What drink starts with O?

What drink starts with O? That’s an interesting question that has a few potential answers. Some popular beverages that start with the letter O include orange juice, Ovaltine, and oolong tea. Let’s explore some of the most common O drinks in more detail.

Orange Juice

One of the most well-known beverages starting with O is orange juice. Orange juice is a fruit juice made from squeezing or extracting juice from oranges. It is a healthy, nutritious drink that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Some quick facts about orange juice:

– It is one of the most popular fruit juices globally, with over 50 billion liters consumed annually worldwide.

– Brazil is the largest producer of oranges and orange juice, responsible for around 40% of the global production.

– In the United States, orange juice accounts for approximately 75% of all juice consumption.

– Not from concentrate (NFC) orange juice is viewed as a premium, higher quality option compared to reconstituted juice made from concentrate.

– Pasteurization and processing remove oxygen from orange juice, allowing it to maintain its fresh taste for an extended shelf life.

– Chilled, freshly squeezed orange juice contains the most vitamins and antioxidants compared to commercial processed varieties.

So in summary, orange juice is a refreshing, vitamin-filled beverage that offers a convenient way to get your daily dose of citrus goodness. It’s versatile drink that people enjoy at breakfast or any time of day.


Another popular beverage starting with the letter O is Ovaltine. Ovaltine is a brand of milk flavoring product made from malt extract, sugar, and whey. It was developed in Switzerland in 1904 and came to the United States in 1947.

Some key facts about Ovaltine:

– It is available in powder form, primarily intended to be mixed with milk as a beverage. But it can also be used in baking or as an ice cream topping.

– Ovaltine gets its name from the fact it was originally sold in an oval tin.

– In addition to its classic malt flavor, Ovaltine also comes in chocolate and strawberry varieties.

– It contains vitamins and minerals like niacin, Vitamin B6, zinc, and iron, so it provides some nutritional benefits.

– Ovaltine was a sponsor of the popular radio show “The Ovaltiney’s” in the 1930s and Captain Midnight in the 1940s.

– The classic Ovaltine commercial jingle is still widely recognized today – “Ovaltine, it helps build strong bodies 8 ways!”

So if you’re looking for a creamy, malty beverage that provides a nostalgic throwback, Ovaltine could be a good choice with its distinctive flavor profile and nutritional boost.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea that also starts with the letter O. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and falls between green and black teas in terms of oxidation.

Some interesting facts about oolong tea:

– There are numerous varieties of oolong tea across China and Taiwan, each with unique flavors based on the region’s climate and production methods.

– Popular varieties include Da Hong Pao from the Wuyi Mountains, Ali Shan from Taiwan, and Milky Oolong.

– Oolong tea is partially oxidized anywhere from 8-85%, depending on the variety. This results in complex flavors.

– It has a smooth, mildly floral taste that lacks the bitterness of black tea or grassy notes of green tea.

– The name “oolong” can be translated as “black dragon” in Chinese and refers to the long, dark appearance of the leaves.

– Oolong tea contains caffeine and important antioxidants like theaflavins and thearubigins.

– It’s viewed as particularly high quality and revered in Chinese culture, also gaining popularity in the West in recent decades.

So for tea lovers looking for a complex, fragrant cup, oolong is an excellent O beverage option with its one-of-a-kind flavor and health benefits.

Other Notable O Beverages

In addition to the major O drinks discussed already, there are a few other notable beverages starting with the letter O worth mentioning:

– Ouzo – An anise-flavored liquor that originated in Greece. It’s traditionally served with water, turning it milky white.

– Ovalmicin – A thick, sweetened malt drink popular in Cuba and Latin America. It has high protein and calories.

– Oros – A citrus-flavored soft drink marketed by the Coca-Cola company primarily in Nigeria.

– Orangina – A carbonated citrus soft drink with a light orange color made from orange peel, juice, and pulp.

So while orange juice, Ovaltine, and oolong tea are likely the most widely known O drinks, there are some additional options out there to discover for anyone interested in beverages starting with the distinctive letter.

