What’s the most popular snow cone flavor?

Snow cones are a popular summertime treat that help beat the heat. These icy confections are made by pouring flavored syrup over crushed or shaved ice. Snow cones come in a wide variety of flavors, from fruity options like cherry and blue raspberry to creamier choices like bubble gum and cotton candy. But when it comes to the most popular snow cone flavor, one tops the rest.

What are snow cones?

A snow cone is a cup or cone filled with crushed or shaved ice that has flavored syrup poured over it. The ice is fine and fluffy, almost like snow, hence the name “snow cone.” The syrup adds flavor and color to the icy treat. Snow cones are served with a spoon or straw to eat the flavored ice. They are a popular warm weather snack or dessert.

Snow cones likely originated in Asia, where sweetened shaved ice treats have been popular for centuries. They became common at American state fairs and carnivals in the early 1900s. The earliest snow cone machines date back to the 1920s. The treats grew especially popular across the southern United States.

Snow cones are now enjoyed all over the U.S. and beyond. They are a fun summertime snack. Their icy texture helps provide relief from the heat. The brightly colored syrups and wide range of flavors add to the snow cone’s appeal.

Popular snow cone flavors

Snow cone flavors are only limited by the imagination. Most snow cone syrup manufacturers offer dozens of flavor options. Classic fruit flavors like cherry, lemon, lime, and grape are popular. These fruit flavors taste like a sweet, icy version of the real fruit.

Tropical fruit flavors also do well, especially mango, pineapple, coconut, and banana. Berry flavors are also common, including blue raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon. Creamy flavors like bubble gum and cotton candy are fun, too.

Some companies offer more unique snow cone flavors like pickle, chili pepper, and spicy hot. While not as widely enjoyed, these offbeat flavors attract attention.

The most popular snow cone flavors tend to be the fruity, sweet flavors like cherry, blue raspberry, and grape. But preference varies by region and individual tastes.

The most popular snow cone flavor

While people enjoy a wide array of snow cone flavors, one emerges as the most popular:

Blue raspberry

This candy-like fruit flavor tops the list of favorite snow cone flavors by a significant margin. Its sweet, tart, fruity taste profile appeals to people of all ages.

Why is blue raspberry the most popular snow cone flavor?

There are several reasons why blue raspberry is the number one snow cone flavor:

– Familiar flavor – Blue raspberry tastes just like the blue raspberry-flavored candies that many people grew up eating and enjoying. The sweet and slightly tangy flavor provides a sense of nostalgia.

– Vibrant color – The electric blue syrup is visually appealing and fun. It stains the icy flakes bright blue for a colorful snow cone experience.

– Appealing to kids – Younger children are drawn to the vibrant hue and candy-like taste. For many kids, blue raspberry is *the* quintessential snow cone flavor.

– Consistent taste – Unlike actual fruit flavors, which can vary, blue raspberry offers the same familiar flavor profile every time. There’s no risk of getting an overly tart batch of cherry or weak grape.

– Widespread availability – Blue raspberry syrup is offered by nearly every major snow cone syrup brand. It’s easy to find and access this popular flavor.

The combination of familiar taste, visual appeal, kid-friendly status, consistent flavor, and availability make blue raspberry a go-to choice for snow cone lovers of all types.

History of blue raspberry flavor

While called “blue raspberry,” the popular snow cone flavor does not come from an actual fruit. So where did it originate?

In the 1950s, food scientists were hunting for new flavor combinations. Chemist William Mitchell, who worked for a company called International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), ended up inventing a blue raspberry flavor.

Mitchell was not trying to mimic a real fruit. He combined aromatic compounds to create a new flavor profile that tasted fruity and slightly tangy. The goal was to develop a flavor that would have kid appeal for use in candies and other products.

Once the flavor was created, the blue coloring was added to give it a fun, vibrant appearance. IFF began marketing the new flavor and color combination as blue raspberry. They promoted it to companies making candies, sodas, and other foods.

The flavoring became immensely popular in the 1970s when the candy ICEE used it for their raspberry frozen drink. Its use in snow cone syrups quickly followed. Now it is the bestselling snow cone flavor across America.

So while not a real fruit, blue raspberry has certainly staked its claim as a favorite treat thanks to its appealing taste and color.

Regional snow cone flavor favorites

While blue raspberry takes the top spot overall, snow cone flavor preferences vary by region. Certain parts of the U.S. favor different flavors.

