What color hair looks best with blue eyes?

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Blue eyes tend to look best with hair colors that create contrast, such as warm brunette, strawberry blonde, golden blonde, and red shades. Cooler dark brown and black hair can also allow blue eyes to pop. Ultimately the best hair color for blue eyes depends on your individual coloring and preferences.

Factors That Impact Hair and Eye Color Compatibility

When considering which hair colors go with blue eyes, there are a few key factors to take into account:

Skin Undertones

Your natural skin undertones, whether warm, cool, or neutral, can impact which shades complement your eye color best. Warm golden undertones tend to look great with warm hair colors like strawberry blonde and copper red, while cool pinkish undertones are enhanced by cooler shades like ash blonde and platinum.

Hair Color Temperature

The temperature of hair color refers to its warmth or coolness. Warm shades like golden blonde, chestnut brown, and auburn tend to make blue eyes pop more than cool ebony or ash brown hair. However, some cool shades like black can also create vivid contrast with blue eyes.

Hair Color Brightness

Bright, saturated hair colors create the most contrast with lighter blue eyes. Deep jewel tones and bold reds, oranges, coppers tend to make blue eyes stand out the most. Soft muted shades or ashy colors can blend too much with lighter eyes.

Personal Preferences

While some shades may be more universally flattering, personal preferences matter. Some people with blue eyes love warmer ginger shades while others prefer cooler platinum – go with what makes you feel most confident and beautiful!

Warm Hair Colors That Complement Blue Eyes

Here are some of the best warm hair color shades to make blue eyes pop:

Golden Blonde

Warm golden blonde shades accentuate blue eyes beautifully. Aim for buttery multi-dimensional hues around a level 7-8 brightness. Avoid mousy or brassy yellow tones. Add highlights and lowlights to create depth.

Strawberry and Copper Blonde

For an edgier yet complementary effect, go for vibrant strawberry or copper-kissed blondes. These tend to suit cooler skin tones. Keep lowlights neutral to prevent too much orange.

Redhead Shades

From rich auburn to bold copper and orange-red, red hair brings out the blue in blue eyes strikingly. Go for saturated, vibrant shades instead of muted brick reds.

Chestnut and Golden Brown

Warm brunette shades like golden brown, chestnut, and honey blonde brown create a captivating contrast with blue eyes. Lifting the roots and adding soft warm highlights gives dimension.

Caramel and Buttery Blonde

For a beachy, sun-kissed look, try warm buttery and caramel blonde shades in soft highlighted balayage or ombre patterns. This harmonizes beautifully with tan skin and light eyes.

Cool Hair Colors That Work With Blue Eyes

While warm shades create contrast, you can also enhance blue eyes with some cooler-toned hair colors like:

Ash and Platinum Blonde

For a striking icy effect, go for cool ultra-light blonde with ash undertones. Avoid yellow tones and keep the roots neutral. This works with fair, cool-toned skin.

Icy and Silver Blonde

Similar to platinum, icy blonde with strong silver highlights and white ends looks gorgeous with blue eyes, adding an otherworldly effect. Pair it with defined brows and light eye makeup.

Cool Espresso Brown

Deep coffee brown hair with subtle ash tones can intensify light blue eyes while creating sophisticated contrast. Try a glossy finish.

Jet Black

Blue eyes absolutely pop against the backdrop of inky jet black hair. Go for a glossy finish to maximize contrast. Pale skin helps the effect stand out more.

Charcoal and Raven-Hued Brunette

Deep charcoal brown hair with raven blue-black lowlights complements fair skin and light eyes. Avoid warm red or gold undertones in dark shades.

Silver and Steel Gray

On the edgier side, icy silver and steel gray shades make light blue eyes shine like crystals. Keep skin neutral and wear red lipstick for extra pop.

Best Hair Color Techniques to Complement Blue Eyes

Hair coloring techniques can also help enhance your eye color:

Adding Lighter Pieces Around The Face

Framing your face with lighter hair instantly highlights your eyes. Try face-framing highlights, babylights, or a lighter ends if going darker overall.

Using Highlights and Lowlights For Dimension

Whether you choose warm or cool shades, incorporate both highlights and lowlights to prevent flat-looking hair color. Dimension creates more contrast.

Choosing Lifted Roots For Brightness

For brunettes seeking to enhance blue eyes, aim for depths no darker than level 5. Lifting the roots and keeping ends lighter prevents dimming contrast.

