What is the cost of diamond car?

Diamond cars are an exclusive and expensive type of vehicle coated in real diamonds. They first emerged in the early 2000s as an ultra-luxury status symbol among the mega wealthy. The cost of diamond cars is extravagant, with prices starting in the millions and ranging into the tens of millions for the most lavish designs. Only a handful of companies worldwide create these sparkling automobiles.

What makes diamond cars so expensive?

Diamond cars derive their astronomical price tags from the precious gems covering their exterior. Manufacturers painstakingly handset thousands upon thousands of diamonds directly onto the car’s body panels. The amount and quality of diamonds used significantly impacts the overall cost. Some key factors include:

  • Diamond Size – Smaller diamonds are more affordable, while large stones quickly increase the price. Diamond cars may incorporate a range of sizes from tiny accent stones to enormous centerpiece gems of 10 carats or more.
  • Diamond Quality – Higher quality diamonds with excellent clarity and color ratings dramatically raise the cost. Top-grade (D,E,F) colorless or near colorless (IF, VVS1, VVS2) diamonds will be used on the most expensive diamond cars.
  • Number of Diamonds – The more diamonds a car is covered in, the higher the price climbs. It’s not unusual for high-end diamond cars to incorporate 100,000 diamonds or more across the entire exterior surface.
  • Body Coverage – How much of the car’s body the diamonds cover also impacts the cost. A partially covered hood may start around $200,000, while an entirely diamond-coated car will be millions.

The type, amount, and quality of precious metals and other gems used in trims, wheels, etc. also add to the overall price tag.

Manufacturing Process

Constructing a diamond car is an intricate, labor-intensive process performed by specialty luxury car converters. It involves far more than simply gluing diamonds onto the body panels. Key steps include:

  1. Body Preparation – The car body must be stripped down and meticulously cleaned and prepped first. This includes sanding, sealing, applying primer coats, and ensuring a perfectly smooth surface.
  2. Mapping – Next, a computerized map is created to plan the exact diamond layout. This maximizes sparkle and visual appeal.
  3. Diamond Setting – Diamonds are carefully handset into a special epoxy resin applied to the car’s surface. Each stone is precisely positioned based on the computerized map.
  4. Coating – Multiple layers of clear coat are applied over the diamonds to seal and protect them.
  5. Finishing – Final polish and detail work is performed by hand to achieve a flawless, showroom shine.

This intricate process means that only a few diamond cars can be produced each year by the companies specializing in them.

Popular Diamond Car Models

While any car can theoretically be given a diamond coating, certain ultra-luxury models are the most popular candidates. Some favorite base models for diamond conversions include:

  • Bentley Continental GT – A classic posh grand tourer oozing with elegance. $200,000+ base price.
  • Lamborghini Aventador – A fierce, exotic supercar. $400,000+ base price.
  • Mercedes S-Class – The flagship Mercedes sedan exuding refinement. $100,000+ base price.
  • Range Rover – A ritzy SUV for glitzy entrances. $90,000+ base price.
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom – The ultimate luxury four-door sedan. $450,000+ base price.

These models exemplify wealth and status before adding any diamonds. Coating them in precious gems takes their exclusivity to another level entirely.

Notable Diamond Car Creators

Only a handful of boutique car converters around the world undertake such lavish diamond vehicle projects:

  • Jeweler to the Stars – Beverly Hills company that specializes in diamond and 24K gold luxury car customizations. Clients include music and sports celebrities.
  • Cars International – Dubai-based dealer experienced in diamond-covered supercars and limos for Middle Eastern elites.
  • Diamond In Automobile – India-based crafter of diamond-coated cars like the diamond-encrusted Ford Endeavor SUV.
  • Karoman – UK exotic car dealer providing diamond coating services for various luxury vehicles.

These elite outfits work directly with buyers looking to commission one-of-a-kind high-priced diamond vehicles.

Notable Diamond Cars

While diamond car projects are usually kept highly confidential, a handful of famous sparkling cars have emerged over the years:

  • In 2007, actress Jodie Marsh had a $200,000 pink Range Rover coated in 50,000 pink diamonds as a publicity stunt.
  • A diamond Mercedes SLR was created in 2010 featuring 140 karats of black diamonds set against white gold. Price unknown.
  • In 2019, Russian company Caviar revealed an iPhone 11 Pro model customized with over 400 diamonds priced around $20,000.
  • In 2022, rapper Lil Uzi Vert unveiled a $2.5 million diamond Bentley Continental GT coated in 10,000 natural diamonds.