Southern states

The South helped popularize snow cones, so this region has strong opinions on flavors. Traditional favorites like grape, cherry, and watermelon do well. Unique options like pickle and chili pepper also have followers. Southern brands like Kool Shake and Hawaiian Shaved Ice offer flavor variety.


Midwesterners enjoy classic fruit flavors like orange, lime, and blueberry. Tigers Blood (like watermelon strawberry) is another favorite. Brands like Sno Biz and Rita’s are popular in this area.

West Coast

On the West Coast, tropical flavors reign supreme. Favorite flavors include mango, pineapple, coconut, and guava. Brands like Sno-King Hawaiian Shave Ice cater to West Coast tastes.


Northeasterners prefer fruity flavors but also enjoy creamy options. Popular flavors include cotton candy, bubble gum, and banana. Brands like Del’s Lemonade and Flavors Shaved Ice are northeast favorites.

So while blue raspberry leads overall, regional tastes drive local flavor favorites.

Most popular snow cone flavor by age

Flavor preferences also vary by age group. Certain snow cone flavors appeal more to kids, teens, or adults.


Among the youngest snow cone lovers, ages 5-12, blue raspberry, cotton candy, and cherry are favorites. Kids are drawn to the fun colors and sweet flavors.


Teens ages 13-17 tend to favor fruit flavors like watermelon, pineapple, and grape. Some also enjoy unique options like pickle and chili pepper.


Grown-ups 18+ drift toward more nuanced fruit flavors like peach, lime, and strawberry. Adults also enjoy cream flavors including root beer float, cheesecake, and banana.

So while flavors like blue raspberry have cross-generational appeal, preferences diverge across age groups.

Most popular snow cone toppings

In addition to flavored syrups, snow cone fans also enjoy creative toppings on these icy treats. Popular add-ons include:

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Drizzled over the top, sweet condensed milk adds a decadent, creamy touch to snow cones. It complements fruit flavors especially well.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is another favorite topping that adds a fluffy, creamy texture. Some stands offer dairy-free whipped topping as well.


Fresh fruit makes a nutritious topping. Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and mango taste delicious on snow cones.


Crushed candy or sweets like sprinkles, chocolate chips, and gummy bears turn snow cones into an over-the-top treat.


Mini marshmallows allow you to double down on fluffy sweetness.


Chopped nuts add crunch and flavor. Popular choices include peanuts, almonds, pecans, and walnuts.

While toppings are optional, they allow you to customize your snow cone to your perfect level of sweetness.

Global snow cone flavors

Snow cones are popular worldwide, and each country puts their own spin on flavors. Here are some favorites beyond the U.S.:

Mexico – Chamoy

Chamoy is a sauce made from pickled fruit, chiles, and lime juice. It offers a spicy, tangy twist popular on Mexican snow cones.

Flavor Key Ingredients
Chamoy Pickled fruit, chiles, lime juice

Japan – Melon

Refreshing melon snow cones are a hit in Japan. Popular varieties include Yubari and cantaloupe. Condensed milk is a popular topping.

Thailand – Coconut

Coconut snow cones flavored with coconut milk and coconut flakes appeal to Thai tastes.

Australia – Fairy Floss (Cotton Candy)

Fairy floss snow cones replicate the sweet flavor of cotton candy with cotton-candy flavored syrup and candyfloss topping.

Brazil – Uva (Grape)

In Brazil, snow cones are called açaí na tigela. Tangy grape and banana are popular base flavors.

So snow cone lovers worldwide have their own unique flavor favorites by region.

Most unique snow cone flavors

If you’re looking to get really adventurous with your snow cone flavors, some companies offer crazy, inventive options beyond the classics. Here are some of the most unique snow cone flavors available:

Flavor Description
Dill pickle Sweet and sour pickle flavor
Bacon Smoky, meaty bacon taste
Jalapeno Spicy and vegetal jalapeno
Cactus Prickly pear cactus flavor
Mongo Savory pinto bean flavor

These options push snow cone creativity to the limits. While not everyday flavors, they offer daring snow cone lovers something new.


When it comes to snow cone popularity, blue raspberry reigns supreme. Its sweet, tart, candy-like flavor has mass appeal. But regional tastes drive local favorites, and niche flavors also have their followers. Part of the fun of snow cones is customizing them with different flavor combos and toppings to your personal tastes. While blue raspberry earns the most votes overall, the diversity of flavors allows people to get creative and funky with their chilled, icy treats. Snow cones provide the perfect way to cool off on hot days while savoring the flavor.

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