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Temple Pastries

Address: 2524 S Jackson St #104, Seattle, WA 98144



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Rating: 4.6

Website: http://templepastries.com/

What Time Does Temple Pastries Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 3PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 3PM

Monday,: 7AM to 3PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 3PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 3PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 3PM

Friday,: 7AM to 3PM

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Temple Pastries Reviews

Viren Aggarwal

This is an interesting pastry cafe. The pastries and cakes have true craftsmanship. I am a fan of John Lobovitz, an American chef who has made Paris his home. He recommends the best croissant in Paris. Best is of course a personal opinion. I usually use the humble croissant as the benchmark for a pastry shop/ bakery. At Temple, the croissant are good no doubt, but why overbake them to dark brown? Is it the flour as mentioned by Christina Wood on her Temple website? In any case, I am not that fond of slightly burnt bitter taste of croissant.
Cafe business is difficult. And the most important is the product, that is 50% of the success. The rest is customer service.
A customer who comes into the cafe is already there to buy. I was there with my meetup group and I came in one day before to make sure the place had ample room. Without going into details, I was dismissed with a lack of empathy. What is ironic is after the lack of courtesy, the young staff asked me if I wanted something to drink! Maybe part of their job initiation.
I had a purpose, so I came in next day. The staff seemed stressed and unable to smile and there was no joy…it was very clinical, anything else, would you like a drink etc etc.
I would hope there is more attention on staff training and making them feel part of the enjoyment of working there.( There is a bakery that is a B corp, someone should check how happy there staff is and learn from that).
Then, I feel, with the prices at this cafe, I would be able to buy a cheap ticket to Paris only after few visits. So would I come back again? Maybe not.

Binit Banerjee

One of my go to places for a quick coffee and a light snack. It is right outside my house so that is kind of nice I guess but parking is pretty much available. I think I have tried a lot of their baked items. Recently I tried their orange blossom glazed doughnuts which were good, evenly fried and had a very subtle flavor. Their macarons are also pretty decent. They have a bunch of croissants and I would definitely recommend trying that. I always like how the breads are lined up but I have not tried that much. I did try a focaccia and really liked it. Coffee is from broadcast so pretty good as well. The service is fast and if u r planning to on the weekends then usually there is a queue. Pretty fast moving but they may run out of choices. The seating area is also pretty good and only recently I realized they have seats on the second floor as well and it is mostly busy, or at least the handful of times I have been there. A long time back I tried a savory doughnut, jalapeno cheddar I believe which was okay. All in all it is a nice cafe and I do recommend checking this place out.

Yü Wu

Temple makes great croissants. It gets everything right. Even when it looks a bit ordinary, the first bite always cheers me up. If you are a chocolate enthusiast like me, you’ll definitely want to try their rye pain au chocolat. Rye flour brings a touch of sour to tone down the the usually sweet pastry while the darker color gives me a sense of tranquility instead of energy.

Temple Pastries is creative with a rotating menu. They usually have just a dozen pastry items including the staples and seasonal items, plus some cakes and desserts. Every time I visit the store, they always have something new that catches my eyes. It could be the meticulously laminated peanut butter strawberry jam cruffin that you simply can’t get elsewhere, or the sweet potato everything croissant that I tried and relished. As someone who doesn’t like donuts, I even gave their chocolate donut a try because…it’s from Temple.

Overall, I like their tip free policy. You pay the listed price and that includes both tax and tips. It’s simple and transparent. However, I find their service a bit distant, borderline condescending, probably they know they make pretty good stuff. Just like you can get Temple pastries at Broadcast Coffee, the bakery has a coffee bar that is Broadcast Coffee. For the record, I don’t like it. Got a latte here once, pretty sloppy stuff, no latte art and not even full 8 oz.

The store is bright and sleek, there are seatings both insider and outside. If you do get something here, sit down and take your time to enjoy the space.


One of my favorite places for unique pastries! I love their selections of savory and sweet croissants, macarons, cronuts as well as their breads. I’ve had their challah and it was amazing as French toast! Prices may seem steep but remember it is tip free, so if you think about it not bad at all considering the quality of their products. Today I got the shallot croissant, gateau basque and Parisian flan. The latter two are seasonals. Everything so delicious!! Definitely an underrated bakery (which works out because their lines aren’t as crazy as other bakeries). Must try if you’re a pastry lover!!

M Harrington

One of the best pastry places that I ever been to as they have all the right elements of excellence in baking croissants. The design of the store is just perfection. Great neighborhood following

Perry Merrity

Seating is limited and it was packed on a late Saturday morning. But they moved the line efficiently. The pastries were SO good, but so is the coffee. They have creative drinks as well as staples. Highly recommend if you’re in the area!

Gutsylady Traveler

I was visiting my girlfriend when she surprised me with some delish cruffins. They’re a cross between a croissant and a muffin. It was my first time I tried this & I fell in love immediately. They even taste better if you microwave it for 12 seconds.

Can’t wait to visit this place in person.

Trinh Mao

I’ve been here a couple times for the pastries and they’ve been good overall. I enjoyed the chili verde pork donut, coconut raspberry brioche donut, and blueberry almond tart. The dark chocolate macaroon was a bit too rich for my liking, and fruit cream cheese Danish was not bad but not my favorite since the corners of were a bit dry. I haven’t had any drinks yet, since I always have my own coffee.

Ava Elliott

I absolutely love this coffee shop and will be going here more regularly. They have extremely unique pastries such as the cherry love cake, the milk bread, beautifully crafted macarons, wonderful croissants, and mouth watering donuts. But hey it’s not all about those pastries… Temple pastries drinks are fantastic and well crafted. I can taste the hard work in every cup. A unique example of a good drink is their tumeric chai. The prices were relatively affordable for me but it’s true that with good quality comes higher prices. Their building is very aesthetic and good looking. Let’s just say they have amazing style in their food and in their decor. I would totally recommend going here to try it out.

Lindsay P

Cute place! Used to be my absolute favorite bakery but the quality seems to have dipped a bit over the past 6 months. Except for some special weekend-only treats, there are few savory pastries. If you’re looking for something sweet this is a good place (though I recommend skipping the donuts). The disco pony coffee drink is amazing!

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