These are just a few examples of outrageously opulent and pricey real-world diamond cars. The full extent of elite diamond vehicle creations remains behind closed doors.

Cost Analysis

Given all the factors involved, determining the exact cost of a diamond car requires an analysis of the specific vehicle’s:

  • Base car price – More expensive luxury/super cars start at higher base prices.
  • Number of diamonds – Costs rise significantly with more diamonds.
  • Diamond size – Small accent stones vs. large showpiece diamonds.
  • Diamond quality – Rating details like cut, clarity, color grade.
  • Extent of coverage – Partial sections vs. complete body coverage.
  • Labor involved – Hand-setting stones takes extensive manhours.

As an example, a Bentley Continental GT with 50,000 smaller acceptable-quality diamonds and partial hood and roof coverage might cost around $250,000. Whereas a Lamborghini fully covered in 100,000 high-quality diamonds could approach $5 million.

Diamond Car Cost Estimates

Based on typical pricing, here are rough estimates for complete diamond coverage of some popular luxury car models:

Car Model Diamond Car Cost Estimate
Bentley Continental GT $300,000 – $500,000
Lamborghini Aventador $1,000,000 – $5,000,000
Mercedes S-Class $200,000 – $750,000
Range Rover $250,000 – $750,000
Rolls-Royce Phantom $500,000 – $5,000,000+

Keep in mind these are approximate guideline prices only. The specific diamond details and custom work involved make each car utterly unique.

Who Buys Diamond Cars?

The target market for diamond cars is extremely exclusive:

  • Billionaires – Only the mega rich can afford million-dollar vehicles. Diamond cars are ultimate status symbols of wealth.
  • Royalty – Kings, queens, princes, and sheiks are major buyers looking to flaunt luxury.
  • Celebrities – Rappers, sports stars, and Hollywood elites sometimes acquire diamond cars more as marketing stunts than daily drivers.
  • Exotic car collectors – Wealthy enthusiasts may add a diamond car to their lineup as the crown jewel showpiece.

In most cases, diamond cars are not used as regular transportation. The astronomical investment and security risks make them poorly suited to daily driving. Instead, most are cherished display pieces, sparingly driven to special events or appearances.

Are Diamond Cars Worth the Cost?

For the exceedingly wealthy buyer, a diamond car provides an unmatched automotive status symbol that ordinary exotic cars can’t match. The eye-catching sparkle ensures maximum visibility and statement of affluence. While the millions spent may seem unfathomable to average people, it’s insignificant for the echelon of billionaires able to afford them.

However, the extravagant pricing does limit the practicality and usability of diamond cars. Owners must take extreme care and security measures with their multi-million dollar sparkling rides. Other limitations include:

  • High security risks – Thefts, vandalism, and damage risks require costly precautions like secure facilities, surveillance, and guards.
  • Lack of test drives – You likely can’t test drive it like a normal car before buying.
  • No returns or exchanges – Given the custom work, you’re stuck with your million-dollar purchase.
  • Devalued resale – A used diamond car likely recoups far less value compared to original cost.
  • Impracticality – Most are unsuitable for normal or inclement weather driving.
  • High maintenance – Special care is required to clean, polish, and maintain the diamonds.

While their value resides more in conspicuous prestige and status than practicality, for the billionaire set, that’s exactly the point. Diamond cars sit firmly in the realm of extreme luxury bespoke toys rather than sensible transportation. They fulfill a desire for extraordinarily ostentatious displays of wealth more than any practical need. Given their astronomic sticker prices and limitations, diamond car ownership remains an incredibly elite and exclusive endeavor.


Diamond cars represent the utmost pinnacle of flashy luxury status symbols. The sky-high prices ranging into the millions stem from the quality and quantity of real diamonds adorning these vehicles. From the long meticulous hand-setting process to famous celebrity examples, diamond cars sit firmly in the domain of the mega rich rather than average consumers. They are the ultimate automotive embodiment of extravagance and affluence. For the billionaire buyer, they may be worth the price for the unmatched exclusivity and opulence even with the various limitations on practical daily use. For everyone else, spotting a real diamond car in the wild would be an extraordinarily rare sight.

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