What are the 8 steps to cleaning your room?


Cleaning your room can seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s been a while since you last tidied up. But having a clean, organized room provides a sense of peace and improves your ability to focus. The good news is that cleaning your room doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these 8 simple steps to transform your space from messy to spotless.

Step 1: Make your bed

The first step is to tidy your bed. Straighten out the sheets, blankets and pillows. Making your bed every morning is a quick task that can make a big visual impact on your room’s neatness. It also encourages you to keep your room tidy throughout the day.

Step 2: Put away clothing

Next, clean up any clothes or towels left on the floor, bed or furniture. Fold or hang up these items and put them away in your closet or dresser. Getting clothes off the floor makes an immediate difference in how clean your room appears.

Step 3: Clear surfaces

Now, walk around your room and clear off all flat surfaces, including your desk, dresser, shelves and nightstand. Put away any items that have accumulated, file paper stacks and carry dishes and trash to other rooms. Remove anything that doesn’t need to be on display. This decluttering opens up your usable space.

Step 4: Dust furniture

Grab a duster and wipe down all furniture surfaces in your room. This includes table tops, desks, dressers, shelves, windowsills and nightstands. Be sure to dust any lamps, alarm clocks or other décor items too. Dusting makes furniture shine and removes allergens.

Step 5: Vacuum the floor

Run a vacuum over all floor areas to suck up dust, dirt and debris. Be sure to get under the bed and into corners. Vacuuming picks up what sweeping and dusting leave behind. For carpet stains, use a targeted carpet cleaner before vacuuming.

Step 6: Wipe down walls

Look for dirty spots on walls or baseboards, like scuff marks, splashes or fingerprints. Use a magic eraser or a damp microfiber cloth to spot clean. This finishing touch makes your room look freshly painted.

Step 7: Wash bedding

Now is a great time to remove sheets, pillowcases and blankets for cleaning. These linens collect sweat, oils and dust while you sleep. Wash them in hot water to kill germs and odors. For heavy use bedding, wash weekly.

Step 8: Take out trash

The final step is to empty your bedroom trash bin. This prevents odors and clutter from accumulating. You can also quickly tidy your nightstands by putting away items and wiping down surfaces. Replace the bag to finish on a fresh note.


Cleaning your room doesn’t need to be a monumental chore. By following these 8 key steps, you can thoroughly tidy your bedroom in just one cleaning session. Just tackle these tasks one-by-one until your space looks spotless. Then do a quick daily tidy to maintain the order. A clean room supports better sleep, productivity and peace of mind.

How Often Should You Do a Deep Clean of Your Bedroom?

Most bedroom messes don’t accumulate overnight. Following a thorough deep cleaning, you can maintain tidiness with a quick daily tidy up. But for the full treatment, consider deep cleaning your bedroom every 1-2 weeks. This involves all the steps covered here: decluttering surfaces, doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing floors and walls, and taking out trash.

Do a deep clean if you start noticing dust or if your room feels stale. Target high traffic areas like floors and linens more frequently. Empty trash and make your bed daily. And put away laundry right after it’s washed. With regular upkeep, you won’t need to deep clean as often.

Top Tips for Maintaining a Clean Bedroom

Here are some useful tips for keeping your bedroom neat between deep cleans:

– Make your bed every morning
– Put away clothing after laundry is washed and folded
– Clear surfaces and dust weekly
– Vacuum floor areas every few days
– Take out trash nightly
– Wash linens like sheets and blankets weekly
– Never eat or drink in bed to avoid stains
– Open blinds and windows to air out the room
– Use tidying products like baskets and drawer organizers

What Cleaning Supplies Do You Need?

Having the right cleaning tools makes tidying a bedroom quick and easy. Here are some supplies that are useful for bedroom deep cleaning:

– Microfiber cloths for dusting
– All-purpose surface spray
– Dusting wand and duster
– Handheld vacuum for tight spaces
– Full-size vacuum with attachments
– Laundry detergent and stain remover
– Magic eraser sponges for wall scuffs
– Trash bags
– Cleaning gloves

Stock up on these supplies so everything you need is within reach next time your bedroom needs cleaning.

How Should You Organize Your Closet?

An organized closet makes getting ready easier and tidier. Follow these tips:

– Only keep clothes you wear regularly each season
– Use shelves for folded garments, baskets for accessories
– Hang up shirts, pants, dresses and jackets on sturdy hangers
– Install closet organizers and dividers to separate types of clothing
– Keep shoes on a rack or carousel to avoid pile-ups
– Store out of season clothing sealed in bins or bags
– Organize by type, sleeve length, color, function or season

What Areas Should You Focus on When Cleaning Your Bedroom?

When doing a full deep clean, be sure to tackle these key areas:

– Beds: Wash linens, remake bed, sanitize mattress
– Floors: Vacuum, mop, clean under furniture
– Surfaces: Dust, declutter, wipe down desks, dressers, nightstands
– Walls and baseboards: Spot clean dirty marks
– Window treatments: Vacuum or launder curtains, wipe blinds
– Electronics: Dust TVs, lamps, alarm clocks, charging stations
– Closet and clothing storage areas: Organize, declutter

Paying special attention to high traffic spots helps ensure a thorough clean.


Here are the 8 steps one more time:

1. Make your bed
2. Put away clothing
3. Clear surfaces
4. Dust furniture
5. Vacuum the floor
6. Wipe down walls
7. Wash bedding
8. Take out trash

Following this simple process makes it easy to transform even the messiest bedroom into a clean, tidy oasis. Establish a routine based on these steps so your room always stays fresh and welcoming.

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