What is the average amount spent on wedding favors?

Wedding favors are a nice gesture for guests at a wedding reception, but they can also end up being a significant expense. With all the other costs that go into hosting a wedding, brides and grooms often wonder how much they should reasonably spend on small gifts or treats for their guests.

The Purpose of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have been a tradition at wedding receptions for centuries. Originally, they were considered a small token of appreciation for guests who attended the celebration. Some cultures believed favors brought good luck and fortune to the newly married couple.

Today, wedding favors are still given as a way to thank guests for their attendance and participation. They provide a small memento from the event. Favors also allow the bride and groom to share a little bit of their personalities or interests with their guests.

While wedding favors are customary, they are not absolutely required. Some modern brides and grooms opt to forego favors, especially if they are trying to reduce wedding costs. Nonetheless, most couples include some small favor in their budget.

Factors Impacting Favor Costs

Many elements factor into the amount spent on wedding favors. Costs vary widely depending on the number of guests, the type of favor selected, any additional customization or personalization, and where the couple purchases the favors.

The most significant cost driver is the number of guests. Large weddings require buying favors in bulk. Even inexpensive favors add up quickly with 200+ guests.

Brides and grooms also influence costs based on their favor idea. Practical items like candles or chocolates run just a dollar or two apiece. More elaborate or customized gifts can cost $10+ each.

Personalization like monograms or custom labels and packaging increases the per-unit price but also makes for a more meaningful keepsake. The level of customization couples want is another consideration.

Where and when favors are purchased also impacts overall spend. Buying in bulk from wholesale retailers saves money compared to purchasing individually packaged favors from wedding boutiques. Sales and deals around major holidays help cut costs too.

Average Amount Spent on Wedding Favors

With so many factors affecting wedding favor costs, prices span a wide range. But various surveys and polls give a general idea of what couples are spending.

According to a survey by The Knot, the average amount brides and grooms spent on wedding favors in 2021 was $460. This equates to about $5 per favor based on the average number of wedding guests.

Results from other industry studies show similar numbers:

  • A survey by Brides magazine found couples allocated around $400 for wedding favors in 2018.
  • In a 2019 study by wedding planning site The Wedding Report, respondents said they budgeted an average of $425 for favors.
  • Zola’s 2020 weddings survey showed engaged couples planned to spend a median of $400 on wedding favors.

Keep in mind the average cost of wedding favors closely correlates to the average wedding guest list size of 131. Couples planning a smaller affair can likely spend less. Those hosting more guests may need to budget more.

Average Spent on Favors Based on Wedding Budget

Unsurprisingly, larger wedding budgets accommodate higher favor spending. The Wedding Report’s survey found favor costs aligned with overall wedding spend:

Wedding Budget Average Spent on Favors
Under $10,000 $337
$10,000 – $15,000 $431
$15,000 – $20,000 $498
$20,000 – $25,000 $544
$25,000 – $30,000 $573
Over $30,000 $649

But even couples spending less than $10,000 on their total wedding allocated a third of their budget, on average, to favors. This shows many brides and grooms prioritize favors regardless of overall costs.

Average Spent Based on Favor Type

The type of favor selected also causes the range in spending. Less expensive, simple favors cost around $2 to $4 each. Luxury or highly personalized favors run $8 or more per piece. This breaks down further by specific categories:

Favor Type Average Cost per Piece
Candles $2 – $5
Cookies/treats $3 – $7
Lotions, soaps, bath items $3 – $7
Mini alcohol bottles $5 – $15
Gift cards $5 – $10
Photo coasters $3 – $7.50
Donation favors $1 – $3
Personalized items $7 – $20

The average spend per favor also depends on quantity discounts. Buying in bulk brings down the per-piece cost. Couples order 100+ favors to maximize savings from retailers.

How to Determine Your Budget

Rather than starting with an average, consider your guest count, favor ideas, and overall budget first. This will give you a better sense of how much to allot for favors.

To determine a reasonable favor budget:

  1. Make your guest list and estimate attendance. Allow 1-2 extra favors.
  2. Browse favor ideas and estimate per-piece costs.
  3. Factor in any customization or personalization extras.
  4. Research bulk order discounts from vendors.
  5. Weigh favor costs against other wedding expenses.
  6. Set your budget based what you can afford and are willing to spend.

If the calculated favor budget ends up higher than you intended, look for ways to cut costs. Select a more affordable favor, reduce extras like gift wrapping, or order from wholesale retailers.

For especially tight budgets, rethink favors entirely. You can forego favors or choose inexpensive options like donate-to-charity cards. Your guests will understand if small gifts are not in your wedding plans.

Biggest Factors in Favor Costs

To recap, the biggest drivers of wedding favor costs include:

  • Guest count – more guests means buying more favors
  • Type of favor – pricier favors boost overall budget
  • Amount of customization – personalization and embellishments add up
  • Quantity discounts – bulk buying brings down per-unit price
  • Overall budget – larger budgets enable more favor spending

Keeping these key factors in mind while you plan helps estimate costs more accurately. Research options thoroughly and look for deals to stay on budget.

Tips for Saving Money on Favors

For brides and grooms looking to reduce favor costs, consider these money-saving tips:

  • Lower per-person costs – Allow $3 to $5 per favor for budget-friendly options
  • Order in bulk – Use wholesale retailers for quantity discounts and lower per-piece prices
  • Minimize customization – Skip monograms or other costly personalization
  • Give practical favors – Opt for consumables like candy or candles over keepsake gifts
  • Shop sales – Buy favors around major holidays for the best pricing
  • DIY part or all – Make aspects of the favors yourself to save money
  • Consider fewer favors – Only give favors to married couples or adults
  • Rethink entirely – Forgo favors if needed to cut costs

With planning, research, and smart budgeting, you can keep wedding favor costs manageable. The average spent is around $400, but your ideal budget may be more or less. Set your own favor budget based on your priorities, guest list, and wedding vision.


Wedding favors represent a beloved tradition for many engaged couples. While not required, most brides and grooms incorporate small gifts into their celebration plans. The average amount spent on wedding favors falls around $400, which provides a nice gesture of thanks to each guest.

Costs vary based on the number of attendees, the type of favor, quantity discounts, and personalization options. Couples spending more on their overall wedding typically allocate more to favors. Those with tighter budgets aim to spend around $3 to $5 per piece.

Being mindful of key favor cost factors allows you to determine an appropriate budget for your wedding. Shop smartly, buy in bulk, minimize extras, and find the right balance of thoughtful gifts within your overall plans. With planning and creativity, wedding favors can be a special touch without breaking the bank.

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