoppable force.

Darkseid has no empathy or compassion at all. He crushes any perceived weakness or hesitation underfoot. His Omega Beams vaporize all who would dare oppose him. Worlds that Darkseid conquers often have their populations brainwashed into worshipping him as a deity.

More than any other villain, Darkseid and his obsessive quest to control all life serves as a terrifying warning about the dangers of unchecked power and ego. His ambitions know no limits or moral bounds. Stopping his campaigns across the universe requires the greatest heroes from many worlds to align against him. No one hero such as Superman can oppose Darkseid alone.


Darkseid stands out as one of the most powerful and relentless villains in all of fiction. His godlike abilities and ruthless nature make him a threat on a universal scale. Darkseid menaces entire worlds and civilizations. He pushes even Superman, the Justice League, and other heroes to their limits. His life is dedicated towards enslaving all free will.

Very few individuals can go toe-to-toe with Darkseid for long. He has defeated countless heroes and seems unstoppable. Yet elements of his own hubris can sometimes be used against him by intelligent strategists like Batman. Darkseid’s failures remind us that even so-called deities or immortals have flaws that can be exploited.

Darkseid’s war against life and freedom seems eternal. He wields enough cosmic force to rend civilizations apart. His Omega Beams vaporize all who stand before him. But there will always be heroes who are willing to stand and fight against the spread of tyranny. Darkseid’s lust for power ultimately cannot stamp out heroic spirits dedicated to justice and liberty. The war between Apokolips and New Genesis, and their respective ideologies, rages across space and time with no end in sight. But the freedom fighters will never yield to despots like Darkseid who crave the subjugation of all free will.

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