What happened to Seth after he killed Osiris?

After Seth killed Osiris, he attempted to scatter his remains across the land in order to prevent Isis from being able to resurrect her husband. Isis was determined to find all the missing pieces of Osiris which she eventually did.

With the help of other gods, Isis fashioned a new body for Osiris and he was miraculously brought back to life. Despite Osiris’ resurrection, Seth was still punished for his actions and was banished from the gods.

He was condemned to an eternity of darkness as his punishment for murdering Osiris. Ever since then, Seth has been viewed as an enemy of the gods, associated with chaos and disorder.

What happened to Seth Egyptian god?

The story of Seth, the Egyptian god, is an ancient and enduring one. In Egyptian mythology, Seth is an ancient god, the son of Geb and Nut. He is a significant figure in the Egyptian pantheon and, as such, is mentioned frequently in various texts and artwork.

He is sometimes referred to as the Lord of Storms and Chaos, reflecting his position as the deity who disrupted the natural order of life.

In the Osiris myth, Seth is portrayed as a bitter rival to his brother, Osiris. Osiris was the king of Egypt and Seth was jealous. Seth, who was a master of deception, tricked Osiris and killed him. He then claimed the throne, leading a violent reign over Egypt.

The gods, however, were not pleased with his actions, and ultimately rises to battle Seth and restore balance to the kingdom. Seth, however, escaped and was exiled.

Seth eventually found a new home, where he lived and ruled as a God for many years. He was also associated with the desert, serving as lord and protector. He was thought to be a powerful protector and provided protection and aid to lost travelers, who often left offerings of food and fur as tokens of their gratitude.

In time, Seth was eventually forgotten and his legacy was no longer remembered. Although he remains an absent deity, his legacy lives on through the tales of the gods. In modern times, the name of Seth is often associated with chaos, and is still venerated by some religious sects.

Why did Seth cut up Osiris?

Seth, the god of chaos and destruction, cut up the body of Osiris, the god of fertility and agriculture, out of resentment and jealousy. Osiris had taken the throne of Egypt away from Seth and given it to their brother Horus.

This struck an emotional chord with Seth, who felt betrayed by Osiris and desired revenge. To exact his revenge on Osiris, Seth cut up the body of Osiris and scattered it across the length of Egypt. This act of destruction caused Osiris’ wife, Isis, to search for the various parts of his body in an attempt to restore him to life.

Ultimately, Isis was unable to find all of the pieces of Osiris’ body and he remained dead for eternity.

Did Horus get Seth pregnant?

No, Horus did not get Seth pregnant. According to Egyptian mythology, the gods Horus and Seth were enemies who engaged in a vicious battle against one another. This battle ultimately resulted in Horus’ victory, but there is no mention of them procreating together.

In fact, the relationship between Seth and Horus is often portrayed as being antagonistic and rivalrous. The two did eventually develop a mutual understanding, but there is no evidence suggesting that they were ever involved in a romantic relationship or that Horus got Seth pregnant.

Why did Seth become evil?

Seth became evil due to a combination of his own personal experiences, motivations and desires, as well as outside influences. On a personal level, Seth had been rejected and ridiculed by many of the gods and mortals throughout his life, leading to bitterness and resentment within him.

He had also been born with a mischievous nature, a trait that grew within him and allowed him to tap into darker powers. Additionally, as he aged, he became increasingly possessive of power, wealth and authority, developing a thirst for domination over others.

Moreover, outside forces also contributed to Seth’s transformation. Being the younger brother of Osiris and the uncle of Horus, Seth was left out when it came to power in the divine hierarchy, making him increasingly envious of the gods around him.

Further, over time, Seth gained the trust of several evil and wicked gods. These new alliances of Seth and these evil gods provided more access to forbidden knowledge and dark powers, heightening his ambitions in taking control of the world.

As a result of all of these personal and external motivations, Seth became an evil god who pursued domination over the gods and mortals alike.

Did Seth sleep with Horus?

No, there is no evidence or records to suggest that Seth and Horus ever slept together. In fact, the two of them were often at odds and in competition with one another. According to Egyptian mythology, Seth was the god of chaos and became the sworn enemy of Horus after killing his father Osiris.

This feud lasted for some time and the two were fierce competitors in many different aspects and in battles across multiple realms. In the end, Horus would ultimately come out victorious, which resulted in Seth being banished from Egypt.

This resulted in the two of them never actually being together in any meaningful way, let alone ever sleeping together.

What did Horus do to Seth?

