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Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics

Address: 1625 W Uintah St K, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Phone: (719) 358-7659


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.8

Website: http://sweetelizabethsorganics.com/

What Time Does Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics Open?

Saturday,: 9AM to 4PM

Sunday,: Closed

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 9AM to 4PM

Wednesday,: 9AM to 4PM

Thursday,: 9AM to 4PM

Friday,: 9AM to 4PM

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Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics Reviews

Vonne Lovejoy

Seriously such an amazing place! My friend is gluten and dairy free and wanted to do a gender reveal. They got a cake out for me day of! 100% recommend this place! Beautiful, delicious, and amazing customer service! (don’t be like me and try to give them more than a days notice though)

Carl Wilgus

I had an absolutely incredible lunch! The veggie bowl was piled high, the donut was fresh, and the coffee cake had a different texture than usual, but it was really well done too! If I wasn’t traveling from Ohio I’d be a regular. Guess I’ll have to visit Colorado Springs again sometime

Rachel Archer

The best cinnamon roll I have ever had in my life!!! It’s amazing to go somewhere and not have to worry about the ingredients. It’s a small family business and they are sweetest people, hence the name, Sweet Elisabeth’s. Highly recommend! It’s organic and homemade so it’s a bit pricy but definitely worth it!!


First time in today. Came in a bit later in the day & there was still a good amount of stuff left. I am very limited on what I can eat. I have a lot of medical related food sensitivities/allergies (not just for dietary preference)
The cinnamon rolls (w/o icing) were to die for! Very pleased that they were tasty & MOIST, most GF bakeries have really dry/hard products and none of the products here were that way! They were amazing. Had the apple fritter as well & my daughter loves the cupcakes & biscuits & gravy.
After eating I was not sick at all, not bloated, nothing! Completely fine & we are all so happy to have found this place. Will for sure be our regular. They even have a sign on the door not allowing other food/drinks inside because they are very serious about cross contamination. Highly recommend!

Jim Bright

Who knew they made pizza?! This is a rare find out here in the SouthWest! New trend: how much food can you spare for your future self to enjoy? There was a donut.. everything that I tasted was beyond what I was expecting, awesome and amazing: Awemazing! Just as colorful as their food, I am so happy they overcame their obstacles and reopened, especially on the date they did :). What obstacles have you faced and overcome in your own personal lives? Y’all should give their story a read, eye opening, I your success! Thank you so much for a delightful experience! Sweet Elizabeth’s personalized ambiance is catered to families too, they have games! Can’t wait till I go back.. maybe tomorrow?✌

Peyton Winterowd-Laughman

Everything was super tasty especially the kale salad! Owners were friendly and got my whole order out fast. It’s so hard to find meals that are both gluten-free AND dairy-free. Definitely a Colorado Springs treasure.

None Ya

Great atmosphere, awesome plant-based menu, and family-owned! Plentiful portions and such a feel-good and delicious lunch. Will definitely return!

Mrs N

I bought a small 8 inch carrot cake for my daughter’s 11th birthday, and I’m disappointed. First, when they wrote the birthday message on the cake, it says the incorrect age. It says 10th birthday. Second, it did not taste good. It was so overpowering with cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg that no one could finish their slice. After reading the reviews, I optimistically thought we could try a different bakery. For $58, my daughter didn’t get a great cake. She was very sad about it. I’m not sure other than to throw it out, what to do with a cake no one wants to eat.

Brendan Clark

If you need a vegan or gluten free wedding cake, look no further than Sweet Elizabeth’s.
They were extremely easy to work with, and getting my wedding cake was an entirely stress free experience(unlike literally everything else we ordered for the wedding)
The cake looked exactly like the picture we sent them, the flavors were phenomenal, and their delivery was even impressive. At the exact time I scheduled delivery, the cake just magically appeared, perfectly set up, not a single wedding guest saw them come in to set it up. They were cake ninjas!
I’d give more than 5 stars if I could, thanks so much!

Jessica Dewey

This place is life changing! We are so happy to find a gluten and dairy free bakery that my daughter can enjoy. The amazing sweet man that works there made my daughter a beautiful delicious unqiue neopolitan doughnut that she could enjoy. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. The treats are delicious and affordable. The cinnamon rolls are to die for. We got whoopie pies, a slice of carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, and a doughnut and everything was heavenly and made with love. This is our new favorite treat spot. Can’t wait to go back! I reccomend everyone check out this awesome place.

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