Health Benefits of O Drinks

Many beverages that begin with O provide some notable health benefits, making them a smart choice as part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle:

Beverage Benefits
Orange Juice High in vitamin C and antioxidants that support immune health and lower inflammation.
Oolong Tea Contains antioxidants like EGCG that are linked to brain function, heart health, and potential cancer prevention.
Ovaltine Supplies nutrients like Vitamin D, calcium, and iron that promote strong bones and energy levels.
Orangina Provides vitamin C, potassium, and citrus bioflavonoids that boost immunity.

So while hydration and enjoyment should be primary motivators for choosing drinks, it’s an added perk that many O beverages also provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other useful compounds. Moderating intake of higher sugar/calorie options and opting for low-fat versions when possible can further maximize the health benefits of these nutritious beverages.

Global Consumption of O Drinks

On a global scale, some clear favorites emerge when looking at consumption patterns of popular O drinks:

– Brazil leads worldwide production and consumption of orange juice, with an average of over 40 liters per person annually. The U.S. and Western Europe are also major orange juice markets.

– The biggest consumers of oolong tea are found in Asia, including Taiwan, China, and Thailand. But the tea’s popularity has grown steadily in the U.S. as well, with an estimated 5 million Americans drinking it daily.

– Europe accounts for over 50% of global Ovaltine sales. Switzerland, the product’s country of origin, remains the top consumer, along with Germany, Spain, and the UK.

– Orangina consumption is concentrated mostly in Europe, where the beverage originated in France. It performs well in Spain, the UK, and Switzerland.

So while local preferences, customs, and availability play a role, it’s clear that O drinks have found a global following in many major markets worldwide. Given their delicious flavors, versatility, and nutritional quality, their popularity is easily understandable.

Recipes Using O Drinks

Not only are O drinks like orange juice, oolong tea, and Ovaltine great to enjoy on their own, they also lend themselves nicely to a variety of recipes spanning meals and snacks:

Orange Juice Recipes

– Orange juice French toast – For a vitamin C boost at breakfast, soak bread in OJ instead of regular milk before cooking.

– Orange chicken – Marinate chicken pieces in fresh orange juice, soy sauce, and spices for a tangy twist.

– Cranberry orange muffins – Combine orange juice and dried cranberries for a bright, festive baked good.

– Orange juice sorbet – For a light dessert, blend orange juice, sugar, and lemon juice then freeze.

Oolong Tea Recipes

– Oolong poached pears – Simmer sliced pears in oolong tea with honey and cinnamon sticks for an elegant fruit dessert.

– Oolong tea overnight oats – Soak oats in oolong tea instead of water for fabulous flavor.

– Oolong tea cookies – Swap brewed oolong tea for water when mixing up your next cookie batch.

– Iced oolong tea – Cool down with refreshing iced oolong, sweetened as desired with sugar or honey.

Ovaltine Recipes

– Chocolate Ovaltine shake – For a chocolatey treat, blend Ovaltine powder with milk, ice cream, and a touch of vanilla.

– No-bake Ovaltine fudge – Mix sweetened condensed milk with Ovaltine powder, butter, and optional nuts. Chill until firm.

– Ovaltine hot chocolate – Heat up milk and stir in Ovaltine powder and marshmallows for a comforting bedtime sip.

– Overnight Ovaltine French toast – Let sliced bread soak overnight in an egg and Ovaltine mixture before frying in the morning.

So beyond just drinking them straight, creatively incorporating O beverages into recipes results in everything from breakfasts to baked goods to frozen treats with a fun, new twist.

Where to Buy O Drinks

Thankfully, most popular beverages that start with the letter O are widely available and easy purchase at grocery stores, specialty markets, and online:

Orange Juice

– Grocery store produce section – Freshly squeezed or bottled orange juice is available at any grocery store. Opt for not from concentrate or 100% juice for higher quality.

– Fruit stands/farmers markets – For fresh-squeezed OJ, visit local fruit stands or farmers markets to buy oranges to juice at home.

– Online – Organic or high-end orange juice can be purchased through online retailers like Amazon Fresh.

Oolong Tea

– Teavana, DAVIDsTEA – These chains offer numerous oolong tea blends and loose leaf varieties.

– Asian grocery stores – Large selections of authentic Chinese or Taiwanese oolong tea leaves can be found in Asian markets.

