What sugar-free syrups does Dunkin Donuts have?

Dunkin’ Donuts offers a few sugar-free syrup flavors for customers looking to reduce their sugar intake. The available sugar-free syrups provide a way to customize drinks without all the added sugar. Understanding the options can help customers make informed choices.

Sugar-Free Vanilla

One of the most popular sugar-free syrups at Dunkin’ Donuts is sugar-free vanilla. This gives customers the classic vanilla flavor without any added sugar. It can be added to hot or iced coffee for a touch of sweetness that won’t spike blood sugar levels. Sugar-free vanilla is a safe bet for those who want a subtle sweetness.

Sugar-Free Cinnamon

For those who enjoy warming spices, Dunkin’ offers sugar-free cinnamon syrup. This can be added to drinks for a subtle cinnamon flavor without the sugar. It’s perfect for pumpkin spice lattes or just a hint of cinnamon in a classic cup of coffee. The sugar-free cinnamon pairs nicely with the sugar-free vanilla as well.

Sugar-Free Caramel

Caramel lovers can also enjoy their favorite flavor sans sugar with Dunkin’s sugar-free caramel. This rich, buttery caramel tastes indulgent but won’t affect blood sugar levels. It makes a great addition to iced or hot coffee, lattes, and more. Drizzling some of the syrup in drinks allows the sweet caramel flavor to shine through.

Sugar-Free Mocha

For those who love mochas and chocolate flavors, Dunkin’ offers sugar-free mocha syrup. This gives drinks a chocolate espresso taste without the added sugars. The sugar-free mocha pairs especially well with milk or non-dairy milk alternatives in lattes. It also can add a chocolate twist to standard hot or iced coffee.

Sugar-Free Hazelnut

Dunkin’ Donuts also has sugar-free hazelnut syrup for a nutty, sweet flavor. This can add a gourmet touch to any hot or cold coffee beverage. The sugar-free hazelnut is delicious with the vanilla and caramel syrups as well. Customers can mix and match flavors to their preferences.

Sugar-Free Coconut

Coconut lovers aren’t left out either. Dunkin’ offers sugar-free coconut syrup to add a tropical twist. This pairs excellently with cold brew iced coffee for a refreshing treat. The sugar-free coconut can also liven up standard hot coffee or espresso drinks. It delivers the taste of the tropics without spiking blood sugar.

Sugar-Free French Vanilla

Dunkin’ Donuts also has sugar-free French vanilla syrup. This offers a deeper, richer vanilla flavor for coffee customization. It makes a delicious addition to iced lattes, hot macchiatos, and more. The sugar-free French vanilla gives drinks a sweet, aromatic flavor perfect for any time of day.

Availibility of Sugar-Free Syrups

The availability of sugar-free syrups can vary by location. Larger Dunkin’ Donuts stores tend to offer the full range of sugar-free flavors. Smaller locations may have a more limited selection. Customers can check with their local store to see which sugar-free syrups they currently offer. Stores may rotate selections seasonally as well.

Nutrition Facts of Sugar-Free Syrups

Syrup Serving Size Calories Total Fat Sodium
Sugar-Free Vanilla 1 tbsp (15ml) 5 0g 0mg
Sugar-Free Cinnamon 1 tbsp (15ml) 5 0g 0mg
Sugar-Free Caramel 1 tbsp (15ml) 15 0g 25mg
Sugar-Free Mocha 1 tbsp (15ml) 10 0g 15mg
Sugar-Free Hazelnut 1 tbsp (15ml) 15 0g 0mg
Sugar-Free Coconut 1 tbsp (15ml) 10 0g 0mg
Sugar-Free French Vanilla 1 tbsp (15ml) 10 0g 0mg

As shown in the table, Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups are very low in calories, fat, and sodium. They provide flavored sweetness without calories or added sugar. The small amount of calories come from sugar alcohols used to sweeten the syrups. But overall, the sugar-free varieties are an excellent low carb choice.

Taste Reviews

Overall, reviews indicate Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups offer good flavor without an overly artificial sweetener taste. The vanilla and caramel tend to be customer favorites for their pleasant sweetness. Here are some specific taste notes for each variety:

Sugar-Free Vanilla

Has a smooth, sweet vanilla bean flavor. Doesn’t have an overly fake sweet taste. Pairs well with many drink options.

Sugar-Free Cinnamon

Features a nice cinnamon spice flavor. Some find it a bit mild, while others think it’s just right. Pairs well with coffee.

Sugar-Free Caramel

Has a rich buttery caramel taste but is slightly lighter than the regular version. One of the most popular sugar-free choices.

Sugar-Free Mocha

Chocolate and coffee flavors come through nicely. May be a bit thinner than the full sugar version but still tasty.

Sugar-Free Hazelnut

Offers a pleasant nutty, sweet flavor. Some think it could be stronger but overall reviews are positive.

Sugar-Free Coconut

Has a subtle tropical coconut taste. One of the lighter sugar-free flavors but enjoyable overall.

Sugar-Free French Vanilla

Features a smooth, aromatic vanilla taste. Richer than regular sugar-free vanilla. Satisfying flavor.

