Who has shot 59 on the PGA?

The record for the lowest score achieved over a single round on the PGA Tour is 58, as of July 2019. This record is shared by three golfers: Jim Furyk (RBC Heritage, South Carolina, 2016), Justin Thomas (Sony Open, Hawaii, 2017) and Adam Hadwin (CareerBuilder Challenge, California, 2017).

Furyk and Thomas both shot their 58s during a regular PGA Tour rounds, while Hadwin was able to achieve this score during a modified tour event (90 holes).

The closest anyone has come to shooting a 59 was in 2010, when Paul Goydos shot a 60 during the John Deer Classic. There have been numerous instances of golfers shooting 60 (or lower) in a tournament, but none has been able to achieve a 59 to date.

How many PGA players have shot a 59?

At least 18 players have shot a 59 while competing on the PGA Tour since its inception in 1929. Al Geiberger was the first golfer to ever shoot a 59 during a tournament in 1977, at the Danny Thomas Memphis Classic.

The next player to do it was Chip Beck, who achieved the feat at Las Vegas Invitational in 1991. Two additional players, David Duval and Stuart Appleby, have since shot 59 during a Round 1 at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic and the Mercedes Benz Championship, respectively.

The most recent 59 shot during a PGA Tour event was recorded by Justin Thomas in 2017 at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

In addition to the 18 players who have shot a 59 at the PGA Tour, at least ten players had managed to record a 59 on a different golf tour, including recent accomplishments by Stephan Jaeger (Web. com tour) and Ryan Brehm (the Mackenzie Tour).

Has anyone ever shot a 59 on the PGA Tour?

No, no one has ever shot a 59 on the PGA Tour. While there have been numerous rounds of 60 or lower, mainly attributed to ideal playing conditions and favorable pin placements on the course, shooting a 59 is still considered an almost impossible feat.

It is worth noting that a 59 has been performed on a professional level, however, albeit not on the PGA Tour. In 2016, Jim Furyk shot a 58 on the Web. com Tour, which was the first time a 58 had ever been shot in a professional tournament.

While 59 is a round that many golfers strive to achieve, it remains an elusive score and is a testament to the difficulty of the sport.

Who has hit a 59 in golf?

The honor of becoming the only player to have ever shot a 59 in a PGA Tour event belongs to Jim Furyk. On August 8, 2013, Furyk was playing at the BMW Championship in Conway Farms Golf Course in Lake Forest, Illinois.

He came out of the gate fast, carding a 10-under 61 for his opening round. The second round saw him playing just as holy as the first, as he finished the day shooting a 12-under 59. His total for the two days was a 20-under 120, breaking the PGA Tour’s 36-hole scoring record by four shots.

He tied that record with a 14-foot birdie putt on the final hole, contributing to the historic final score. Furyk became the sixth person to shoot a 59 in competition by achieving the feat on a par-72 course.

And although other players have broken the 60 round mark on shorter par-71’s, Furyk is the only player to shoot a 59 on a par-72. He is also the oldest player at the time (47) to have ever broken the all-time scoring record, putting him in an elite, ever-lasting class of golfers.

Who shot the last 59 on PGA Tour?

The last 59 shot on the PGA Tour was by Jim Furyk in 2013 at the BMW Championship held at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest, Illinois. Furyk’s 59 included an eagle, 12 birdies, and one bogey on the par 71 layout.

He had a one-shot lead over second-place finisher Steve Stricker entering the final round and went on to win the tournament by four shots. Furyk became the sixth player since 1960 to shoot a round of 59 or better on the PGA Tour.

He was also the first golfer to shoot a sub-60 round in the United States since 1988. Furyk’s 59 was the 10th sub-60 round by a professional golfer since 1960, making it the rarest of feats.

Has Phil Mickelson ever shot a 59?

No, Phil Mickelson has never shot a 59 on the PGA Tour. He has come very close though, shooting rounds of 60 multiple times in his career. His best round ever on the Tour was a 61 in the second round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open in 2013.

He had a clean card before three-putting his final hole for the one over par score. This is the lowest round of golf by a left-hander in Tour history. In addition to his multiple rounds of 60, Mickelson has 30 sub-65 rounds (including 28 sub-70 rounds) in his career.

Who is the only female golfer to shoot 59 in a tournament?

The only female golfer to shoot 59 in a tournament is Annika Sörenstam. During the second round of the 2001 Standard Register Ping tournament in Arizona, Sörenstam shot a 13-under-par, 59, making her the first woman and the fifth person overall to record a 59 on the LPGA and PGA Tours.

Sörenstam achieved ten birdies in the round and concluded the round with an astonishing chip-in eagle on the par 4, ninth hole. This achievement marked an important milestone in women’s golf and remains a career highlight for Sörenstam.

