What size bottle is Prosecco?

Prosecco is a popular Italian sparkling wine that originates from northeast Italy. It is made from Glera grapes and produced using the Charmat or tank method, where the secondary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks rather than individual bottles.

Prosecco is known for being fresh, fruity, and aromatic with flavors of green apple, pear, citrus, and honeysuckle. It ranges from dry to sweet and comes in a variety of bottle sizes. The most common Prosecco bottle sizes are:

Common Prosecco Bottle Sizes

Bottle Size Volume
Mini/Piccolo 187 ml
Quarter/Split 375 ml
Half 500 ml
Standard 750 ml
Magnum 1.5 L
Double Magnum 3 L
Jeroboam 4.5 L
Methuselah 6 L

The standard 750 ml bottle is by far the most popular and readily available. However, Prosecco is bottled in everything from single-serve mini bottles to large format Jeroboam bottles for special occasions.

Standard 750ml Prosecco Bottle

The standard 750ml bottle is the typical size for Prosecco and contains about 5 glasses of wine. This is the bottle size you’ll find most readily available in wine stores and supermarkets.

Some key details about the standard 750ml Prosecco bottle:

  • Holds approximately 25.4 fluid ounces or 750 milliliters of wine.
  • Equivalent to about 5 glasses of wine (at 5oz per glass).
  • Common bottle shape is Bordeaux, with high straight sides and higher shoulder.
  • Made from glass, often green in color.
  • Sealed with a cork that is held in place by a wire cage.
  • Labeled according to Prosecco DOC or DOCG standards.
  • Can be vintage dated but most are non-vintage.
  • Retails in the $10 to $20 USD price range.

The 750ml bottle is the standard restaurant wine bottle size. It’s also the typical format for Prosecco exports. This versatility and ubiquity makes the 750ml bottle the go-to choice for most Prosecco drinkers.

Mini and Half Bottles

While 750ml is standard, some smaller Prosecco bottle sizes are produced including:

187ml Mini Bottle

The miniature 187ml bottle holds about 6.3oz, or just over 1 glass of wine. These cute single-serve bottles are great options for picnics, parties, or gift giving. The small format makes it easy to keep Prosecco chilled on-the-go. The bottles are easier to transport and consume than their larger 750ml counterparts.

375ml Quarter/Split Bottle

At 12.7oz, the 375ml split bottle holds approximately 2 glasses of Prosecco. It’s a great size for two people to share or when you want a smaller amount. The smaller bottle helps preserve freshness and sparkle compared to having leftovers from a larger bottle.

500ml Half Bottle

The 500ml half bottle contains about 16.9oz or 3 glasses of wine. This in-between size works well as an individual serving or shared by a couple. Half bottles are nice when you want a bit more than a mini bottle but less than a full 750ml bottle. The smaller size stays fresher longer once opened.

Large Format Prosecco Bottles

Prosecco is sometimes bottled in large format sizes of 1.5L or above. These oversized bottles are mostly produced by major Prosecco houses and usually reserved for vintage or premium cuvées. Large bottles are popular for big celebrations, fancy dinners, and weddings. Some oversized Prosecco bottle sizes include:

1.5L Magnum

Equal to 2 standard 750ml bottles, the 1.5L Magnum holds about 10 glasses of Prosecco. This large bottle is perfect for celebrations with 4-6 people. Magnums showcase winemaker skill, with the extra volume requiring expertise to maintain complexity and freshness.

3L Double Magnum

At double the size of a Magnum, the 3L bottle equates to 4 regular bottles or 20 glasses of wine. These heavy bottles make a show-stopping party display. The large format is great for big gatherings of 8-12 people.

4.5L Jeroboam

The mammoth 4.5L Jeroboam bottle holds approximately 6 regular 750ml bottles of Prosecco, or 30 glasses. That’s enough for 12-24 people to enjoy. This grand format is sure to impress guests and provides a ‘wow’ factor.

6L Methuselah

Extremely rare and only produced in exceptional vintages, the 6L Methuselah bottle contains 8 standard bottles or 40 glasses of Prosecco. These colossal bottles are perfect for truly monumental celebrations with 20-40 guests. Opening a Methuselah is an event in itself.

How Many Glasses are in Different Prosecco Bottle Sizes?