Drink Ideas with Sugar-Free Syrups

Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups can be added to most hot and iced drinks for flavorful variety. Here are some popular ways to enjoy them:

Iced Coffee

Add sugar-free vanilla, caramel, or mocha to iced coffee. The flavors complement the chilled coffee nicely.


Stir sugar-free vanilla or hazelnut into hot lattes for a hit of flavor. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Mix sugar-free coconut syrup into a Dunkin’ frosty blend for a tropical treat.

Mocha Iced Latte

Make a chilled mocha latte with sugar-free mocha and your milk of choice over ice.

Pumpkin Latte

Add sugar-free cinnamon and hazelnut to a hot pumpkin latte for fall flavor.


Stir in sugar-free caramel or vanilla to give an americano a subtly sweet taste.

Cold Brew

Drizzle in sugar-free caramel or mocha to give cold brew a flavor boost.

Chai Latte

Add sugar-free vanilla to a chai tea latte for extra spice and sweetness.

Tips for Using Sugar-Free Syrups

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Dunkin’s sugar-free syrup flavors:

– Ask for light or moderate amounts of syrup to prevent an overly sweet drink. A little goes a long way.

– Try mixing two complementary flavors like hazelnut and vanilla for more complex taste.

– Stir syrups thoroughly into hot drinks so the sweetness distributes evenly.

– Add syrups to cold drinks after ice to prevent dilution. Stir before drinking.

– Ask for extra pumps of flavor if you want more sweetness or a stronger taste.

– Substitute sugar-free syrups in favorite Dunkin’ drink recipes that normally use sugary versions.

– Sample different sugar-free flavors to find your favorites to customize your go-to drinks.

Cost of Sugar-Free Syrups

Dunkin’ Donuts charges an extra $0.50 to $1 for adding any sugar-free flavored syrup to drinks. So adding sugar-free vanilla to your coffee would cost about $0.50 extra compared to a regular unsweetened coffee.

This is in line with what other coffee shops charge for flavor add-ons. Considering you get the flavor without the added sugar, paying a bit extra is generally worth it.

For those who visit Dunkin’ regularly, the small upcharge for sugar-free syrup can add up. But overall it remains an affordable way to customize your drinks if you watch your sugar intake.

Some locations may offer occasional deals like $0.50 any size coffee if you add a flavor swirl. So look out for promotions to save on flavored drinks.

Benefits of Sugar-Free Syrups

There are several benefits that make Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups a smart choice:

– Zero grams of sugar compared to up to 14 grams per pump of regular syrups

– Allows customization of drinks without affecting blood sugar levels

– Wider variety of flavors to choose from versus unsweetened drinks

– Small amount of calories from sugar alcohols instead of heavy cream and sugar

– Avoid the sugar crash that comes with sugary coffee drinks

– Can satisfy a sweet tooth without unhealthy excess calories

– Kid-friendly way to make drinks more engaging without hyperactivity risks

– Convenient way to add flavor whether dining in or taking drinks to go

Risks and Side Effects

While Dunkin’s sugar-free syrups offer flavor without extra sugar, there are a couple risks and side effects to know:

– Sugar alcohols like erythritol may cause digestive issues in some people, especially in large amounts

– Those sensitive to artificial sweeteners may want to avoid due to taste preference

– Heavily flavored drinks could overpower the natural taste of the coffee itself

– Sugar-free label could lead to overconsumption if people think it’s completely guilt-free

– Syrups still contain natural flavors which may not be ideal for extremely clean diets

– Cold drinks with syrup may become watered down as ice dilutes the flavor

Overall the risks are minor, and side effects unlikely for most people consuming sugar-free syrups in moderation. Those with digestive sensitivities may want to test small amounts first.

Comparison to Other Sugar-Free Flavored Syrups

Dunkin Donuts’ sugar-free flavored syrups offer similar nutrition and taste compared to other brands’ versions. For example:

– Jordan’s Skinny Syrups – Nearly identical nutrition facts, calories, and sugar alcohol content

– Starbucks Sugar Free Syrup – Also sweetened with erythritol. Approximately the same calories per pump

– Torani Sugar Free Syrups – Also uses Splenda and sucralose as sweeteners. Similar taste reviews

– DaVinci Gourmet Sugar Free Syrups – Comparable calorie counts and ingredients like natural flavors

– Monin Sugar Free Syrups – Uses the same sweeteners, similar nutrition info and light flavors

Dunkin’ Donuts offers competitive value for the convenience of getting sugar-free syrups added to your drinks when ordering. The flavors are on par with specialty syrup brands you find in stores.


Dunkin’ Donuts’ sugar-free flavored coffee syrups allow customers to customize their drinks without going overboard on sugar. Options like sugar-free vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut give both hot and cold beverages a boost of flavor without the blood sugar spike. The syrups contain minimal calories and mix smoothly into any coffee or espresso drink. Customers do pay a small upcharge, but reviews find the taste and convenience worthwhile. Overall, the sugar-free syrups make it easy to cut sugar without sacrificing the flavors you love. So visit Dunkin’ to give their sugar-free options a try.

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