What syrup is for shaved ice?

Shaved ice is a popular summertime treat that can be found all over the world. It consists of fine ice shavings that are sweetened and flavored with brightly colored, fruit-flavored syrups. But with so many syrup options available, how do you choose the right one for your shaved ice? The syrup is arguably the most important part of shaved ice, as it provides the flavor and sweetness. The key factors to consider when choosing a shaved ice syrup include flavor, sweetness, viscosity, and color.

Popular Shaved Ice Syrup Flavors

Some of the most popular shaved ice syrup flavors include:

Fruit Flavors

– Cherry: A classic flavor, cherry syrup has a sweet tartness.

– Strawberry: Strawberry syrup is sweet and fruity.

– Blueberry: Blueberry makes a great shaved ice syrup with its rich, jammy fruitiness.

– Raspberry: Bright red raspberry syrup has a sweet, juicy berry flavor.

– Watermelon: For a refreshing flavor, watermelon syrup tastes just like the fruit.

– Pineapple: Pineapple syrup brings a tropical twist with its sweet and tangy flavor.

– Green Apple: Tart green apple syrup provides a sour punch.

– Mango: Sweet, tropical mango is delicious on shaved ice.

– Peach: Juicy peach syrup tastes just like a ripe, fresh peach.

Citrus Flavors

– Lemon: Pucker up for tart and tangy lemon syrup.

– Lime: Bright lime syrup brings citrusy zest.

– Orange: Sweet orange syrup tastes just like fresh squeezed juice.

– Grapefruit: Ruby red grapefruit syrup has a bold, tangy taste.

Other Fruit Flavors

– Coconut: For an exotic twist, coconut syrup has a tropical essence.

– Banana: Sweet banana syrup brings a familiar creamy flavor.

– Kiwi: Tart and sweet kiwi is a refreshing shaved ice choice.

– Guava: Tropical guava syrup has a unique, fruity taste.

– Passionfruit: Tart and aromatic passionfruit makes a thrilling syrup.

– Lychee: Sweet, floral lychee is an exotic syrup choice.

Other Flavors

– Chocolate: Rich, creamy chocolate syrup is a crowd pleaser.

– Vanilla: You can’t go wrong with classic vanilla syrup.

– Coffee: Coffee-flavored syrup offers a nice caffeinated kick.

– Almond: For a nutty flavor, almond syrup is a delicious choice.

– Honey: Sweet honey syrup pairs nicely with fruit flavors.

– Maple: Maple syrup brings its distinctive sweet, earthy taste.

– Condensed Milk: Sweetened condensed milk syrup provides creamy richness.


The viscosity, or thickness, of the syrup is another important factor. Thinner, more watery syrups will drip off the ice quickly and pool at the bottom. Thicker syrups will coat the ice shards better and last longer through eating. The ideal viscosity is somewhere in the middle – not too thin so it drips or gets slushy but not overly thick or gloppy. Most commercial shaved ice syrups contain some type of thickening agents like cornstarch or xanthan gum to provide an ideal texture.


One of the main purposes of shaved ice syrup is providing sweetness to balance out the icy quality of the dessert. Sweeter syrups tend to be more popular, though you can find syrups in light or diet options as well. When drizzled over mounds of finely shaved ice, the ice itself dilutes the sweetness slightly. So you’ll usually want to choose a syrup sweet enough to enjoy over the chilled ice. Agave nectar and high fructose corn syrup are commonly used to sweeten shaved ice syrups.


Vibrant colors are part of the eye-catching appeal of shaved ice. Syrups made with natural fruit juices will take on hues related to the fruit. Other syrups get their color from food dyes. Bolder, more unnaturally bright colors are common. While the color doesn’t affect the taste, part of the fun of shaved ice is drizzling on rainbow streams of different colored syrups.