Trying Ombre or Sombre Color Melts

Blending your natural roots into light ombre or sombre ends is a subtle, low-maintenance way to make eyes pop while avoiding harsh contrast lines.

Using Gloss For Added Shine

Boost the vibrancy of hair color with semi-permanent clear glosses. Opt for cool platinum glosses to enhance light eyes or warm coppery glosses for medium-toned hair.

Best Hair Color Brands and Products

When choosing hair color to enhance your eye color, quality professional brand makes a difference. Here are some top options:

Redken Shades EQ Gloss

Redken’s glossing treatments add incredible shine while refreshing color, perfect for making eyes pop. The palest platinum and warm copper are great for pairing with blue eyes.

Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Color

Wella’s Demi-Permanent line includes gorgeous warm coppers and cool ash tones in both highlight and all-over shades to take your current color up a notch.

Clairol Natural Instincts

For subtle, natural-looking results, Natural Instincts offers easy at-home color options like soft warm browns, wearable blondes, and vivid red shades to enhance blue eyes.

Joico Color Intensity

Joico’s vivid semi-permanent collection includes dynamic options like mermaid blue, rose gold, and violet that pair edgily with light eyes for temporary, dramatic effects.

Overtone Coloring Conditioner

For fun temporary color without commitment, Overtone’s deep conditioning formulas allow you to experiment with colors like blue, purple, and ginger that instantly accent blue eyes.

How to Enhance Eyes with Eye Makeup

Complementing your blue eyes doesn’t stop at hair color! Enhance them further with these eye makeup techniques:

Soft Smoky Eyeshadow

Add definition with a subtle smoky eye in cool grays, taupes, and soft purples blended under the lower lashline and outer corners.

Champagne and Gold Shimmers

Warm metallics like champagne, gold, and copper make blue eyes radiate when concentrated on the inner corners and lid centers.

Black Gel Eyeliner

Use jet black gel eyeliner to define the upper lashline. A subtle cat eye lift draws out blue eyes.

Defining Eyelash Curler

Curling opens up your eyes. Using a lash curler and an intense black mascara emphasizes their shape dramatically.

Well-Groomed Brows

Frame your eyes by keeping brows tidy, filled in, and properly shaped. Avoid over-tweezing or thin brows.

Finding Your Most Flattering Shades

While many hair colors can make blue eyes pop, the most flattering shades ultimately depend on your individual features and complexion. Here are some tips:

Analyze Your Skin Undertones

Look at the veins on your wrist – are they blue/purple (cool) or green/olive (warm)? This gives insight into your undertones. Also observe if your skin looks best in silver or gold jewelry.

Determine Your Contrast Level

Do you have high contrast between your eye/hair/skin coloring or low contrast? High contrast pairs well with deeper shades while low contrast benefits from softer hues.

Try Various Swatches

Experiment by holding different hair shades like warm caramel blonde, cool icy platinum, and deep espresso brown next to your face. See which swatches make your eyes stand out most.

Consult With A Professional Stylist

A knowledgeable hair stylist can assess your skin tone, natural hair color, eye color, and overall features to recommend shades that will pair beautifully and naturally.

Look To Celebrities For Inspiration

Get ideas from celebs with similar coloring like blonde Scarlett Johansson, brunette Megan Fox, redhead Isla Fisher and see what hair shades look best with blue eyes.


While many shades can beautifully complement blue eyes, warm and high contrast colors create the most eye-catching effects. Golden blonde, strawberry and copper red, chestnut brown and other warm yet vivid shades make blue eyes sparkle. Cool options like platinum blonde and jet black also flatter blue beautifully.

To maximize your eye color, go with multi-tonal hair color using highlights and lowlights for dimension. Framing your face with lighter pieces also spotlights eyes. For best results, consult a skilled stylist. With the right techniques and hair colors, your gorgeous blue eyes will shine like never before!

Hair Color Undertone Pairing Notes
Golden Blonde Warm Suits warmer skin tones. Add depth with highlights.
Strawberry Blonde Cool Edgy yet complementary for cooler skin.
Chestnut Brown Warm Flattering on warmer olive and tan skin.
Platinum Blonde Cool Striking on very fair, pink-toned skin.
Espresso Brown Cool Intensifies eyes for high contrast. Avoid red tones.
Raven Black Cool Makes eyes pop dramatically. Best with high contrast features.

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