– Online – Sites like Amazon and Adagio Teas have a wide array of oolong tea products available to ship.


– Grocery store – The powdered malt beverage can be purchased in the hot chocolate/cocoa section of most major grocery retailers.

– Convenience stores – Individual on-the-go packets of Ovaltine are often sold at convenience stores as well.

– Online – Order bulk sizes or multi-packs of Ovaltine powder through sites like Amazon, Walmart, or Jet.

So whatever O drink you’re searching for, just a quick trip to the store or order online can put these tasty, refreshing beverages in your cupboard ready to enjoy!

Prices of O Drinks

The prices of popular drinks starting with O can vary based on factors like brand, size, source, and whether purchasing in-store versus online:

Beverage Typical Price Range
Orange juice – 1 quart (32 oz) $3.00 – $8.00
Oolong tea – 100 grams loose leaf $7.00 – $30.00
Ovaltine – 12 oz tin $5.00 – $10.00
Orangina – 12 oz (6 pack) $4.00 – $7.00

Like most food and beverage items, buying larger sizes in bulk typically provides a lower per-ounce cost. High-end or organic varieties also come at a premium price. Online prices may be either lower or higher than in-store pricing depending on the brand and retailer. But with many options under $10 per package, enjoying a refreshing O drink any time is an affordable proposition for most budgets.

History of O Drinks

Many popular O drinks like orange juice, Ovaltine, and oolong tea share centuries-long histories intertwined with culture and tradition:

Orange Juice

– Oranges are believed to have originated in Southeast Asia thousands of years ago before spreading worldwide via trade routes.

– Oranges were brought to Europe by the Moors in the 10th century and later to the Americas by Christopher Columbus.

– Groves in Florida and California began supplying oranges across the U.S. in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

– Orange juice processing was pioneered by Dr. Philip Phillips in the 1940s, allowing convenient packaging and mass distribution.

Oolong Tea

– Oolong tea can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty in China (1368-1644 AD). Imperial tea makers carefully crafted the oxidation process.

– Its popularity spread throughout China’s Fujian province where the famous “Iron Goddess of Mercy” oolong originated.

– Oolong began being exported from China to Britain and other regions in the 19th century, expanding its reach worldwide.


– Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Wander developed the first Ovaltine formula in 1904, naming it after the oval tin it was originally sold in.

– It became popular throughout Europe before being imported to the U.S. and manufactured domestically starting in 1947.

– Ovaltine advertising in America focused on nutrition, with famous radio sponsorships and catchy jingles.

So many O drinks boast centuries of rich history, beginning as regional specialties before eventually expanding to global prominence and beloved household staples.

Fun Facts About O Drinks

In closing, here are some interesting miscellaneous facts about favorite O beverages:

– It takes around 600 oranges to make one gallon of orange juice.

– Oolong tea leaves can be reused to brew multiple batches before depleting their flavor.

– Ovaltine was the primary sponsor for the science fiction radio serial “Captain Midnight” from 1942-1949.

– The carbonation in Orangina makes it unique among orange sodas – most others are flat.

– Orange juice is sometimes frozen and concentrated to transport more efficiently before being reconstituted later.

– Ouzo, the anise-flavored Greek spirit, turns opaque white when mixed with water.

– The malt used in Ovaltine gives it a creamier, more milkshake-like consistency compared to cocoa powder.

– Oolong teas harvested from higher elevations have a naturally sweeter flavor.

So beyond just quenching thirst, O drinks have inspired fascinating bits of history, culture, and science over the centuries!


In summary, there are a diverse array of delicious and refreshing beverages that start with the letter O. Orange juice, oolong tea, and Ovaltine represent some of the most popular choices globally, while drinks like Ouzo, Orangina, and Oros provide unique regional twists. O beverages frequently provide great nutritional benefits thanks to their vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content. They can be readily enjoyed on their own or creatively incorporated into recipes across the menu. With origins spanning back hundreds and even thousands of years in some cases, O drinks have compelling histories deeply rooted in culture and agriculture worldwide. So the next time you’re in the mood for an O beverage, you have plenty of tasty options to choose from!

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