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The Mochi Shop

Address: 1985 W Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43220



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Rating: 5


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erin j

Mochi + donuts… what’s not to love? I found out about the Mochi Shop months ago, and jumped at the first chance I had to get some at the Worthington Farmer’s Market when I was visiting Columbus. Not only is the mochi great, the flavors are awesome as well (ube, matcha blueberry, thai tea, milk tea, lychee, I could go on….). The frosting is a little on the sweet side, but the mochi donut isn’t very sweet, so everything balances out well. We always get too many so we can try several flavors; it’s ridiculously hard to take 1/4 or 1/3 of a fresh mochi donut (or three) and not want to eat the whole thing. Definitely loving the mochi donut + boba combo that was happening with Bubbles; the texture of the mochi donut with jellies or classic boba is wonderful. I can’t wait to try a fried Mochi Shop donut on a future visit if they end up making them!!

Karl Olsson

Oh my GOD! I went to the Worthington Farmers Market in July and found the most delicious Mochi doughnuts ever.

Their staff was amazing, this shop is a gem. 10/10

Rena Kanazawa

They always come up with great, creative ideas for their donuts. I especially loved the collab they did with Bubbles! So delicious and great customer service!

Andy Akins

Grabbed some of these at the Worthington farmers market for a Halloween party. Everyone loved them. I loved that they weren’t too sweet and the icing wasn’t the typical super sweet icing, which I strongly dislike. Looking forwards to getting more as they open up the business to delivery and a storefront

Heather Aker

Love Mochi!!!!! So delicious. The bubbles collab is amazing!

Elaine Spencer

Delicious doughnuts! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Such great customer service and amazing donuts!!

Keanen Brunswick

Everything was amazing!!!

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