Types of Shaved Ice Syrup

There are a few main types of syrups used for making shaved ice:

Fruit Syrups

Fruit syrups are made using natural fruit juices and purees, lending vibrant colors and authentic flavors. Common fruits used include cherry, watermelon, blueberry, strawberry, mango, and pineapple. While delicious, 100% real fruit syrups tend to be more expensive to produce.

Flavor Syrups

Flavor syrups contain artificial or natural flavorings to mimic popular flavors like chocolate, vanilla, coffee, etc. While the flavors are spot-on, they won’t have quite the depth of real fruit syrups. However, flavor syrups allow you to have any flavor imaginable.

Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is made from sugar dissolved in water, sometimes with food coloring added. It has a neutral flavor so you can mix and match your own flavors using syrup extracts. Simple syrup is inexpensive to make at home.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened condensed milk makes a popular shaved ice topping in places like Hawaii. It has a ultra-rich, creamy sweetness when drizzled over shaved ice.

Ways toFlavor Shaved Ice Syrups

There are a few different approaches to flavoring syrups for shaved ice:

Fresh Fruit Purees

One way is to puree fresh fruit like strawberries, mangoes, or pineapple in a blender and then strain out the solids. This makes for thick, real fruit syrup, but it must be used quickly before the fruit separates.

Fruit Juice Concentrates

Another option is using frozen fruit juice concentrates which provide concentrated fruit flavor. These come in many common fruit varieties.

Fruit Syrup Flavorings

Commercially produced fruit syrup flavorings provide concentrated fruit taste in bottles to add to simple syrup. Brands like Torani make dozens of options.

Extracts and Essential Oils

Flavor extracts like vanilla, almond, coconut, etc. and essential oils like lemon, lime, and mint can be added to simple syrups too. This works well for non-fruit flavors.

Jams and Preserves

For impromptu syrups, you can also thin down fruit jams, preserves or compotes with a little water or simple syrup to make instant shaved ice drizzles.

Homemade vs Store-Bought Syrups

When it comes to shaved ice syrups, you can choose to make your own or buy pre-made syrups. Here’s an overview of the differences:

Homemade Syrups

– You control the flavors and sweetness

– Can use fresh, natural ingredients

– More affordable

– Requires hands-on effort and time

– Must be stored properly and used quickly

Store-Bought Syrups

– Convenient, ready-to-use

– Longer shelf life unopened

– Consistent flavors and quality

– Can be expensive for quality brands

– Preservatives may be used

So homemade syrups provide more customization while pre-made syrups offer convenience. Many shaved ice businesses actually make their own signature syrups. But quality brands like Torani, Hawaiian Ice, and Bluebird provide excellent ready-made syrup choices too.

How to Make Homemade Shaved Ice Syrup

Making your own shaved ice syrup at home is simple. Here is a basic recipe and directions:

Simple Syrup

– 1 cup water
– 1 cup white sugar
– Food coloring (optional)
– Fruit juice or flavor extracts (optional)


1. Combine water and sugar in a small saucepan.

2. Heat over medium, stirring frequently, until sugar dissolves.

3. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.

4. Stir in a few drops of food coloring until desired shade is reached.

5. Add fruit juice or flavor extracts if desired for flavoring.

6. Store in squeeze bottles or jars in the refrigerator.

7. Shake or stir before use to remix sugar.

8. Drizzle over shaved ice as desired!

The basic simple syrup recipe can also be adapted in many ways:

– Use a 2:1 ratio of sugar to water for thicker syrups

– Replace all or part of water with fruit juice

– Use honey, agave, or maple syrup for different sweeteners

– Infuse the syrup with fresh fruit, herbs, spices, or coffee grounds

– Mix and match colors and flavors

So get creative with homemade syrups to find your perfect shaved ice toppings!

