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Sugar Donuts

Address: 11914 Elm Ln ste 120, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

Phone: +1 980-214-1566

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Sugar Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 7:30PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 4PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 7:30AM to 7:30PM

Wednesday,: 7:30AM to 7:30PM

Thursday,: 7:30AM to 7:30PM

Friday,: 7:30AM to 7:30PM

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Sugar Donuts Reviews

Carol Rego

Yay a non-chain donut place that is open after 2pm! We stopped here for dessert after dinner. I had the Key lime pie, which is the current flavor of the month. The lime drizzle was tart and tasted like summer. These donuts are huge and doughy. Definitely worth a stop.

Wendy van Ginkel

The ideal spot to satisfy a sugar craving! Super convenient location and super delicious donuts and gelato with vegan options. Ready to go gelato pints available in the freezer. Speciality coffees available. Friendly and efficient service. Online ordering available. Pick up and go. Indoor seating suspended. Check out their gelato for your dogs!!

Marcus Esteves

5 stars! My wife had just found out the gender of our 2nd child and on a whim we drove past this location and asked them if they could put frosting in a vegan donut the young gentleman said the best he could do was put on sprinkles either blue or pink.

He even offered to put our sonogram photo in the box taped to the top.

Let me just say when we opened the box we were super surprised at how well the sprinkles were put on the donuts. We thought it would be just a few sprinkles!

We will let the photos speak for themselves.


Everything we got was so good, especially the vegan vanilla donut that was so soft and moist and delicious. Can’t wait to go back!

Alana Fu

Love the airy light yeast-raised texture. Gluten free ones are only made to order. Disappointed that they didn’t have any filled vegan flavors, and the v apple fritters are already sold out at 11am on a Saturday.

A Fox

3 stars is only for the service & online ordering, not our product received.

I truly support small businesses in every way I can and I wanted our experience to be amazing bc gluten free or vegan options for my restricted diet allergy daughter are a special find. And when you spend $38 for a dozen doughnuts you have an expectation they will be edible. Instead we threw the entire box away.

We have in fact found good vegan gf doughnuts before so we didn’t expect what we got. These were all grease. Grease soaked dough covered in icing. Not even slightly edible. We picked them up directly after opening so they were freshly made.

Our plans were grab the doughnuts we ordered the night before and head directly to the airport with our breakfast and snack along on our trip. Instead we tossed them and my daughter didn’t eat until our flight landed some 6 hours later.

Just a huge disappointment. Whatever dough they’re using is like a sponge for the grease and the result isn’t a doughnut, more like a fried mealy thing.

I did see their regular doughnuts and they looked big fluffy & cute. But don’t waste your money on their GF Vegan doughnuts.

Stephanie C

Expensive and dry! These donuts are enormous, and they should be at $4-5/each. There isn’t a huge assortment to choose from. Maybe 8-10 “regular” donuts, and then some “vegan” choices. There were also some donut holes that looked like cinnamon/sugar. The Boston cream that I tried was more like a French croissant breading with chocolate icing and cream filling. I didn’t like it. I also got the maple bacon, Oreo topping, and Nutella (just drizzled Nutella on top of a regular donut). All in all, a terrible waste of $30! Oh and they have gelato on one side of the shop. I tried the chocolate chip, just tasted like frozen sugar water. They seem to be newly opened (the lady didn’t know how to scoop the gelato), so the phone was ringing off the hook and they were scrambling. Nice people though.

Tommy M Lynch

I decided to try something different today, so I visited the location in Ballantyne,,,”wrong answer”! I was actually used to Duck Donuts or Krispy kreme, but they were too far away, so I tried Sugar Donuts. First, when I arrived at the store, the employee said ” all the good ones are gone” , and the ones that remained looked “old and crusty”. I got three donuts; 1 chocolate covered, 1 caramel expresso, and 1 bacon covered. ALL these donuts were old! They were all chewy and tasted like they were from the previous day. The bacon donut had old, low grade bacon on it that was burnt and greasy. The expresso was not good and neither was the chocolate one; and to add insult to injury, each donut was Well Overpriced! 3.00 or more “per donut”! These are outrageous prices for the quality we got. So, for now, I will just stick with what I know, ie Duck Donuts or Krispy Kreme.

Anthony Scott

I thought they had many donut options to choose even though they were out of what appeared to be their popular options. The donuts tasted very good and had lot of flavor. My only reason for a 4 star is I thought the prices were slightly higher than expected. I paid $8 for two donuts, which send even higher than some cupcake places. I will be back because of the flavors and options, but just not as often because of the pricing.

Kristy Miller

Yummy Nutella donut, except the frosting mostly tastes like sugar, rather than like hazelnut-chocolate. The frosting tastes like sugar and water were added to Nutella, then spread on the donut. The donut itself is very good; it’s a nice size, yeast donut that is so delicious and has the perfect consistency, light, fluffy, and chewy. It’s different than a Krispy Kreme, in a very good way, there seems to be more substance to the Sugar Donut, where the KK seems to dissolve when chewing.
The downside is that one donut is $3.95, which is quite pricey. Also, you can earn stars, but you must spend $4.00 pretax, and the tip doesn’t count toward the $4.00 star-earning threshold. I wish we could earn a star for the purchase of one donut.

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