Horus and Seth engaged in a long and intense conflict. Horus eventually emerged victorious, with Seth losing his power and influence. He was ultimately banished from Egypt. During the struggle between the two gods, Horus defeated Seth in several battles.

This included an epic battle in the desert, during which Horus is said to have torn out Seth’s eye and thrown it into the sky, where it became the moon. In other stories, Horus defeated Seth by cutting Seth’s throat or pounding him with a mace.

Despite Horus’ victory, Seth was said to have been allowed to remain alive in the underworld, where he eventually became a unique deity, Seth-Typhon, with his own devoted cult. In other stories, Horus is said to have captured Seth and dragged him to the gods of Egypt, who sentenced him to live in exile in the eastern deserts of Egypt.

Regardless of what actually happened to Seth, it is clear that Horus defeated and humbled him.

Did Seth get pregnant by Horus?

No, Seth did not get pregnant by Horus. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Seth and Horus were two of the most important gods, but they were not connected in this way. Seth was the god of chaos, storms, and darkness, while Horus was the god of order, kingship, and war.

Though they were often in conflict, they were not related and did not engage in any romantic or sexual relationships. In fact, Ancient Egypt did not even have a concept of gods getting pregnant or having children in this way.

What did Seth do to the body of Osiris?

Seth was the brother of Osiris and it was said that he was jealous of Osiris for being the favorite of the gods. According to ancient Egyptian mythology, Seth plotted against Osiris and killed his brother.

Afterward, Seth cut the body of Osiris into pieces and then scattered them across Egypt. Legend has it that Seth wanted to make it impossible for anyone to find Osiris’ body and bring him back to life.

After this happened, it is said that Isis, the wife and sister of Osiris, gathered the pieces of Osiris’ body and reassembled them. She was also able to revive Osiris with a little help from the gods.

With Isis’ help, Osiris was then transformed into a powerful god of the Afterlife, becoming the first ruler of the underworld.

Why was Seth jealous of Osiris?

Seth was extremely jealous of his brother Osiris because he was the favorite of the gods, especially their father Ra. Osiris was the beautiful and virtuous god of fertility, vegetation, and the afterlife, while Seth was seen as the god of chaos and violence.

Seth was jealous of Osiris’ power and popularity, and was so filled with envy he hatched a plot to kill him. He tricked Osiris into getting into a beautiful box he had crafted for him, and then Seth sealed the box and had it thrown into the river.

Osiris’ wife, Isis, eventually found the box and brought Osiris back to life, but Seth was still infuriated and tried every means to take revenge on his brother. He spread lies and rumors about Osiris, trying to damage his already good reputation, but his plots were usually foiled by Isis or his other brother Horus.

How did Seth abuse Horus?

Seth abused Horus frequently and in many ways, including physically attacking him, attempting to drown him, and trying to steal his inheritance. One of the most infamous incidents of Seth’s abuse was his attempt to have sexual intercourse with Horus.

According to Ancient Egyptian mythology, Horus refused him, which made Seth so angry that he gouged out Horus’ left eye. Seth also attempted to steal Horus’ inheritance and take over the throne of Egypt by challenging him to various contests; however, Horus was able to outsmart Seth and reclaim his throne.

Additionally, Seth is suspected of killing Osiris, Horus’ father, in order to gain power, as well as attempting to drown Horus and his mother and steal Horus’ inheritance. Through all this, Horus was able to survive and prove himself as a capable leader and restore balance to the kingdom.

What did the god Seth do?

The god Seth was known as the god of Chaos, Disorder and Darkness in the ancient Egyptian religion. He was believed to have been the son of the god Geb and goddess Nut and the brother of Isis, Osiris and Horus.

He would often be identified as one of the earliest gods in the Egyptian pantheon and was often considered to be the original form of the god of evil.

Seth was believed to be cruel and vindictive, but was known for his strength and cunning. He was also known for his ability to often trick the gods. Seth was believed to be the god of deserts, storms and chaos.

He was also seen as the god of thunder and fertility.

In Egyptian mythology, Seth was the enemy of Osiris and Horus, although there are stories of them being reconciled. He was also the patron god of Lower Egypt, which was often in conflict with the northern gods.

He was believed to be the enemy of all the gods and yet, he was also considered to be a protector, who aided the king in times of danger.

How many pieces did Set cut Osiris into?

Set cut Osiris into fourteen pieces, scattering them throughout the Nile Valley. The son of Osiris, Horus, was determined to avenge his father’s death and collected the fourteen pieces of Osiris to restore him.

Once Osiris was restored, he became Lord of the Underworld and god of fertility and resurrection.

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