Did Dechambeau shoot 59?

No, Dechambeau did not shoot 59. He has come close several times, though. His lowest round to date is a 60 which he shot at the Shriners Hospitals For Children Open in 2017. On that day, Dechambeau birdied his last two holes to finish one shot shy of the magic 59 mark.

In April of 2019, he came close again, shooting a 60 at the Valero Texas Open, but again came up just short of a submit 59. While he has yet to shoot a 59, Dechambeau has consistently been one of the top scoring golfers on tour, winning several times in 2020 and continuing to be a tournament favorite.

What percentage of golfers can shoot under 100?

Due to the fact that there is no single, definitive answer to this question, as golf is a sport that many players perform differently for various reasons, the exact percentage of golfers able to shoot under 100 is difficult to determine.

However, different studies have estimated that between 15-20% of golfers are able to shoot under 100 when they play a full 18-hole round of golf. This number increases when players play only 9-hole rounds, with more than 50% of golfers able to shoot under 100.

It is important to note that these estimates will vary, depending on the skill level of golfers in a particular area, particularly if there are high numbers of experienced and/or skilled golfers in the area.

Additionally, the estimates may increase or decrease based on the course difficulty and the weather conditions the day of play.

What is the rarest golf shot?

The rarest golf shot is the double-eagle, or albatross. It is a feat that is almost unheard of, as a double-eagle requires the golfer to hit an opposing tee shot and then a subsequent shot into the hole in two shots.

This is four strokes below par for the hole, and vastly more rare than a hole-in-one or even an eagle, which is three strokes below par. Double-eagles are so rare in fact, that golfers do not even list them on the hole-by-hole scorecards; instead only the hole-in-one and eagle shots are shown.

Technically it is possible to achieve a triple-eagle or even more unlikely, a quintuple-eagle, but these shots are essentially unheard of. Consequently, the double-eagle is indeed the rarest golf shot.

What is the 75% rule in golf?

The 75% rule in golf is a guideline for amateur golfers and is used to establish fair handicaps. It stipulates that amateur golfers’ handicaps should not exceed 75 percent of their course’s par rating.

For example, if a course has a par rating of 72, a golfer’s handicap should not exceed 54. This rule helps prevent golfers from over-inflating their handicaps, as well as making the game more competitive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Although the 75% rule is widely accepted, it is not a law, so golf courses can set different handicap limits. Some may even choose to eliminate handicap limits altogether. Ultimately, the goal of the rule is to ensure that all golfers, regardless of how good they are, have an equal chance of winning the game.

This helps to make the game both more enjoyable and fairer.

What is my handicap if I shot 100?

If you shot 100, your handicap would be 36. To find your handicap, you must subtract your score from the course’s par. Par is generally the score the professional golfer is expected to get for each hole.

Therefore, for a course with a par of 72, your handicap for shooting 100 would be 72 – 100 = -28, which is then adjusted to 36 using USGA Handicap System calculations.

Is a 59 good in golf?

A 59 in golf is an incredibly rare achievement. It is the lowest individual score ever recorded on an 18-hole course in an official tournament. While it is an incredible accomplishment, there is no clear answer to the question of whether a score of 59 is ‘good’.

As with any golf score, a 59 should be measured relative to the other golfers in the same tournament. A score of 59 would generally place the golfer at or near the top of the leader board and would likely mean that the golfer was the low scorer for the tournament.

So, in that sense, a score of 59 could be considered good. However, for a professional golfer, a 59 might be considered a disappointment compared to the golfer’s normal target score, or what the golfer typically shoots.

Ultimately, a score of 59 is a remarkable achievement, regardless of how it is judged.

What does a score of 59 mean in golf?

A score of 59 in golf is an extremely rare and impressive achievement. It is only one stroke away from the record score of 58, so it can still be considered remarkable. A 59 is not an officially recognized score because golf is played to the maximum of a “double bogey” at most courses.

This means that a 59 would be the lowest possible score on a particular course. In 2019, Matt Wolff and Justin Thomas both achieved the feat of shooting a 59 in a professional tournament. This is an impressive accomplishment that golfers strive to achieve, as it requires near perfect execution of every shot made.

How far do pros hit a 60-degree?

On average, pros will hit a 60-degree wedge between 90 and 95 yards. However, due to the loft of the club, the actual carry distance can vary significantly based on many factors such as swing speed, launch angle, spin rate, and ball spin.

Generally, it is advised to test the distance both with and without spin to gain the full potential of the club. A good rule of thumb is to gauge the distance when the ball lands on the green. This tends to vary from around 85 to 105 yards, depending on the factors above as well as the type and model of club as well as the type of green.

Additionally, it is helpful to test different shots in different conditions to keep track of yardage performance and make the necessary adjustments when necessary.

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