Waffle On A Stick in Portland (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Waffle On A Stick

Address: 211 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204

Phone: (503) 997-9286


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.9

Website: http://www.pdxwaffleonastick.com/

What Time Does Waffle On A Stick Open?

Saturday,: 12PM to 12AM

Sunday,: 12PM to 12AM

Monday,: 12PM to 12AM

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 12PM to 12AM

Thursday,: 12PM to 12AM

Friday,: 12PM to 12AM

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Waffle On A Stick Reviews

Cassandra Wilhelm

While looking for desserts open after 9pm, this place came up in my search. I was a bit apprehensive because there aren’t a lot of reviews and it seemed fairly new. But, I was wrong. It was amazing. I loved every bite. My husband and I shared the cinnamon crunch waffle with ice cream. I will definitely go back if I’m ever in Portland. I didn’t think to take a photo until I was already a few bites in.

Kevin Compau

Wanted to try something unique to this city while visiting and stumbled upon this wonderful place. Wanted to say that this tasted like the large pile of delicious dessert that it looks like… Waffle was my favorite part, incredibly soft and perfectly cooked. The special waffles are definitely a “share” size, so come hungry or with a friend! Price is great for the amount you get. Would recommend!!

Ryan Ebert

Waffle on a stick is a unique Portland dessert shop that delivers on its name sake. It’s a fun store with friendly employees. They made it good experience and we watched a bit of beast warrior while we waited for our treats.

I tried the cinnamon crunch cup which was ice cream, cinnamon crunch pieces, caramel, and whipped cream. It was the perfect mix.

I also tried to original waffle on a stick and it’s tasty too.

Give this place a try!

Zyna Bakari

These waffles were the foodie highlight of our Portland trip! So dreamy and delicious, made with love by the owner, in a super vibey space with good jams playing in the background. All around, wonderful experience. I will definitely come back here any and every time I am in Portland.

Everyone, please go check our this gem of a dessert spot, you will be very glad you did !!!!!!!!

Joshua McCarty

I was walking down the street and the smell of fried dough hit me and stomach woke right up. This waffle donut hybrid is perfect for walking around munchies and late night rambling. Its on a stick so you can carry it around. Inside is a fun friendly vibe. It looks like they are still getting their groove started but you better get one before they get too popular.

Nick Fetzner

It is exactly as advertised.

You get a delicious waffle on a stick. I went with the strawberry and banana options. The waffles were made to order, topped with tons of fruit, crushed shortbread cookies, and drizzled in maple syrup.

I’ll happily be back next time I’m in town.

Chloe Moore

What a wonderful place!! The owners were wonderful, and the desserts were delicious! Since everything is made to order the waffles are fresh. Pictured below is the strawberry shortcake waffle and the Oreo waffle.


This place is amazing! We got the Oreo Banana Wonut and the Strawberry Shortcake Waffle on a stick. Would definitely come back and the Owner was so nice and personable.

Yuri Kim

A must visit when in Portland! Best dessert waffles ever…so many flavors and topping combinations. None of the pictures online do them justice (and it’s not that the pictures are bad; it’s just that it’s impossible to capture how epic they look and taste in real life with a camera). My friend and I are only in Portland for four days and we plan on going back here a second time; it was just that good. As a bonus, the workers are so friendly and have such positive energies that it’s a mood booster just watching them work their magic. Definitely worth a visit!

Pictured is the strawberry shortcake bubble waffle with ice cream, topped with Oreos.

Tyson Cook

Wow. Delicious. Had a Oreo mountain waffle. Definitely satisfied my dessert craving. The waffle batter is delicious. The batter is like a waffle and cake had a baby. I was surprised how the waffle still had a slight crunch and the ice cream still maintained it’s texture even though served on a hot waffle and it was ten minutes before funda finally got to my car to I start eating it. All I have to say is congratulations on bringing something good, new, and definitely satisfying to the world. I cannot wait to come back and try your other items in the menu. Thank you.

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