Reviews of the Best Store-Bought Shaved Ice Syrups

For those looking for quality pre-made shaved ice syrups, here are reviews of some top brands to consider:

Torani Syrups

– Made in Hawaii
– Available in over 100 flavor varieties
– Bright, vibrant colors
– Smooth, just-sweet-enough flavor
– Optimal syrup thickness

Best Flavors: Mango, Coconut, Watermelon, Green Apple

Hawaiian Ice Syrups

– Taste like authentic Hawaiian shave ice
– Made with real fruit juice concentrates
– Naturally colored from fruit and vegetable juices
– Fun, tropical flavor options

Best Flavors: POG (Passionfruit, Orange, Guava), Lilikoi, Hawaiian Fruit Punch

Bluebird Syrups

– High quality, gourmet syrup brand
– Made with real cane sugar
– Unique artisanal flavors
– Less artificial tasting than some brands

Best Flavors: Blackberry Sage, Vanilla Citrus, Hibiscus Pom

Davinci Gourmet Syrups

– Large variety of flavor options
– Richer than other syrups with more body
– Intense and accurate flavors

Best Flavors: Amaretto, Creme de Menthe, Pumpkin Spice

Monin Syrups

– Professional French syrup brand
– Used at coffee shops, restaurants, and bars
– Vibrant, consistent flavors

Best Flavors: Peach, Blackberry, Caramel

Popular Toppings and Mix-Ins for Shaved Ice

While flavored syrup is the star of shaved ice, many types of toppings and mix-ins can take it to the next level. Some popular shaved ice add-ins include:

– Condensed milk – Drizzled over or mixed in, it adds creamy sweetness

– Sweetened whipped cream – Adds a fluffy, decadent touch

– Mochi – Chewy mochi rice balls complement the ice nicely

– Boba pearls – Chewy tapioca balls soak up the syrup flavors

– Fruit – Fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, mango, etc. mix in nicely

– Candy – Gummy bears, sour strips, sprinkles, chocolate pieces – pick your favorite!

– Crushed cookies or wafers – Add crunch and flavor

– Ice cream – For a supreme ice cream sundae effect

– Nuts – Chopped peanuts, almonds, etc. provide crunch

– Mochi – Chewy rice mochi balls add nice texture

– Sweet beans – Traditional Asian red bean or black beans

– Sweetened condensed milk – Rich, creamy, and sweet

– Coconut – Shredded coconut for tropical flair

– Cereal – Fruity or chocolate cereals add fun flavors and crunch

Get creative and customize your shaved ice by layering or mixing in your favorite toppings!

Shaved Ice Syrup Storage Tips

To get the longest life and best quality from your shaved ice syrups, follow these storage tips:

– Store opened syrup bottles in the refrigerator to prevent mold growth. Unopened bottles can be kept in the pantry.

– Make sure bottles are tightly sealed to prevent leaks, evaporation, and refrigeration odors from seeping in.

– If syrup bottles get sticky, wipe them clean before storing to avoid attracting ants.

– Transfer syrups to smaller squeeze bottles for easier serving and drizzling.

– Shake or stir syrups before use to remix ingredients that may separate over time.

– For fresh fruit puree syrups, store in airtight containers in the refrigerator and use within 4-5 days.

– Simple syrups and fruit juice concentrates last 1-2 weeks refrigerated.

– Commercially bottled syrups can last months unopened or up to a month refrigerated after opening.

Proper syrup storage keeps flavors fresh and tasty all season long!


Shaved ice is all about the symphony of flavors and colors created by the syrups drizzled over finely shaved, icy flakes. With so many delicious syrup options from fruit flavors to sweet creams, part of the fun is mixing and matching to create your perfect icy concoction. Quality fruit-based syrups provide the most authentic, refreshing taste of summer. But flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and coffee also pair deliciously with the cold, crunchy ice shards. Toppings like fruit and mochi add even more flavor and texture. Experiment to invent your own signature shaved ice flavors. And don’t forget to store syrups properly to keep them tasty all season long. With the right syrups and toppings, shaved ice transforms from a simple treat into a rainbow-hued, flavor-packed delight!

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