To summarize, below is a breakdown of the approximate number of 5oz glass pours in various Prosecco bottle formats:

Bottle Size Number of Glasses
187ml Mini Bottle 1 glass
375ml Quarter Bottle 2 glasses
500ml Half Bottle 3 glasses
750ml Standard Bottle 5 glasses
1.5L Magnum 10 glasses
3L Double Magnum 20 glasses
4.5L Jeroboam 30 glasses
6L Methuselah 40 glasses

As you can see, the possibilities span from single glass pours to enough for a small party! The range of bottle sizes makes Prosecco versatile for celebrating any occasion.

Factors Influencing Prosecco Bottle Sizes

There are a few key factors that impact the bottle sizes used for Prosecco:


The intended use or occasion for the Prosecco determines optimal bottle size. Mini bottles work for individual servings while Jeroboams are better for large gatherings. Standard 750ml bottles are the most multipurpose. Producers make different sizes to meet all needs.

Production Costs

Larger bottles require more resources to produce, transport, and package – which drives up costs. Standard 750ml bottles are the most affordable and efficient format for producers. Mini bottles also keep production costs down. The high costs of large bottles usually limit production.

Consumer Demand

With 750ml being standard for all wine types, it’s what most consumers expect and have storage space for at home. There is increasing demand for novel and premium packaging though. Producers make different bottle sizes based on existing consumer interest.

Marketing Considerations

Unique bottle sizes help Prosecco brands differentiate themselves on store shelves. The variety of bottles also allows for tailored promotional offerings – like a 187ml with a gift pack for the holidays. Special bottles sizes influence purchasing decisions.

Winemaking Needs

The volume of liquid impacts the winemaking process. Larger bottles require progressed skills to maintain quality and prevent oxygen exposure. Most production focuses on optimizing 750ml and smaller bottles. But large bottles showcase winemaker abilities.

Popular Regional Bottle Sizes

While availability varies globally, below are some regional norms regarding Prosecco bottle sizes:

United States

The 187ml single-serve and traditional 750ml bottles are most common, while 1.5L Magnums gain popularity during the holidays and wedding season. Larger format bottles are rare, found mostly in fine wine shops.


Italy has a wider range of options including smaller 200ml and 250ml sizes. The traditional 750ml bottle still dominates along with Magnums. But larger bottles like Jeroboams can be found for special order.

United Kingdom

The UK market favors 750ml bottles of Prosecco along with smaller 200ml sizes. Recently 200ml single-serve mini bottles gained prominence in shops and restaurants. Magnums and larger bottles are generally limited to upscale wine merchants.


In Russia, consumers often prefer value formats like bag-in-box Prosecco. The affordable 1L Tetra Pak is replacing 750ml glass bottles in popularity. Some premium 750ml bottles can be found in shops in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


The expanding Chinese wine market sees most Prosecco imported in 750ml bottles. Local producers also offer good quality Prosecco at lower prices in 750ml plastic bottles. Mini 200ml bottles are now popular in shops as the market develops.

How Many Glasses of Prosecco in a Bottle? Bottle Size Calculator

To determine exactly how many 5oz pours you can get from any size Prosecco bottle, you can use the following calculator:

Prosecco Bottle Size Calculator

Bottle Size: ml

Glass Size: oz

To use:
– Enter the Prosecco bottle size in ml
– Leave the typical 5oz glass pour size or adjust as needed
– Click Calculate
– The results will show approximations for that bottle size

This makes it easy to figure out any Prosecco bottle size for planning purposes!

Choosing the Optimal Prosecco Bottle Size

So how do you determine what size Prosecco bottle to buy? Here are some tips:

  • For everyday drinking, the 750ml bottle can’t be beat for convenience.
  • When serving a crowd, go large with a Magnum or Jeroboam to provide enough for all.
  • Mini bottles work perfectly for single glass pours on-the-go.
  • Let the number of servings needed guide your decision.
  • Smaller bottles of 187ml, 375ml, and 500ml provide freshness.
  • Larger format bottles make lavish gifts or statement party pieces.
  • Consider portability if transporting Prosecco.
  • Make sure any occasion is properly celebrated with your bottle size choice!

The array of options makes selecting the perfect Prosecco bottle effortless.

Prosecco Bottle Sizes: Meeting All Needs

Prosecco producers make a range of bottle sizes to satisfy consumer demand. The traditional 750ml bottle remains the most popular. But mini bottles provide single servings while large format bottles supply enough Prosecco for big gatherings. Regional availability differs, but the diversity of options ensures all occasions can be properly celebrated.

So next time you shop for Prosecco, think about the bottle size needed for the purpose. With everything from 187ml minis to 6L Methuselahs now available, you’re sure to find the ideal amount of bubbly!

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